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Excellence In Cr, Budapest, November 24 2009


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What is excellence in corporate responsibility?

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Excellence In Cr, Budapest, November 24 2009

  1. 1. Excellence in CSR Braun and Partners CSR Conference, Budapest, Nov. 24 2009 Introduction Ethical Corporation: Global business intelligence on CR, since 2001 10 issues a year in print, online archive: 8000 articles Free weekly eBrief on global CR issues World-wide network of writers and analysts Produce independent research reports and training Advise governments and companies (sometimes) Take a constructively-critical stance on CR Have often UK centric viewpoint!
  2. 2. Excellence in CSR: Complex issues What’s the role of CSR for business in 2009? Same as in the past 15 years: Community, Marketplace, Environment and Workplace. But definition is now widening! - Bigger, wider, more complex: i.e. Amazon soy and leather - Staying up to speed with expectations: Cutting carbon emissions - Managing business risks: Anti-corruption (not illegal in past) - Spotting opportunities: Efficiency, customer trust, new products CSR is about relationships, efficiency and innovation CSR issues are now regulatory, financial and reputational Philanthropy is NOT CSR!
  3. 3. Excellence in CSR: Understanding complexity
  4. 4. Excellence in CSR: Communicating limitations…
  5. 5. Excellence in CSR: Becoming strategic
  6. 6. Excellence in CSR: What do we mean? Braun and Partners survey (45 voters) says: 1. Leadership and best practice: M&S, Innocent 2. CR management and innovative solutions: Unilever, SAB Miller 3. Understanding stakeholder expectations, incorporating them into business strategy: Starbucks, Intel My list: • Understanding role of business in society has changed • Realising the rate of expectation change in society • Grasping government limitations: you are on your own on some issues! • Engaging with stakeholders and being humble • Collaborating with partners to understand and tackle issues
  7. 7. Excellence in CSR • Planning strategy: creating a realistic action plan and selling across the business • Rolling plan out: buy-in across departments • Delivering innovation in products, services and comms • Admitting you don’t know all the answers • Understanding complexity when you discuss solutions • Being transparent about progress: Challenging your business to improve • Aligning with business models • Being bold and sticking to the course • Gaining competitive advantage, and building a moat around that you can defend!
  8. 8. Excellence in CSR: Educating consumers
  9. 9. CR: Opportunity and embedding “How to embed corporate responsibility across different parts of your company” A report published by Ethical Corporation, September 2009. Summary available at: Contact information: +44 (0) 207 375 7561 Search for “Ethical Corporation” on Google, Facebook, Twitter to find us. Linked-in, search for: “Toby Webb” Thank you! Questions?