CSR, Ethics and Sustainability Communications -- Then and Now


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A presentation that looks at how corporate CSR, sustainability and ethics communications have evolved to the present day, and where they may be headed next. Used to based a talk on for an upcoming conference rather than as a stand alone...

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CSR, Ethics and Sustainability Communications -- Then and Now

  1. 1. CSR communication – a brief tourTobias Webb, founder, Ethical Corporation & Stakeholder Intelligence
  2. 2. Founded 2001Business magazineBased in London, globalnetwork of writers8000 articles onEthicalcorp.comServing 3000 companiesHosts ConferencesPublishes ReportsInterview hundreds ofmanagers every yearMore at:www.ethicalcorp.com
  3. 3. External CSR communication: Today’s key audiencesStakeholders Consumers“Opinion formers”:NGOsAcademicsBusiness mediaCommunitiesGovernment/Civil ServantsInstitutions/InvestorsTraditional Middle Classes:(ABC1’s)Consumer mediaOther demographic groups:Luxury marketLower income groups
  4. 4. Was the “Blood Sugar” boycott of the 1790s the first? PerhapsControversial fromthe 1790s onwards
  5. 5. Early Greenwashing…has much changed?
  6. 6. Benetton: 1980s/90s awareness raising
  7. 7. Possibly the worst green ad ever…
  8. 8. (2009) What not to do…
  9. 9. What not to do…
  10. 10. Innocent: Knitted hats for Age Concern25p from each since 2003Evolution…
  11. 11. A brilliant piece of engagement in complexity…
  12. 12. Unilever: Aiming to changea billion lives for the betterBy 2015Launched in 2010Mission: Cut the 1000 a daydeaths in under 5’s
  13. 13. Coop Switzerland:Worth watching forCreative comms inan aware market…
  14. 14. Coop Switzerland:Ethical CorporationAward winner 2011
  15. 15. Launched in 2007: “Ten years of incrementalism leading to transformation”
  16. 16. 2012/13: M&S : Raising $2.3 million for Oxfam, reducing environmental impacts
  17. 17. Earthkeepers product line:10% of sales: Over $1 billionInspired by Greenpeace’s“Slaughtering the Amazon”2009 report20,000 emails to CEO inspiredInnovation!
  18. 18. Big news:New York Times Ad25 November 2011
  19. 19. Procott? Buycott? Carrotmob supports progressive companies and ideas
  20. 20. 250 campaigns in over 20 countries
  21. 21. Raising the bar for big brands? Yes, and No…
  22. 22. What does all this mean?• Ethics debate is not new:Boycotts go back to 1790s• Companiescommunicating moreabout values from 1960s• 1960-2000’s:“Broadcast”• No eco-label representsmore than 10% of‘market’ (FSC, MSC etc) Kimberly-Clark:“$5 Billion in eco-sales by 2020”?
  23. 23. What does all this mean?• Social media: Opportunity andmajor risk (Nestle/Greenpeace)• CSR issues not yet‘mainstreamed’ withconsumers: Mostly response toNGO/Media pressure• Today’s communication aboutengagement and response:Timberland, Patagonia, nichebrands…increasingsophistication in approaches• Can Unilever/M&S etc take itmainstream? We will find out…GP supporters adopted this as FB profile pic
  24. 24. Want to know more?Online Training Module on CSR CommunicationsRegular "Smarter Business Blog“Visit: www.ethicalcorp.comFree presentations on CSR and CommunicationEmail me: Tobias.Webb@stakeholderintel.com