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Pitch Deck Cheat Sheet by IBB Bet.


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You are currently preparing your financing round and want to get an overview of a VC's Investment criteria. This checklist contains the main questions we want to touch base on in Seed- and Series A pitch meetings.

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Pitch Deck Cheat Sheet by IBB Bet.

  1. 1. The Pitch Deck Cheat Sheet
  2. 2. What questions should be addressed? 2 Market / Problem Solution Business Model Status / Development Value Creation Traction Team Roadmap / Outlook
  3. 3. Market & Problem 3 Key Question Whom are you targeting and what is their pain point? What we actually want to hear  Which problems are you solving and are there indicators that your target group is aware of that pain point as well as willing to pay to get rid of it?  Who and how large is the target group?  Is the tackled market large enough to justify a venture capital investment (with regards to the typically required returns/hockeystick, see e.g. here)? Kamila Maciejewska / Unsplash
  4. 4. Solution 4 Key Question What solutions are currently available and to what extent is your solution best or superior? What we actually want to hear  What is the current market structure (is it a green field or are incumbents dominating the market)?  How intense is the competition?  Are there market entry barriers?  Is there a clear differentiation / defendable and perceived USPs? Neil Thomas / Unsplash
  5. 5. Business Model 5 Key Question What is your business model? What we actually want to hear  Who is selling what to whom? (B2B, B2C, D2C, etc., Buyer = User?)  How are you earning money?  Is your pricing model reflecting the value creation for your customers?  Do you have an indication that your target group is willing to pay for your product/services? Scott Webb / Unsplash
  6. 6. Status & Development 6 Key Question What is the state of your product (development)? What we actually want to hear  How big are the product development risks?  Sufficient protective/IP rights existing and brought into the company?  Is your product scalable (from a technological and operational perspective)?  Any required certification pending?  Can you hire the right talent? Steve Halama / Unsplash
  7. 7. Value Creation 7 Key Question How is your product / service being produced / delivered? What we actually want to hear  How asset heavy?  Vertical integration?  Core competencies in-house or outsourced?  Dependency with regards to mission critical input factors?  Lock-in effects (= low churn?) Evan Dvorkin / Unsplash
  8. 8. Traction 8 Key Question What has been achieved so far (traction)? What we actually want to hear  Existing customer relationships and revenues, preferably in your target pricing scheme (e.g. MRR in SaaS)?  Are there signs that your (planned) acquisition channels are scalable?  Is there prospect of profitable unit economics at scale? Annie Spratt / Unsplash
  9. 9. Team 9 Key Question Who are you? / What is your background? What we actually want to hear  What motivates you? What is your vision?  Convince us that due to your (industry) experience and your complementary skill set as a team will enable you to realise your mission! Charlie Hammond / Unsplash
  10. 10. Roadmap & Outlook 10 Key Question Do you have a clear mission? What we actually want to hear  How much money are you raising? (Consider that there is always an implied valuation)  What do you spend the money for?  Plausible roadmap on both product/tech and business side?  Realistic goals both in short- (e.g. achieving relevant KPIs for a follow-up round) and long-term?  Are there believable exit channels? What are the value drivers? Katie Moum / Unsplash
  11. 11. About IBB Bet. 11 Founded in 1997, IBB Bet is one of the most active early- stage VCs in Berlin. Our Goal Help founders develop successful companies that show attractive growth and sustainable value appreciation. 206 200 1.43 Berlin-based start-ups financed million € invested as lead-, co-lead- and co-investor billion € investment volume in syndicates with strong partners Our Portfolio (Selection)
  12. 12. IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH Bundesallee 210 10719 Berlin VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin and VC Fonds Technologie Berlin are a joint initiative of Investitionsbank Berlin and the Federal State of Berlin. The funds are backed by Investitionsbank Berlin and the European Union (European Regional Development Fund). European Union European Regional Development Fund 12 Questions? Feel free to get in touch!