Future learning


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Future learning

  1. 1. SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $ Learning as it looks tommorowpage 1 tsd@systematic.com COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  2. 2. What to be proud of? Learning as a differentiater via performance support  Strategy driven, employee centered learning culture  Employees know why they are doing what they are doing – and how their learnings contributes and relates to our business now and in the future  Interventions has to make sense for the individual, be grounded in a ”pull” from the SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $ employee and minimize Time2performance via realism, relevance and small iterations.page 2 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  3. 3. “Its very easy to fool yourself when you surround yourself with people who believe as you do.” Seth Godin "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $ Involve me and I learn." Benjamin Franklinpage 3 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  4. 4. More of… + - Relevance and project specific Generic development processes development processes and courses Team learning Invidual dreams cannot be the startingpoint for learning processes but an important factor Test & learn, prototype thinking Time consuming analysing Allow perpetual beta mindset phases Short and intense Manager are OWNER and induce urgency SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $ ”YOU” are responsible for your learning Big Data Learning agilitypage 4 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  5. 5. Handles to pull Guidiance for the Performance support  Performance centric  Learning agility: Ability to learn ahead of or during the changes in the market.  Reduce time to performance  Increase the impact of the use of direct cost  Eliminate – ”One size fits all”  Reduce absorption time for technologies SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $  Ensure instant feedback (individuals, projects, BU’s, business).  Learning is (always) collective and socialpage 5 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  6. 6. Mountains to climb Lowering barriers  Knowing the customer  Raising the awareness of learning and the link to performance  Ensure easy acces to lessons learned – eg.”Wiki” SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $page 6 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  7. 7. Potential initiatives 1:2  Inspiration for different models of learning in KN- setups  My own project  Project specific development  Manager awareness on how to develop their employees  Development plan service (building training plans)  TedTalks  Where do you get your input from  How did you solve this problem?  Where do you get your input from? SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $  NewWorkCitypage 7 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE
  8. 8. Potential initiatives 2:2  Performance support, offerings  Learners  Simple and experimental oriented change/actionplans  Learning catalysts (managers)  Learning structure sponsors  Visualize and anchorage learning  All learning projects has to be hooked on something real, it has to be presented in a specific business context.  Fast track, smooth, low entry barrier execution of project specific performance issues SSE/XXXXX/YYY/ZZZZ $Revision: xx.xx $  Speakers corner  Virtual speaks from bottom up choosen expertspage 8 COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE