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Certifications, the why, the what and the how….


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Presentation I did at August 2015 Jozi-JUG on the why, what and how of Java Certifications.

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Certifications, the why, the what and the how….

  1. 1. @TOBIASCODEWWW.TOBIASCODE.COM Certifications The why, the what and the how….
  2. 2. @TOBIASCODE My Journey
  3. 3. @TOBIASCODE The Anti-Certification Movement • Experience VS Certification • Too many people have certifications and can’t do the job. • Some people are good at memorising facts, but bad in practice. • Nothing can replace experience. • Money making scheme • It is just another income stream. • Why do I need to get certified? • I have lots of experience getting certified has no merit. • I have a degree, why do I need a certification.
  4. 4. @TOBIASCODE Java Certification Paths Master Expert Professional Associate SESE EE
  5. 5. @TOBIASCODE Java Certification Paths Associate SE Java SE 7 Programmer Java SE 8 Programmer • All about classes, data types and exceptions, the basics. • There are books specifically for the exams with mock exams, questions and exercises. • Overall an easy certification and should require minimum effort.
  6. 6. @TOBIASCODE Java Certification Paths Professional SE Java SE 7 Programmer Java SE 8 Programmer • All about class design, OO principles, Threads, Concurrency, the advanced stuff. • Challenging exam and you will know Java once you pass this. • The ME exam hasn’t changed since 2003. Java ME 1 Developer
  7. 7. @TOBIASCODE Java Certification Paths Expert EE Java EE 6 EJB Java EE 6 Web Service Java EE 6 Persistence Java EE 6 Web Components Java EE 6 JFS • EJB is the most popular certification and JSF is the least popular. • All the certifications require you to know, understand and be able to use their specifications.
  8. 8. @TOBIASCODE Java Certification Paths Master SE EE Java SE 6 Developer Java EE 6 Architect • Makes up only 1% of all Java certifications. • Both certifications require multiple steps to complete. • Both certifications require you to complete an assignment.
  9. 9. @TOBIASCODE Getting Certified • Preparation • and • Code and code and code. • Read as much as possible, not just the suggested books. • Don’t go it alone. • Writing • The questions simulate real world scenarios. • Programming and conceptual questions. • Follow the 2 minute rule.