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Tobias Briffa Portfolio


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Published in: Career, Business
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Tobias Briffa Portfolio

  1. 1. Tobias Briffa Junior planner
  2. 2. • Mad Men Award for Best Idea, Lenovo-Ogilvy Awards 2011• Ogilvy & Mather WW, India• Ogilvy & Mather, Malta• Brands: Lenovo, Nestle, Titan, U.S. Tourism, The Farm
  3. 3. Lenovo WorldwideBRIEF: Our task was to create desire for Lenovo by building an emotional connect with the net-gen. Ourstrategy was to target leaders of tomorrow: youth in emerging markets. Seven Ogilvy offices in the regionsgathered to compete in worldwide pitch.RESPONSIBILITIES: I interviewed youth on how it felt to be leaders of tomorrow, and was in charge ofcollecting and analysing fashion, architecture, icon and music trends in India.FINDINGS: Youth in India were optimistic about the future, however they were also scared and confused.They faced orthodox values, high expectations from parents and a highly competitive environment. Lenovoneeded to help the youth see beyond these challenges by empowering them.OUTCOME: My findings recommendations were sent to Ogilvy Head Office NY to inform the strategy.BIG IDEA: Lenovo Ignites passion.Video link
  4. 4. Lenovo ThinkPad X1BRIEF: Lenovo’s thinnest ThinkPad ever; the X1.The brief was to move from rational appeal(typical in B2B marketing), to more emotionalappeal. To do this, communication needed tospeak to the consumer’s aspirations by movingoutside the typical boardroom settings.RESPONSIBILITIES: Develop strategy and brief.SOLUTION: I created three characters called theBirdman, the Architect and the Iceman. Theyused their laptop to do extraordinary thingsduring and outside work. I made videos tobring these characters to life and two of themwere presented along with an extension intoweb and OOH.BIG IDEA: Extraordinary people doextraordinary things.Links to videos: Birdman Architect Iceman
  5. 5. Rich media interactiveThe Birdman: Tri-vision OOH
  6. 6. U.S. tourismBRIEF: U.S. tourism was facing declining numbers. My job was to find out what travellers in the emergingmarkets felt about the U.S. as a tourist destination, and why they werent coming.RESPONSIBILITIES: To understand the Indian mindset I interviewed twenty Indians aged twenty-one tofifty-one and wrote a report on my findings.FINDINGS: On camera, respondents answered safely and made expected associations with Obama, NewYork, capitalism, war and freedom. I questioned: were they uncomfortable about saying what they truly felt?Off camera, they revealed a completely different side. They cursed the U.S. and showed distrust. Mostrespondents hadn’t been to the U.S. yet they seemed to regurgitate images from the media. Nobody cited thefascinating attractions like the wealth of iconic figures, the Blues and America’s vast, natural beauty e.g. theArizona desert.SOLUTION: To attract tourists from the emerging markets, U.S. tourism needs to project images that aredormant in the media such as America’s beautiful landscapes, the literature, the icons and history of its rich,undiscovered culture.Video link
  7. 7. Lenovo IndiaBRIEF: Lenovo briefed Ogilvy Bangalore and other local agencies to localise “For those who do” campaignin India because they felt it did not resonate with Indian youth.RESPONSIBILITIES: I was sent out to interview fifty net-gens and produce a summary on how they feltabout Lenovo and what computer they dreamt of owning.FINDINGS: Most dreamt of owning an Apple and Lenovo was out of touch the youth. Most associatedLenovo with B-grade actors like Reese Witherspoon and Bon Jovi, whereas Apple was cool like Johnny Deppand George Clooney. The insight was that Lenovo is on “the duller side of the competition”.OUTCOME: My findings were sent to Head of Planning Ogilvy India, and included in the strategy. We wonthis pitch and now own the new campaign.Video research Creative
  8. 8. XylysBRIEF: This unknown luxury watch wasnt doing wellagainst foreign brands in a growing market. We wereasked to come up with an idea to make Xylys moredesirable. This was a highly unusual brand: Swiss-IndianMade, quirky designs, even the name and logo were odd.How could Xylys compete against the likes of PatekPhilipe or Armani?RESPONSIBILITIES: I visited stores, made customerobservations and interviewed ten Xylys customers. Myfindings were used by the Head of Planning to informstrategy.FINDINGS: People said they bought a Xylys to avoid aconventional watch. They didnt mind something new andwerent conscious about its oddities. They, like Xylys,didnt aspire to conventions and felt comfortable doing so.BIG IDEA: Xylys is for those who don’t aspire to avoidconvention, but naturally do so.
  9. 9. The farmBRIEF: Ogilvy asked us to do work for a struggling farm.We had a miserable budget. The creatives and myselfvisited the farm in Madras. Situated in the middle of atech highway, like an oasis in the desert, it was wheresoftware engineers and managers from tech parks wouldcome a let off steam.RESPONSIBILITIES: Analysing the business problem,development of strategy and briefing creatives.INSIGHT: “The grass is greener” - this was a place formental sustenance on the other side of work life.SOLUTION: We used the insight and gave it a twist,“the udder side”. The client loved it so we took it ideaforward with a 360 rendition into web, menu, signageand stationary. The business also became known as “theudder side”.
  10. 10. Creative briefing Illustrations for creative briefing
  11. 11. Creative Our simple two colour approach was inexpensive and suited the client’s needs. We are in the process of developing an animated website, OOH and other experiential/guerrilla marketing tactics.
  12. 12. Bangalore road safetyThis was for the Bangalore Road TransportCorporation. The brief was to reduceBangalore’s road accidents as figures were risingto 5000 traffic-related deaths per year. InKarnataka, political scandals are rife, and themain cause for budget deficiencies. In order toeffect real change, I proposed targetingcommunication at politicians and civilians tocreate a small stir and a resulting legal change.
  13. 13. Road safety briefBRIEFEvery year in Bangalore, 5000 families face the horror of losing their loved ones on the roads, whilst scandalousand corrupt politicians squander peoples money that should be spent on road safety. We are looking for a legalresponse to an emotional change.TARGET AUDIENCEPartisans, who need to stand up and voice their opinion. They must clamour for change and not be cowed downby status quo.CHANGE IN BEHAVIOURUse communication to create an awakening. We want people to realise that politicians are doing nothing and startasking questions and demanding answers; Where is our tax money going? Why is the system so bad? Why are somany people losing their lives on the road? Why is there so much money in the politician’s pockets? Why is it notbeing spent on road safety?MESSAGEEvery day 20 people die on the road whilst politicians enjoy our money.TONEA calling for action.
  14. 14. NestleBRIEF: Conduct research on the childhood obesitymarket in India, and come up with ideas for productpackaging for our client in London. I presentedfindings on seven competitors including PespsiCo,Coca Cola and Unilever, along with research ongovernmental initiatives, community initiatives andNGO’s, that were placed to tackle childhood obesity.RESPONSIBILITIES: Desk research, store visits andpackaging recommendations.INSIGHT: Health snacks needed to be small enoughto fit inside a tiffin, a type of lunch box that Indianchildren use to carry their meals. Parents wouldkeep their kids happy and healthy.OUTCOME: My findings were sent back to OgilvyLondon. My competitor analysis, in-storephotography and packaging recommendations werepresented to Nestle.