19 Century Timeline  th       By: Deonte’ Tobe
1862                           1864                                                      1866Homestead Act Of 1862:       ...
1864                          1867                          1869   Credit Mobilier:   Construction                   Grang...
1870                                      1871                     1871           National Farmer’s                       ...
1870                             1871                                                                            1872     ...
1876            Battle Of Little Big                                                   Jim Crow Laws:            Horn: Arm...
1879                           Thomas Alva                                              Exoduster: African                ...
1880Settlement Houses:     George Eastman:                Vaudeville:Community centers      Developed a series            ...
1881                      1884                      1885                                                                  ...
1886                                                         1887Colored Farmers Alliance: Formed in                      ...
1890                    1890                         1890                         1890                                    ...
http://www.albany.edu/jmmh/vol3/ellis/1892_island_re.jpg                  http://newimages.bwwstatic.com/columnpic/Ragtime...
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19th century timeline 2


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19th century timeline 2

  1. 1. 19 Century Timeline th By: Deonte’ Tobe
  2. 2. 1862 1864 1866Homestead Act Of 1862: Sand Creek Buffalo soldiers: Originally wasOffering of 160 acres of land free Massacre: Most members of the U.S.to any citizen who was head of Tragic events 10th Calvaryhousehold occurred in 1864. Regiment of the 200 warriors & 500 USA army. women & children Formed on killed over 150 September 21,1866 inhabitants at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas http://img6.fold3.com/img/thumbnail/101312106/278/0/0_0_422_580.jpg http://www.legendsofamerica.com/photos-nativeamerican/SandCreek.jpg http://www.adoremusbooks.com/Productimageslarge/20/21513.jpg
  3. 3. 1864 1867 1869 Credit Mobilier: Construction Grange: Oliver Transcontinental company in 1864 by Hudson Kelly started Railroad: Railroad owners of the union line linking the an organization for pacific railroad Atlantic & pacific farmers coasts of USA http://www.bing.com/images/search? q=credit+mobilier+1864&view=detail&id=707FC4895AA315430D BB60AF7B77708D2F04DDF0&first=1http://img.hotmoviesale.com/dvds/PBS-DAMER6507D/1/American-Experience-Transcontinental-Railroad.jpg http://schoolworkhelper.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/grange_poster.jpg
  4. 4. 1870 1871 1871 National Farmer’s Tweed Ring: A group Chief Joseph: of corrupt politicians, Alliance: Organized Succeeded his defrauding the city agrarian economic father Tuekakas as movement among leader of the farmers that wallowa developed in 1870’s http://blogs.the-american-interest.com/wrm/files/2009/11/boss-tweed.jpghttp://www.nmaie-newservice.com/v1i3/full-size/v1i3_archive-Chief_Joe_full.jpghttp://linkfamilyhistory.squarespace.com/storage/Farmers%20Alliance.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1289097434744
  5. 5. 1870 1871 1872 John D. Rockefeller: Nez Perce: war Owned corporations like between several Andrew Carnegie: Worked standard oil company. 1st bands of Nez Perce his way up to become billionaire tribe of Native Americans & their private secretary to local alliances superintendent of Pennsylvania railroadhttp://energyofabundance.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Andrew_Carnegie-2.jpg http://www.old-picture.com/indians/pictures/Nez-Perce.jpghttp://www.leadership-with-you.com/images/rockefeller.jpg
  6. 6. 1876 Battle Of Little Big Jim Crow Laws: Horn: Armed Segregation laws engagement known as Jim Crow between combined Alexander Graham Laws after popular forces of Lakota, Bell: Invented the old ministrel song Northern Cheyenne. telephone in 1876 that ended “jump, June 25 & 26,1876 Jim Crow”http://www.xtimeline.com/__UserPic_Large/2225/ELT200709170713156716286.GIFhttp://skyfiber.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/alexander_graham_bell-scaled1000.jpghttp://www.socialstudiesposters.com/product-images/AMACAARQ-P690601.jpg
  7. 7. 1879 Thomas Alva Exoduster: African Dumbbell Edison: Became a Tenements: Cheap Americans who pioneer on the new Housing units moved from the industrial frontier created when cities post- when he established reconstruction became packed with the world’s 1st people during the south to kansas research labotory in industrial revolution Menio Palk, New Jersey http://www.bookfever.com/book_photos/44884.jpghttp://ephemeralnewyork.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/tenementkitchen.jpghttp://img.blogcu.com/uploads/kotty_edison.jpg
  8. 8. 1880Settlement Houses: George Eastman: Vaudeville:Community centers Developed a series Performances of Joseph Pulitzer: Ain slum of more convenient songs, dance, Hungarian immigrantneighborhoods that alternatives to the juggling, slapstick who bought The Newprovided assistance heavy glass comedy, sometimes York World.to people in the previously used. chorus lines ofarea. female performances http://newsjournalist.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/joseph-pulitzer1.jpg http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/aroundthemall/files/2009/06/vaudeville.jpg http://www.rochester.edu/giving/gec/newsletter/2010/i02/images/eastman.jpg http://www.nwhm.org/media/category/exhibits/progressiveera/settlementhouseweb.JPG
  9. 9. 1881 1884 1885 1886Mail-Order Catalog: Mugwumps: Eugene Vs. Debs:System that brought Republican political Imagination who Samuel Gompers:packages directly to activists who bolted attempted to form Led the cigar makersevery home. from USA such an industrial International Union to Republican Party Union- The join with other craft supporting Grover American Railway unions. President of Cleveland in USA Union (ARU) American Federation election. Of Labor (AFL) http://www.archives.nysed.gov/exhibitions/triangle/data/images1/loc_gompers_full.jpg http://www.sjsapush.com/resources/eugene%20v%20debs.jpg http://www.conservapedia.com/images/thumb/2/20/Mugwump.jpg/400px-Mugwump.jpg 1880’s
  10. 10. 1886 1887Colored Farmers Alliance: Formed in Dawes Act: Act aiming to86 in the American State of Texas. “Americanize” the NativeThis organization was for coloreds. AmericansDec 11 http://badantweb.com/gronich/Dawes.3.gif http://faculty.umf.maine.edu/walter.sargent/public.www/web%20104/farmer%20grange.jpg
  11. 11. 1890 1890 1890 1890 Grandfather Clause:Wounded knee: Sherman Antitrust Booker T. If a man the literacyBrought the Indian Act- Made it illegal to Washington- test or could not form a trust thatWars and an entire prominent African- afford poll tax, was interfered with freeera to a bitter end. American educator still entitled to vote if300 unarmed U.S. trade between states he, his father, or or with otherSoldiers native grandfather been countriesAmericans. eligible to vote by JanDecember 26 1, 1867 http://www.morfilms.com/pictures/GFC.bmp http://bohon.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/booker-t-washington.jpg http://www.archives.gov/historical-docs/doc-content/images/sherman-antitrust-act-m.jpg http://www.wyomingtalesandtrails.com/wkneeopeningrem.jpg 1890’s
  12. 12. http://www.albany.edu/jmmh/vol3/ellis/1892_island_re.jpg http://newimages.bwwstatic.com/columnpic/Ragtime1.jpghttp://www.capstonepub.com/product/covers_lg/9780756533489.jpghttp://www.biography.com/imported/images/Biography/Images/Profiles/H/William-Randolph-Hearst-9332973-1-402.jpg 1896 1897 1892 1894 1895 Ragtime: Blend of Cross of Gold William Randolph black spirituals and Ellis Island: Place Pullman Strike- speech: Delivered by Hearst: Purchase the European musical that was at castle Nationwide conflict William Jennings New York morning forms. garden in NY later between the new Bryan, a former USA journal. congressman from moved to New York American railway union Harbor for and railroads that Nebraska. July immigration occurred in 94. 9th,1896 inspection. 1890’s http://www.coveringdelta.com/wp-content/uploads/W.j.-Bryan-Cross-Of-Gold-Painting-e1325306097592.jpg