Internet Marketing & Social Media Presentation for Irrigation Contractors


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Most irrigation contractors are as confused about website, internet marketing, and social media as Groucho was about Camels. There is an overload of information available about the which social media channel to use and how to use it.

And a lot of doesn't work for irrigation contractors.

In this presentation Tom Barrett clears up a lot of the myths about internet marketing, websites, social media, and email.

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  • Why a website? Why not a camel? As Groucho Marx said, “I’d walk a mile for a Camel.”Most contactors are as confused about internet marketing as Groucho was about camels.With websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and email, it is all very confusing. And a lot of the experts provide conflicting suggestions.In this presentation I will clear up some of the confusion
  • The first question I am asked by most contractors isDo I need a website?
  • Over 80% of American consumers check out your company’s website before they ever pick up the phone to call.
  • When buying a car, the consumer often knows more about the vehicle than does the sales person because they’ve researched on the internet.
  • When buying shoes…
  • …and when buying a lawn sprinkler system.
  • Yet less than 60% of small businesses have websites.
  • When creating a website many companies focus on how good the website looks.
  • Although creating a professional appearance is important. It is not nearly as important as being found by search engines. And search engines could care less about how good looking a website is.
  • Search engines rank you based upon how relevant the terms in your website match the terms in the search.
  • They then look at how recently the website pages were updated.
  • And finally, geographically, how close is your business to the person searching the web.
  • A good website is not about the look…
  • On Marketing Grader, the Ohio Irrigation Association website scores better than 69% of all websites in existence.
  • Yet, we spent only $800
  • This website of a Landscape Architect
  • Score only 7 and, in my opinion, is much prettier than the Ohio Irrigation Association’s website.
  • She paid $1,500
  • Valley Crest, a world-class leader in the landscape industry, has beautiful and rich website
  • Yet it only scores 38
  • And they have paid a lot,
  • If you search for ‘Ohio Irrigation”
  • It comes up number one.
  • If you search “Irrigation Ohio”
  • It comes up number one.
  • Word-of-Mouth is still the best form of marketing. People buy because of endorsements from satisfied customers and influential people.
  • Social media is word-of-mouth marketing…
  • …on steriods
  • From Me… …to YOU …to THEM
  • Gary Vanderchuck, in his book “CRUSH IT!,” advertised free shipping for a bottle of wine on a billboard in New Jersey
  • From the billboard he received 170 orders
  • He advertised it on a Northern New Jersey radio station.
  • From the radio advertising he received 240 orders.
  • He then ran the ad as a direct mail piece.
  • And received 300 orders
  • One tweet on Twitter
  • 1,700 orders in forty-eight hours.
  • We ran an ad for a landscape contracting company in Indianapolis with the Indianapolis Monthly.The circulation is 42,000 readers
  • Good lookin ad
  • Cost $4,700 and we ran it three month at $4,700 each time.
  • Impression are around 42,000 each month
  • No new business
  • For the Ohio Irrigation Association we ran an ad on Facebook.
  • “Stop Draggin’ Your Hose”
  • Over Mother’s Day Weekend we received 246.000 impressions
  • And it only cost $75
  • So back to the beginning – Do You Need A Website?Absolutely
  • Why a website? Why not a camel? As Groucho Marx said, “I’d walk a mile for a Camel.”Most contractors are as confused about internet marketing as Groucho was about camels.This clears up some of the confusion.
  • Stop wasting your money on ineffective and expensive advertising campaigns. Invest in a website, use social media to amplify your message, and email to close the sale.
  • Give me a call if you want some help.
  • Internet Marketing & Social Media Presentation for Irrigation Contractors

    1. 1. Internet Marketing & Social MediaWebinar for Irrigation ContractorsWhy not a Camel?Copyright © 2013 by Tom BarrettTom Barrett ●● (317) 674-3494
    2. 2. WHYAWEBSITE?Why not a Camel?Copyright © 2011 by Tom BarrettTom Barrett ●● (317) 674-3494
    3. 3. do U need aWeBsite?
    4. 4. A Good Website isNot About theL K
    5. 5. A Good Website isAboutL K
    6. 6. Relevancy
    7. 7. SCORE69
    8. 8. COST$800
    9. 9. SCORE7
    10. 10. COST$1500
    11. 11. SCORE38
    12. 12. COST+$$$+MuchoDinero
    13. 13. Ohio IrrigationIrrigation Ohio
    14. 14. #1
    15. 15. Irrigation OhioOhio Irrigation
    16. 16. #1
    17. 17. Word-of-MOUTH
    18. 18. SOCIALMEDIA
    19. 19. ON STERIODS
    20. 20. MeYouThemThemThemThemThemYouThemThemThemThemThemYouThemThemThemThemThemYouThemThemThemThemThemYouThemThemThemThemThemYouThemThemThemThemThemYouThemThemThemThemYoumThemThemmThemYouThemThemThemThemThemYouThemThemThemThemThem
    21. 21. FREESHIPPING
    22. 22. 170Orders
    23. 23. 240Orders
    24. 24. 300Orders
    25. 25. 1,700Orderswithin 48 Hours
    26. 26. Circulation42,000
    27. 27. COST$4,700
    28. 28. Impressions42,000???
    29. 29. NewBusiness$0
    30. 30. Impressions246,000
    31. 31. COST$75
    32. 32. do U need aWeBsite?
    33. 33. WHYAWEBSITE?Why not a Camel?Copyright © 2011 by Tom BarrettTom Barrett ●● (317) 674-3494
    34. 34. Tom Barrett(317)