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Your tuscany vacation


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Get the most out of you Tuscany vacation.

Published in: Travel
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Your tuscany vacation

  1. 1. Your Tuscany Vacation By: To Tuscany
  2. 2. Tuscany, Italy Tuscany is full of culture and beautiful views. Here are tips to get the most out of your Tuscany vacation
  3. 3. Packing When packing for Tuscany make sure to pack:  Climate appropriate clothing  Comfortable shoes  Digital Camera  Sunscreen!!  Bug spray
  4. 4. Lodging You want to make sure you have a place to rest your head at the end of the day. Renting a villa in Tuscany:  Make you feel like less of a tourist  Get to stay in a true Tuscany home  Best way to experience the Tuscan culture
  5. 5. Sight Seeing There are so many things and places to see in Tuscany here are a few:  Duomo  Ponte Vecchio  Leaning Tower of Pisa  San Michele in Foro Church  Piazza Della Republica  San Francesco
  6. 6. Best Restaurants Eating great food is hard to escape in Tuscany but you must try:  Da Delfina  La Bottega  La Tana Degliorsi  Ristorante Walter Redaelli  Trattoria Verdiana
  7. 7. Other Things to Do Besides site seeing and eating delicious food you should try:  Hiking  Bike riding  Shopping  Taking cooking classes  Wine tasting
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