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Ad traction report-2011-20-4-11 (cimigo)


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Ad traction report-2011-20-4-11 (cimigo)

  1. 1. Cimigo AdTraction Report 2011 Top 10 TV commercials and category analysis
  2. 2. ContentsApproach 3Summary 4Top 10 TVCs 5 Overview 6 Summary 7-8 Ranks 1-10 9-18Category Specific Analysis 19 Summary 20-23 Oral care 24 Infant milk 25 Foodstuffs 26 Alcoholic beverages 27 Automobile 28 Non-alcoholic beverages 29 Electric products / HH appliances 30 Cleansers 31 Telecom 32 Hair care 33 Toiletries 34 Motorcycles 35 Finance 36AdTraction Methodology 37-39 2
  3. 3. ApproachFocus This report analyses which TV commercials (TVCs) are most successful in Vietnam, based on more than 200 TVCs tested in different areas. Additionally, a specific analysis for 13 different categories is delivered. This analysis helps to understand which are the most often used themes in advertising for each category and how they are perceived by the audience in Vietnam.Approach Results of this report are based on AdTraction, a TVC testing methodology developed by Cimigo. With AdTraction, 216 TVC have been tested up to March 2011. AdTraction is using a consistent testing approach across all TVCs, leaving opportunities to do direct comparisons across all metrics. AdTraction is based on the concept of benchmarking: each TVC is compared to the country benchmark to see where it over or underperforms. Each TVC is benchmarked on 24 different metrics.Sample Each TVC is based on n=150-200 individual assessments. Each TVCs is tested among its specific target audience only. Overall, the AdTraction database is based on more than n=35,000 individual TVC assessments.Timing The AdTraction database has been established between Jan 2010 and Mar 2011 and can be considered as the largest TVC testing conducted in Vietnam. 3
  4. 4. SummaryTop 10 TVCs Vinamilk produces the best TVCs. The top 3 are all from Vinamilk. All TVCs are built on a different idea. Emotions count; The top TVCs that are not using humour are creating a strong emotional impact, either with displaying humour, family values or showing corporate social responsibility. Humour counts; 6 out of top 10 TVCs are successfully using humour. These TVCs are surprising, appealing and have a positive purchase intent. The beverage category produces the best individual TVC. 6 out of 10 best TVCs are from the beverage industry, 4 of them are for liquid milk.Category performance Oral care and infant milk TVCs have the best performance. Most TVCs in these categories outperform the benchmark and are highly appealing. Foodstuffs and beverages produce the most TV advertising, the category has many good and bad TVC examples. Foodstuff TVCs are rated slightly higher in total. The spread is especially high for beverages. Hair care and toiletries TVCs are usually ranked in the lower half. Most of them are seen as rather exchangeable and not unique to the brand they advertise. Motorbike and Financial Services TVCs are usually ranked on the lower side. They lack entertainment value, offer little new information and have a low impact. 4
  5. 5. Top 10 TVCs
  6. 6. Top 10 TVCsRank Brand Aired from Topic1 Vinamilk Oct 2009 Vinamilk distributes milk to the poor people2 Vinamilk April 2009 100% fresh milk (Vinamilk cow animatic)3 Vinamilk Nov 2010 Drinking milk helps children grow (Vinamilk cow animatic)4 Simply Oil Sept 2009 Simply oil will help poor children with heart disease5 Pepsi May 2010 Enjoy football with Pepsi (aired during soccer world cup) It could only be Heineken (refrigerator full of Heineken6 Heineken Jun 2009 bottles)7 Omo Jan 2010 Children are not afraid of dirt with Omo (Tet promotion)8 Ajinomoto Aug 2009 Ajinomoto brings happiness in family since 100 years Dutch Dutch Lady is exactly like original milk (featuring Quang9 Nov 2010 Lady Thang)10 Alpenliebe Nov 2010 Share sweet moments with Alpenliebe 6
  7. 7. Top 10 TVCs - summaryVinamilk ahead of competitors The top three TVCs measured with AdTraction are all from Vinamilk. Each Vinamilk TVC has a separate style. The best is the TVC where milk is sent to the countryside via helium balloons. The social responsibility aspect (Vinamilk distributes milk to poor people) in this TVC is liked and considered as very believable. The other two Vinamilk TVCs are using animated cows, which is regarded as very entertaining and very differentiating for Vinamilk.Best TVCs come from beverage industry The beverage industry produces some of the best TVCs. 6 out of 10 top TVCs are for beverages. Next to the TVCs from Vinamilk, a TVC from Dutch Lady is amongst the top 10. This very recent TVC is featuring Quang Thang, a famous comedian. Pepsi aired a TVC during the world soccer championship, featuring famous soccer players in an unusual setting in Africa that was very surprising and entertaining. Heineken, as part of their ongoing ‘It could only be Heineken’ campaign has aired a TVC where the women’s joy of an oversized wardrobe is outperformed by the men’s joy of an oversized beer refrigerator. 7
  8. 8. Top 10 TVCs - summaryEmotional values count Of the top 10, all TVCs are tapping into emotions. Emotional values can create a strong bond between the audience and the brand, with a high impact on the brand disposition and purchase intent. Very strong emotions are created around humour, family and children (successfully used by Ajinomoto), special events such as the Chinese new year (used by Omo) or corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is very successfully used by Vinamilk (distributing milk to poor children) and Simply Cooking Oil (helping poor children with heart disease). CSR is a powerful tool to enhance the impact of a TVC.Humor counts The best TVCs are often humorous or have a surprising effect. Humor is used in 6 out of top 10 TVCs. Humorous TVCs not only have a very high entertainment value, but they also have a positive impact on the consumer’s perception of the brand. Humour is used across categories. Examples of humorous TVCs are from Vinamilk (dancing cows), Dutch Lady (Quang Than), Heineken, Pepsi or Alpenliebe. Humor is making people feel good about the product and creates a differentiating effect for the brand. 8
  9. 9. #1 Vinamilk: Taps into social responsibility“Hãy uống Vinamilk để đóng góp 6 triệu ly sữa cho trẻ em khắp Việt Nam”“Drink Vinamilk to contributes six million liter milk for children in Vietnam” +10 Greatest difference from benchmark 1. Provokes me to think 2. Makes me feel inspired 3. Interested in seeing it again 4. Believable 5. Tells me something new 6. Makes me feel good 7. I like it very much 8. Story is very realistic 9. It shows that Vinamilk is different 10. Entertaining 9
  10. 10. #2 Vinamilk: Using humour in a creative way“Vinamilk - Sữa tươi nguyên chất 100%”“Vinamilk - 100% Pure Fresh Milk” +10 Greatest difference from benchmark 1. It shows that Vinamilk is different 2. Funny 3. Surprising 4. This TVC could only be for Vinamilk 5. Good music 6. Entertaining 7. Would talk with friends about it 8. I like it very much 9. The brand is easy to remember 10. Interested in seeing it again 10
  11. 11. #3 Vinamilk: Creative hook integral to brand and story“Uống 3 ly sữa mỗi ngày giúp tăng trưởng chiều cao”“Drinking 3 glasses of milk everyday helps kid grow in height” +10 Greatest difference from benchmark 1. Funny 2. This TVC could only be for Vinamilk 3. Is talking to me 4. I would be interested in seeing it again 5. Believable 6. Story is very realistic 7. It shows that Vinamilk is different 8. Entertaining 9. I like it very much 10. More likely to buy and try Vinamilk 11
  12. 12. #4 Simply: Taps into social responsibility“Dùng dầu đậu nành Simply để góp phần mang lại niềm hạnh phúc cho những trẻ em nghèo mangbệnh tim bẩm sinh trong chương trình phẫu thuật trái tim cho em““Use Simply soybean oil to bring the happiness to the poor children who have native heartdisease” +9 Greatest difference from benchmark 1. Story is very realistic 2. Provokes me to think 3. Believable 4. It shows that Simply is different 5. Key message is very convincing 6. Interested in seeing it again 7. More likely to buy and try Simply 8. Entertaining 9. Makes me feel inspired 10. Would talk with friends about it 12
  13. 13. #5 Pepsi: Breaking category expectations“Tận hưởng không khí của cơn bão bóng đá với Pepsi”“Enjoy the atmosphere of the footballs storm with Pepsi” +9 Greatest difference from benchmark 1. Surprising 2. Funny 3. I like it very much 4. Entertaining 5. Good music 6. It shows that Pepsi is different 7. Key message is very convincing 8. I like the characters 9. I would be interested in seeing it again 10. More likely to buy and try Pepsi 13
  14. 14. #6 Heineken: Creative hook integral to brand and message“Chỉ có thể là Heineken”“It could be only Heineken” +8 Greatest difference from benchmark 1. Funny 2. It shows that Heineken is different 3. Surprising 4. Key message is very convincing 5. More likely to buy and try Heineken 6. Interested in seeing it again 7. Entertaining 8. This TVC could only be for Heineken 9. I like it very much 10. Pleasant 14
  15. 15. #7 Omo: Resonate tap into emotions“Với Omo, trẻ không ngại bị vấy bẩn để học cách bày tỏ lòng biết ơn qua hành động cụ thể”“With Omo, Children are not afraid of dirt, to express gratitude through action” +8 Greatest difference from benchmark 1. Provokes me to think 2. Story is very realistic 3. Good characters 4. Makes me feel good 5. It shows that Omo is different 6. More likely to buy and try Omo 7. Believable 8. Makes me feel inspired 9. Interested in seeing it again 10. Pleasant 15
  16. 16. #8 Ajinomoto: Tapping into family emotions“Ajinomoto - nhãn hiệu tin dùng với hơn 100 năm luôn dẫn đầu về chất lượng, giúp bạn tạo rabữa ăn ngon và đem yêu thương đến gia đình”“Ajinomoto - a trustworthy brand with high quality for more than 100 years. It helps you to makedelicious food and bring the happiness together in your family ” +8 Greatest difference from benchmark 1. Story is very realistic 2. Is talking to me 3. Key message is very convincing 4. Believable 5. Good music 6. I like it very much 7. Ajinomoto plays an essential role in the story 8. Pleasant 9. Funny 10. Makes me feel good 16
  17. 17. #9 Dutch Lady: Humorous celebrity involvement“Sữa Cô Gái Hà Lan vừa thơm, vừa béo đúng vị sữa bò”“Both good-smelling and creamy, exactly cow’s milk taste” +8 Greatest difference from benchmark 1. Story is realistic 2. Believable 3. Funny 4. I would be interested in seeing it again 5. This TVC could only be for Dutch Lady 6. I like it very much 7. Dutch Lady plays an essential role in the story 8. Entertaining 9. I like the characters 10. I like the music 17
  18. 18. #10 Alpenliebe: Surprising and funny story“Sẻ chia khoảnh khắc ngọt ngào”“Sharing sweet moments with Alpenliebe” +8 Greatest difference from benchmark 1. This TVC could only be for Alpenliebe 2. Funny 3. Surprising 4. Entertaining 5. I like the characters 6. Alpenliebe plays an essential role in the story 7. Story is realistic 8. It shows that Alpenliebe is different 9. Good music 10. The brand is hard to remember 18
  19. 19. Category specific analysis
  20. 20. Category overview Oral care TVCs have the best performance overall, followed by infant milk. Most of the TVCs in these two categories are above the benchmark. In foodstuffs and beverages, the biggest categories in TV advertising, TVCs range from very good to very poor. Non-alcoholic beverage is the most diversified and most creative area of TV advertising. TVCs for automobiles and electric products are often in the middle position, with few outstanding examples on the positive or the negative side. They are often focusing on product attributes in a high- class lifestyle setting. Hair care products and toiletries are mostly ranked in the lower half. Many of these TVCs are rather exchangeable and could be for any brand in the category. They are not seen as surprising nor providing new information. TVCs for motorbikes and financial services are placed at the low end of the scale. Although there are some good examples, most TVCs in this category underperform the benchmark. They have often an exchangeable message, little entertainment value and score low on purchase intent. 20
  21. 21. Category specific analysis Rank Category # TVCs tested Best TVC 1 Oral care 7 Close up – toothpaste 2 Infant milk 8 Gain IQ – infant milk powder 3 Foodstuffs 39 Simply – cooking oil 4 Alcoholic beverages 11 Heineken – beer 5 Automobile 5 BMW – passenger car 6 Non-alcoholic beverages 51 Vinamilk – liquid milk 7 Electric products / HH appliances 11 Cockoo – rice cooker 8 Cleansers 9 Omo – detergent powder 9 Telecom 21 Beeline – mobile phone network 10 Hair care 13 X-men – shampoo 11 Toiletries 24 Kotex – sanitary protection 12 Motorcycles 5 Yamaha – motorbike 13 Finance 6 VIB – Banking 21
  22. 22. Category specific analysis1. Oral Care: is the best category overall. All toothpaste TVCs are performing well.2. Infant milk: nearly all are rated well. They are strongly talking to the target audience. TVCs focusing on IQ enhancing effects are usually rated best.3. Foodstuffs: mixed category, ranging from very good to very bad. Soups and spices are performing better than instant noodle TVCs. Overall, two thirds of this category are above benchmark.4. Alcoholic beverages: thematic TVCs with strong visual cues that try to evoke feelings around brands. Overall these TVCs are perceived as surprising and differentiating, often outperforming the benchmark.5. Automobile: a category with no outstanding TVCs. TVCs are usually rated similar across brands, with a low purchase intent.6. Non-alcoholic beverage: a very mixed category ranging from extremely well to extremely poor. Liquid milk TVCs are among the best TVCs in this category, followed by international soft drink brands.7. Electric products: TVCs that usually show the technical advancement of the product (e.g. resolution, quality, noise reduction etc). Rated on average overall, with some good and some bad examples. 22
  23. 23. Category specific analysis8. Cleansers (detergent powder and fabric softeners): Most TVCs in this area are not very entertaining or surprising, however the have a clear message and a strong branding providing for an average performance.9. Telecommunication (mobile phone networks / handsets): Often focus on new functions and how they make the life easier. Many TVCs are telling something new in an entertaining and believable way.10. Hair care: None of the shampoo TVCs are outstanding, while many are perceived as rather bland, not surprising, not funny and telling nothing new. The category as a whole is underperforming.11. Toiletries: rather exchangeable straight sell TVCs, with many brands competing in a similar style with similar messages and benefits. The more abstract TVCs are examples that are performing better.12. Motorcycles: only few TVCs in this category are rated well. They are usually rather unclear, with little entertainment value and a low impact.13. Financial services: overall the poorest performing category. Often they are seen as not very clear, with exchangeable brands and a low behavioural impact. 23
  24. 24. #1 – Oral CareOral Care - TVCs tested Overall 7 TVCs in oral care have been tested (6 toothpaste and 1 mouth wash). Brands included: Close Up, Colgate, Listerine and P/S.Oral care - general results Oral care is the category with overall best scores. All TVCs tested with AdTraction in oral care outperform the AdTraction benchmark. Common themes in oral care advertising are built around attraction (CloseUp), humor (Listerine) or using endorsement (Colgate). TVCs using attraction or humor usually score better. Most oral care TVCs are having clear and convincing key messages, they are perceived as realistic and talking to the target audience.Oral Care - best TVC The best TVC in oral care comes from CloseUp. CloseUp uses the topic of attraction and integrates the idea of ‘fresh breath’ as a hook for attraction between a young male and female. This TVC is very appealing and has high impact on purchase intent. The Close Up TVC is executed with very likeable characters and uses good music. 24
  25. 25. #2 – Infant Milk PowderInfant Milk - TVCs tested Overall 10 TVCs in infant milk have been tested. Brands included: Dumex, Dielac, Enfagrow, Enfakid, Friso, GainIQ and Milex.Infant Milk - general results Infant milk is a category where most TVCs perform well. All except of one, all infant formula TVCs outperform the AdTraction benchmark Common themes in infant milk advertising are built around mental alertness / intelligence (GainIQ, Enfa) of children, strengthening the children’s immune systems (Friso, Dumex) or using mother’s endorsement (Dielac). TVCs that focus on enhancing children’s intelligence usually score best, as they are often surprising and having a high impact. Most infant milk TVCs are very believable and appealing to the target audience (mothers with kids).Infant Milk - best TVC The best TVC in infant milk comes from GainIQ. It shows how the product is positively affecting the learning capabilities of the child in various situation and how the product is scientifically founded. This TVC is talking to the audience, provokes them to think and makes them feel good. The characters are liked and it has a realistic and believable story. 25
  26. 26. #3 – FoodstuffsFoodstuffs - TVCs tested Overall 39 TVCs in foodstuffs have been tested. Brands included: Aji-Ngon, Ajinomoto, Alpenliebe, Chin Su, Chupa Chups, Cool Air, Doublemint, Exkool, Golia, Hao Hao, Kinh Do, Knorr, Lisa, Maggi, Mentos, Red bear, Neptune, Omachi, Shangha, Simply, Sugus, Tam Thai Tu, Thuan Phat, Tiger, Toonies, Unif and Vifon.Foodstuffs - general results The Foodstuffs category is built on many different brands and products. Although it is very diverse, two thirds of the TVCs in this category outperform the AdTraction benchmark. Subcategories include biscuit, candy, cooking oil, instant noodles, sauces and soup. Soups and spices are overall performing better than other types of foodstuffs. On the lower ranks are TVCs for instant noodles and candy.Foodstuffs - best TVC The best TVC in foodstuffs comes from Simply Cooking Oil. The TVC builds on social responsibility, asking consumers to use Simply soybean oil to bring the happiness to the poor children who have heart disease. The Simply TVC is rated as extremely realistic and believable, with an exceptional emotional and behavioural impact for the target audience. 26
  27. 27. #4 – Alcoholic BeveragesAlcoholic Beverages - TVCs tested Overall 11 TVCs in alcoholic beverages have been tested (9 beer and 2 spirits). Brands included: Heineken, Tiger, 333, Miller, Zorok, Budweiser, Baileys and Smirnoff.Alcoholic Beverages - general results The alcoholic beverage category contains TVCs that are rated very well, while others are rated quite negatively. Overall, the TVCs are rated slightly above average. Alcoholic beverage TVCs (mostly for beer) are usually using very strong visual cues, producing a mood or displaying a lifestyle rather than providing product information. Some use abstract themes (e.g. Tiger) or display the lifestyle of young outgoing people (e.g. Miller, Heineken). The Soccer Word Championship was used often by beer advertisers (Budweiser, Tiger). The beer TVCs are usually rated as surprising and differentiating, as each brand has its own style. They are usually pleasant and entertaining and are using good music.Alcoholic Beverages - best TVC The best TVC in alcoholic comes from Heineken. The TVC builds on the idea of ‘It could only be Heineken’, with males being more enthusiastic about a refrigerated room full of Heineken than females about an oversized wardrobe. This TVC is perceived as very funny, surprising and has high entertaining value. It is also differentiating from competitors and has a high impact on purchase intent. 27
  28. 28. #5 – AutomobileAutomobile - TVCs tested Overall 5 TVCs in automobile category have been tested (4 passenger cars and 1 light van). Brands included: BMW, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Kia and Toyota.Automobile - general results Automobile TVCs are usually rated average. None of the automobile TVCs tested are outstanding, but none of them is especially bad either. The TVCs are rated similar in most respect. Common themes in automobile TV advertising are about functional attributes or family features of the car. TVCs are often using strong pictures and little text / voice over, showing the cars in different scenery, with family or in challenging situations. Automobile TVCs are usually strongly branded with the product in the main focus. The TVCs are assessed as realistic and believable, however purchase intent remains low.Automobile - best TVC The best TVC in automobile comes from BMW. This TVC shows a high profile car with all its advanced features and used product statistics to show that the car is technically advanced. This TVC is rated as realistic and believable, telling new information and differentiating BMW. On the other hand, it is not really talking to the target audience and has little impact on purchase intent. 28
  29. 29. #6 – Non-alcoholic beveragesNon-Alcoholic beverages - TVCs tested Overall 49 TVCs in non-alcoholic beverage have been tested (15 liquid milk, 12 carbonated soft drinks, 7 ready-to-drink tea, 5 instant coffee, 5 yoghurt, 3 energy drink and 2 ice cream). Brands included: Vinamilk, Dutch Lady, Moc Chau, Th True milk, Fristi, Fami, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 7Up, Fanta, Mirinda, Sting, Number 1, Yomost, Yakult, Vfresh, Nutri Ngon Khoe, Wall’s, Nescafe, Birdy, Dr Thanh, O0 and Lipton.Non-Alcoholic beverages - general results TVCs in this category range from extremely well to extremely poor. About 50% are above benchmark and 50% below. Looking at the whole category average, it slightly outperforms the benchmark. Most beverage TVCs combine the attributes of the beverage (fresh, healthy, creamy etc.) with the lifestyle of the drinkers or a creative hook. Beverages can be considered as the category with the most many-sided TVCs, ranging from straight sell to metaphors to abstract styles. As a general tendency, the beverages TVCs have a strong role for the brand, with many TVCs being seen as unique for a specific brand and different from competitors.Non-Alcoholic beverages - best TVC The best TVC in this category comes from Vinamilk, showing symbolically how milk is distributed to the poor people on the countryside via helium balloons. This is the best TVC ever measured. It provokes the audience to think and inspires them. 29
  30. 30. #7 – Electric products / Household appliancesElectric products/household appliances - TVCs tested Overall 11 TVCs in electric products/ household appliances have been tested (7 flat screen TV, 2 washing machine, 1 refrigerator and 1 kitchen equipment) Brands included: Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic, TCL and Cockoo.Electric products/household appliances - general results TVCs for electric products spread from quite good to quite poor. On average, this category is slightly above the average. TVCs in this category commonly show the technical advancement of the products. TVCs for flat screen TVs usually focus on the bright colors, sharpness, resolution and realistic feelings of the particular brand; TVCs for washing machines are often around reduction of noise and vibration. Most TVCs display the products in a high class household.Electric products/household appliances - best TVC The best TVC in household appliances comes from Cuckoo, a rice cooking device. The TVC is featuring Won Bin, a famous Korean actor and focused on the idea of having a special rice cooker for a special person. The TVC is rated as surprising and highly differentiating for the brand. Although it is very simple, it is very appealing. 30
  31. 31. #8 – CleansersCleansers - TVCs tested Overall 9 TVCs in cleansers have been tested (6 detergent and 3 fabric softener). Brands included: Omo, Surf, Tide, Ariel, Comfort and Downy.Cleansers - general results TVCs for cleansers have a large spread, some with very good assessment and some being rather poor. On average, they the category is exactly in line with the AdTraction benchmark. Cleanser TVCs are usually focusing the attributes of the products, mainly in terms of ability to remove stains and give a nice fragrance. They usually have a straight sell style. Most of the stories are built around relationships or children, giving the TVCs an emotional touch. Most TVCs in this category are perceived as having a clear message and the brand plays an essential role in the story. However, they are usually not seen as very entertaining or surprising.Cleansers - best TVC The best TVC in this category is from Omo. The TVC has a very emotional style, playing during Tet time in a family setting. The idea is that with Omo, children are not afraid about dirt and can express their love to the family with planting flowers. This TVC is regarded as differentiating, believable and thought provoking. It has a high feel good factor and an excellent impact on purchase intent. 31
  32. 32. #9 – TelecomTelecom - TVCs tested Overall 21 TVCs in telecom have been tested (15 mobile phone network and 6 mobile phone). Brands included: Vinaphone, Mobifone, Viettel, Beline, Nokia, LG and Samsung.Telecom - general results TVCs for the telecommunications industry spread from quite good to quite poor. Overall this category is slightly below the average. TVCs for mobile phone networks (e.g. Beeline, Mobifone, Vinaphone etc) usually focus on the new technical capabilities of the network and how it will make life easier (e.g. extended talking time, 3G functionalities, ringtones, TV and music services). TVCs for handsets (e.g. LG, Nokia) display how the product is technically advanced with online capabilities that help to master life. Overall the telecom TVCs are seen as believable, entertaining and telling something new.Telecom - best TVC The best TVC in the telecom area is from Beeline. The Beeline TVC is breaking category expectations, with animated chicks talking about the coolness of the new network . Other beeline TVCs (that all score well) show the chicks doing parachuting or playing in a rock band. The Beeline TVC is regarded as very unique for the brand, funny and surprising. 32
  33. 33. #10 – Hair careHair care - TVCs tested Overall 13 TVCs in hair care have been tested (6 male shampoo and 7 female shampoo). Brands included: Clear, Sunsilk, Pantene, Dove, Rejoice, Lifebuoy, Enchanteur, Xmen and Head & Shoulders.Hair care - general results None of the hair care TVCs are rated as outstanding, while quite a few are rated significantly below the benchmark. Overall the whole category is underperforming compared to other categories. Common themes in male shampoo advertising are preventing hair loss and precluding dandruff. For female shampoo, advertising is much more about smoothness, brilliance, health and thickness of the hair. Testimonials are sometimes used, as e.g. famous football players or hair stylists. The characters in the shampoo TVCs are usually liked and TVCs have a clear message. However, most are seen as not believable and rather bland (not surprising, not funny, telling nothing new).Hair care - best TVC The best TVC in this category is from X-men. It is telling a James Bond-like story, with the main protagonist saving a women from terrorists. The idea is that X-men is only for the real men. This TVC is seen as very unique and differentiating, it could only be for X-men. The characters are liked and it makes respondents more likely to buy the product. 33
  34. 34. #11 – ToiletriesToiletries - TVCs tested Overall 24 TVCs in toiletries have been tested (7 skincare, 6 cosmetic, 3 sanitary, 3 soap, 2 facial cleanser, 2 deodorant and 1 tissue paper). Brands included: Nivea, Nivea for Men, Pond’s, Olay, Romano, Kotex, Diana, Rexona, Vaseline, Biore, Palmolive, Hazeline and Green Cross.Toiletries - general results Only a few of the TVCs in this category are outperforming the benchmark. Overall TVCs in the toiletries category are assessed on a lower level compared to most other categories. Skin care and cosmetic products are usually built around their softening and whitening effect on skin, creating a feeling of confidence. TVCs for male products are usually around success and attraction. Most TVCs are focusing on product benefits (straight sell). Only for sanitary protection (Kotex, Diana) and hand lotion (Green Cross) are more abstract approaches are taken. TVCs in this area are seen as rather exchangeable, with different brands telling a similar message. Most of the TVCs are not surprising, not telling any news and could be for any brand in the category.Toiletries - best TVC The best TVC comes from Kotex and shows how it makes women more confident in all decisions. The TVC is liked because it is talking to the target audience and has a convincing message. 34
  35. 35. #12 – MotorcyclesMotorcycles - TVCs tested Overall 5 TVCs in motorcycle have been tested (3 Scooter and 2 Motorbike). Brands included: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and SYM Shark.Motorcycles - general results Only a few of the TVCs in this category are outperforming the benchmark, whilst some are rated rather badly. Overall motorbike TVCs are placed below the benchmark. Motorbike TVCs are usually not putting one specific product, but rather the brand as the central point. They are commonly trying to evoke a feeling such as dynamism, safety or power around the brand. None of the motorbike TVCs are especially appealing. They are usually assessed as rather unclear, with an unconvincing key message and a low emotional and behavioural impact. Also they have little entertainment value and are usually not funny.Motorcycles - best TVC The best TVC in this category is from Yamaha, featuring Valentino Rossi, an Italian professional motorcycle driver. In a testimonial-style TVC, he assures that Yamaha are motorbikes with a high security standard. This TVC is seen as very believable, with a convincing key message and high impact on purchase intent. On the other hand, the TVC is not really seen as surprising or telling news. 35
  36. 36. #13 – FinanceFinance - TVCs tested Overall 6 TVCs in finance have been tested (4 bank and 2 finance and consulting) Brands included: VIB, HSBC, VIETIN BANK, BIDV, Maritime and Prudential.Finance - general results None of the 6 TVCs in Finance or Insurance is placed above the benchmark. Overall Finance is the poorest category in terms of TVC performance. Financial TVCs are often displaying the needs of a family in different situation, e.g. when having children, marrying or conducting large investments. The key message is that the bank is always there for people, listening to them, helping them to reach new goals, seeing opportunities or just to make their life more enjoyable. The financial services TVCs are mostly rated rather poorly. They are often not very clear, the brands and the messages are exchangeable and they have a low impact on purchase decisions.Finance - best TVC The best of the financial TVCs comes from VIB. It shows the most important life of a person (birth, graduation, marriage, house, children) and states that VIB is always besides you. This TVC is not performing very strongly. However, it is provoking people to think and makes the audience feel inspired. 36
  37. 37. AdTraction methodology
  38. 38. MethodologyAdTraction methodology AdTraction is a methodology developed by Cimigo to assess the performance of TVCs (TV commercials) on a set of standard metrics. AdTraction is based on the idea of benchmarking: instead of only looking at your TVC in isolation, AdTraction compares how each TVC performs against a benchmark. Usually, the benchmark is defined as all TVCs that have been tested so far with the AdTraction methodology. Respondents for AdTraction surveys are recruited online, either from Vietnamese websites or from Cimigo panel databases. Respondents fill in an online survey where they provide their demographic profile, watch a TVC and then complete a questionnaire about the TVC. Each TVC is filtered according to its target group. The survey is only conducted in Vietnamese.AdTraction database At the date of this report (April 2011), Cimigo has tested 216 TVCs aired in Vietnam after May 2009 using the AdTraction methodology. Cimigo will continuously test new TVCs in the future. TVCs have been tested in the following industries: alcoholic beverages, automobile, beverages, cleansers, electric products, finance, foodstuffs, hair care, motorcycles, oral care, telecom, toiletries and others. 38
  39. 39. AdTraction scoresAdTraction scores Most of the results in this TVC Report are based on AdTraction scores. AdTraction scores show the difference between one specific TVC and all TVCs that constitute the AdTraction benchmark. A positive AdTraction score means that this specific TVC was rated above the benchmark, a negative score means that the TVC was rated below the benchmark. An AdTraction score of +5 means that this TVC was rated 0.5 points higher than the benchmark on the original 1-10 polarity profile rating scale. Most AdTraction scores lie between -10 and +10, however they can also be higher or lower (up to 25 in extreme cases). AdTraction scores higher than 3 or lower than -3 are usually statistically significant at the 95% confidence level. AdTraction scores give you an indication about the position of a TVC within the AdTraction database. Use the following indicative table to find out how your TVC is ranked: AdTraction Score Approximate interpretation +7 or higher TVC is within top 10% of all tested TVCs +3 or higher TVC is within top 30% of all tested TVCs -2 to +2 TVC is in the middle range -3 or lower TVC is within bottom 30% of all tested TVCs -7 or lower TVC is within bottom 10% of all tested TVCs 39
  40. 40. AdTraction more informationAre you interested in learning more about Cimigo AdTraction services? We are happy toanswer your questions!Adtraction Project management Lukas Mira, account manager: Trang Nguyen, research executive: trangnguyen01@cimigo.comInformation available on AdTraction FAQ: Overview of TVCs tested: Example TVC report: Download this presentation for free: 40
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