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Ancient egypt project notes details


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This belongs to Tristan. All notes were cited on page 2.

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Ancient egypt project notes details

  1. 1. 9C Tristan Naraine 10/28/10 Advanced Cities Aspect Notes of Ancient Egypt British Museum Ÿ A. Egypt has fertile land, enriched soil. Ÿ Built homes with mud brick within their villages; and had houses. Ÿ Structure- Red Land: the Barren Desert with surplus of sand, sand dunes, mountains, and cliffs. The Beru people lived here. Ÿ Desert protects Egypt from outsiders and invaders. Ÿ The desert is also the location of the pits and tombs in which mummies were contained. Ÿ Structure- A. Egypt had plantation land & the Nile River which permitted fulfillment of tasks and accessibility to food and water. Ÿ Mines were nearby the Red Sea Ÿ Temples contained statues and were made of stone because it was believed to be sturdy. Ÿ An example of a village: The Village of Beit-el- Wali. The ancient temple was located near this village. Ÿ Structure: Temple walls were carved and made of plastered moulds. Ÿ Pyramids contained tombs. An example of a pyramid: The Great Pyramid of Khufu Ÿ Temple Festivals were held, temple workshops and palace workshops were part of the ancient structure and culture. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Ÿ Roads were instituted for city structure & tall, wide, and large buildings were built. Ÿ Papyrus Plants were grown along the banks of the Nile River. Ÿ Wall of the Crow: division between the land of the living people versus the land of the dead people. Washington State University: Ancient Egyptian History and Peoples- The Valley of the Nile Ÿ Structure: Lakes were proved to be found in Ancient Egypt. Ÿ Various Types of Lakes: the Blue Nile (The Nile River), Victoria, and Atbara. The Nile was connected to the Nile River Valley. Ÿ The Nile River Valley was furthermore connected into the Nile Delta. Ÿ Some instances of Pyramids: The Bent Pyramid, The Great Pyramid, and The Meidum Pyramid Museum of Fine Art Boston Ÿ The Sphinx bedrock-created monument of Giza which is estimated to be created and built around the Fourth Dynasty. The Fourth Dynasty of Ancient Egypt was a duration in which an abundant amount of structures and monuments were built. Ÿ Important places and cities: Giza is located in lower division of Egypt but this division is found in Northern Egypt. Ÿ Thebes is a main city in the central division of Egypt in which is found in the center of Egypt.
  2. 2. Ÿ The Southern division of Egypt is called the Southern Egypt and this division contains the Nubia Desert. Works Cited: The British Museum Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Public Broadcasting Service Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Washington State University Ancient Egypt Ÿ Ÿ Museum of Fine Art Boston