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My english language learner profile.docx 1 copia


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My english language learner profile.docx 1 copia

  1. 1. My English Language Learner Profile Personal information:Hello, my name is Tania Contreras Novoa I am 18 years old and I am Chilean.Istudied in the municipal high school Antonio Salamanca Morales and I live inCoronel.In my family we are two brothers and three sisters and I am the first toenter at University. I live with my mother and I love butterflies also I have a petnamed Amy and I hate my second name!Foreign languages I know:The foreign languages I know are the English and French, because in my HighSchool taught us the basics of these languages with dialogues, workshops, andguides. I liked these languages so I started to study, getting very good grades as6,5 and 6,7.In the tests of the beginning of the year at University I knew my levels of English,honestly I never realized a test of those so my surprise was great when I was sawin a very basic level, something contrary to what happened in high school where Istood out from the rest of my classmates.These results in the interview were:Nivel scoreA1 46 KETKET: recognizes the capacity of understanding of written and spoken English at a basiclevel.
  2. 2. Levels of English that I have thought were:B1 in listening. A2 in oral expression.A2 in reading comprehension. B1 in writing.B1 in oral interaction.I use these strategies for reading comprehension:Strategies I use before reading:. I think about the cover, title and topic.. I ask questions.. I skim the pictures, charts and graphs.. I think about what I know about the topic.Strategies I use during reading:. I stop and check to see if I understand what I’m reading.. I make mental pictures.. I identify confusing parts.. I identify unfamiliar words.. I reread to understand confusing parts and unfamiliar words.. I record an unfamiliar word that I can’t figure out.. I use pictures, graphs and charts to help me understand confusing parts.. I stop and retell to check what I remember.. I predict and adjust as I read.. I raise questions and read for answers.
  3. 3. Strategies I use after reading:. I reread favorite parts.. I reread to find details.. I picture characters, places and ideas.. I predict what might happen to a character if the story continued.I think the factors that can help me to learn English are: the use of books as basicgrammar, straightforward, also make a kind of pocket dictionary where I write thesewords I do not understand, besides the multiple strategies mentioned as:.Metacognitive strategies..Use the sense..Use the organizational skills..Use a variety of resources.. Use the reading strategy.. Make the most of my predominant learning style.The factors I think have prevented me from learning English are:I think that one of the most important factors in my English learning has been themusic also when I was in high school I had for a year a really good English teacherwho pushed me to learn more and improve my skills.
  4. 4. My predominant learning style:I am visual.My strategic plan to be successful as a language learnerMy plan would be study every night one hour ormore, a lot of practice inpronunciation andpay attention in class and read books in English with pictures.What I think I can do in English at this stageNow I can/ I can’t:ListeningI can understand numbers.I can understand classroom instructions.I can understand greetings.I can understand social conversations on different topics.I can understand a short interview.I can understand a description of a person.I can understand simple phone conversation.I CANT understand general and specific information in phone conversationsbecause my English is just basic and I don’t know the meaning of some words.I can understand in a conversation.I can understand a conversation about a practical problem.I can understand the sequence of events in a story.I can understand the main ideas in an interview.I can understand people talking about experiences and events in the past.
  5. 5. Speaking:I can introduce myself.I can ask and answer questions about nationality and age.I can talk about my favorite activities.I can describe someone.I can agree and disagree with a suggestion.I can talk about feelings.I can order food and drink a restaurant.I can ask for things in a shop because.I CAN’T make invitations and respond to invitations because I never made aninvitation in English.I CAN’T give reasons for my opinions because I get very nervous when I amtalking.Reading:I can understand a short article.I can understand the sequence of events in an article.I can understand the main ideas in a short article.I can find the information I need in an article.I CAN’T understand details in an article because sometimes I don’t know themeaning of some words.I can guess the meaning of words in an article.I CAN’T understand the main idea of each paragraph in an article because I onlyunderstand the general idea of the text.Writing:I can complete form.I can give personal information about myself in an email.
  6. 6. I can write about my future works plans.I can write a thank you note.I can write a card for a special occasion.I can write an invitation.I can give someone advice in a letter.I can write about my town or city.My feelings and needs about English language learning-I find it quite difficult to learn a language.-I think that the most important thing in learning a language is to be able to speak.-the most difficult thing for me is speaking.-I would like to improve my pronunciation.Needs analysisEnglish is important for me because: Since small I wanted to learn anotherlanguage.I will need English in the future to: travel to another country and teach thislanguage to other.I speak three languages. (1= just a little, 5 = fluently)Language Spanish English FrenchSpeaking 12345 12345 12345Writing 12345 12345 12345Listening 12345 12345 12345Reading 12345 12345 12345Number of year 14 years 7 years 2 yearsstudiedThese things are very important for me: Important
  7. 7. Not Quite Very Describe people and things X Tell a story X Express opinions and discuss topics X Participate in meetings X Make presentations X Socialize in English X Reserve hotels or book tickets X Order food in restaurants X Receive visitors X Read newspaper and magazine articles X Make telephone calls X Read business or technical texts X Read for enjoyment X Understand information on the internet X Understand presentations X Understand movies and TV programmes X Write and read notes and memos X Write and read emails X Write and read personal letters X Write and read busines letters X Pass an exam XThe expectations I have of this course and this career is very good because I have spoken highly ofthe teachers and of course at University, so I hope this course will serve to improve my English andbe in the future an excellent teacher, as I love English and love teaching! Me and some friends at University.