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What do you want for christmas


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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What do you want for christmas

  1. 1. TV
  2. 2. clothes
  3. 3. MP3 player
  4. 4. jewellery
  5. 5. Perfume/aftershave
  6. 6. Toys
  7. 7. Hi __________ what do you want for christmas?I would like _________ and ____________Ok do you know where i can get them from?Go to the __________ near the _____________Do you know how much they will cost?The ________will cost_______ and the _________ will cost____Do you know what _________ wants?They said they wanted____________Thanks and merrry christmas!
  8. 8. Hello , i would like to buy a __________________ for my______________Of course sir/madam here it is.Thankyou, how much is this?Thats______________RMBThats very cheap/expensive, do you have change?Yes sir/madam one moment, you gave me ___________ RMB thiscosts__________, so i will give you_____________Thank you very much merry christmasMerry christmas