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Physics in motion concept


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Concept presentation of our serious game 'Physics in Motion', which is aimed at the elimination of misconceptions concerning motion.

Published in: Education
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Physics in motion concept

  1. 1. Erik van den Boogaard Tjeerd Schoonderwoerd
  2. 2. Why? • Misconceptions are widespread • Misconceptions are hard to change • Lower discrepancy theory & practice
  3. 3. What? • Serious game to eliminate misconceptions about physics • Focused at showing and explaining situation • Aimed at middle school pupils (early start = important)
  4. 4. • After Effects & Ximpel • Interactive by letting users: -> predict -> observe -> state correct answer -> explain (video, minimize text) How? (1)
  5. 5. • Increasing difficulty: singular → multiple concepts • Discussion in class • Experiment with new knowledge • Test/score? • Do try this at home • Real-life examples (from Youtube) How? (2)