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Digital Portfolio


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Digital Portfolio

  1. 1. Freehand Sketch & PhotoshopLogo DesignCreated for an original cosplay café design. (Tidbit: cosplay, which originated in Japan, is short for “costume play.” Waitresses at a cosplaycafé would be dressed up as their favorite cartoon/anime characters as they serve their guests.)
  2. 2. Fl oor Pl an AutoCAD with Marker & PencilRendered plan for a combinationcafé/reading lounge within thecosplay café.
  3. 3. AutoCAD with Marker & PencilEl evat ionsDesigns for three of the walls within the cosplay café.
  4. 4. Space Pl anningFloor plan solution for a multi-use tenant/commercial space. AutoCAD
  5. 5. AutoCAD, PhotoshopEl evat ions *Note: drawings are not shown to scale.Renderings of the north and south walls of the multi-use tenant/commercial space.
  6. 6. El evat ionsRenderings of the east and west walls of themulti-use tenant/commercial space. AutoCAD, Photoshop*Note: drawings are not shown to scale.
  7. 7. Fl at boar dsFurnishings and materials for themulti-use tenant/commercialspace. Photoshop
  8. 8. Adj acency/Cr it er iaM r ix atA combination adjacency-criteriamatrix used to formulate a solutionfor a multi-use tenant/commercial Microsoft Excelspace.
  9. 9. Specif icat ionsExample of a product specification for themulti-use tenant/commercial space. Microsoft Excel
  10. 10. Original ResultPhot o M ch at Marker & Colored PencilA re-creation of a magazinephotograph using markerand colored pencil.
  11. 11. Foam Core, Paper, TransparenciesModelPhysical model of a jewelrystore for a team project.Front view.
  12. 12. Foam Core, Paper, TransparenciesModelPhysical model of a jewelrystore for a team project.Side view.
  13. 13. AutoCAD & PhotoshopEl evat ionsSolution to a bathroom remodel.
  14. 14. Per spect iveA computer renderingof the bathroom Google SketchUpremodel.
  15. 15. MarkerPer spect iveRenderings of a solution to a multi-functional condo space.
  16. 16. Case Piece/Chair Hand Drafting, Marker & PencilA final presentation board showingdrawings, renderings and materialselections for an original chair/casepiece design—a love seat with abuilt-in shelving unit.
  17. 17. Dr af t ingA manual-drafted blue line drawingof an existing floor plan. Hand Drafting
  18. 18. Layout SketchUp, Marker, PhotoshopCover page for finalschool design project:Basil, a combinationrestaurant-retail store.Perspective of maindining area, featuringterraced herb planters.
  19. 19. Concept ual St udies SketchUp, Marker, PhotoshopInitial concept sketch ofrestaurant exterior andbubble diagram showingspatial relations.
  20. 20. Fl oor Pl anFloor plan showing layout of Basil’stwo-story design. With generalnotes. AutoCAD*Note: drawing not shown to scale.
  21. 21. El ect r ical /RCPReflected ceiling plan showing ceiling lightingand structural details. Labeled with ceilingheights. AutoCAD*Note: drawing not shown to scale.
  22. 22. El evat ionTechnical drawing of west end of restaurant with vaulted *Note: drawing not shown to scale.ceiling. Dimensioned with materials tags shown. AutoCAD
  23. 23. Per spect ive &Col or Boar dRendering of a waiting area in Marker; Photoshopan oceanfront clubhouse.Corresponding color board.
  24. 24. Space Pl anningA redesigned plan for a condo.*Note: drawing is not shown to scale. AutoCAD
  25. 25. MarkerEl evat ionsDrawings of the studio room from the condo project. *Note: drawings are not shown to scale.
  26. 26. El evat ionsAdditional drawings ofthe studio room from thecondo project. Marker*Note: drawings are notshown to scale.
  27. 27. Fl at boar dFurnishings & materialsfor the condo project. Photoshop
  28. 28. Original 1 Resulting BlendPhot o Manipul at ionA blending and manipulation of two photographsfound on the internet. Created to depict a concept foran urban location within a fictional world. Photoshop Original 2
  29. 29. Thank You!
  30. 30. Design Phil osophy:I believe that design should make the complex simple, the chaotic organized, the bland morebeautiful, and the impractical more functional. As I gain more experience, I hope to bring thesequalities into the spaces of future clients.Sim e . . . Or ganized . . . Beaut if ul . . . & Funct ional . pl