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Gaurav Ism Pulse 2010


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Gaurav Ism Pulse 2010

  1. 1. Integrated Service Management Managing the World’s Infrastructure in a Smarter Planet
  2. 2. Technology is Driving Change and Creating Opportunity Transistors per Global cellular service:2 human:1 2007: 3.3 billion connections 2001: 60 million 64% of users are in emerging markets 2010: One billion 2010 (Q1): 4 billion connections Smart Sensors:5 RFID Tags:³ Tags:³ “…nearly “…nearly half of all sensors used Nearly 4 trillion RFID events for critical measurements across transmitted each day transportation, facilities & production equipment are now smart sensors.” Cyber Attacks:4 2007: 37k on US government / private sector 158% increase in cyber attacks since 2006 Sources: 1) IBM Global Technology Outlook 2) GSM Association 3) Nilson Report 2007 4) US Department of Homeland Security 5) ARC Advisory Group
  3. 3. But Systems and Infrastructure are Reaching a Breaking Point Inefficient Systems Outdated Processes 70 cents per dollar $40B annual loss spent on maintenance due to supply chain inefficiencies $11.5 billion worth of produce is 45% traffic circling wasted in India because of outdated looking for parking in NYC post-harvest infrastructure Wasted Resources 85% idle 2.9 billion gallons computing capacity of gasoline wasted annually due to congested roadways
  4. 4. Yet the approach for managing this complexity remains the same  Silo-based monitoring  Excel-based asset tracking process  Security= Anti-virus+Firewall  Tape-based back-up
  5. 5. The need for efficiency and superior service from IT Operations is more critical then ever. How can I improve the How can I improve customers' experience the productivity of IT with our business Operations staff? services? How do I manage a virtualized datacenter How can I simplify the number of tools used to manage IT Operations?
  6. 6. INTEGRATED SERVICE MANAGEMENT INSTRUMENTED VISIBILITY Integrated Service Management enables delivery of innovative services by providing Visibility. Control. Automation.TM across INTERCONNECTED business infrastructure. CONTROL INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION
  7. 7. Service architectures tailored by industry Service lifecycle management Service dashboards Unified management of service requests and incidents Asset management Automated management
  8. 8. Integrated Service Management- Across Industries IT/ITES Transportation Healthcare Telecommunications Life Science BFSI Aerospace Manufacturing Government
  9. 9. 9 How does Tivoli relate to Business Service S e r v ic e M a n a g e m e n t P l a t f o r m Experience Dependencies Real-time Transaction Performance, Service Status, and 2 Relationship and Discovery Data – CCMDB, Asset, Inventory, Network Mgmt, BPEL 3 End-User & Service Experience - 1 IBM Service Monitor Management Business Metrics 4 Any Event or Fault from Any Source Business Support Data – Incidents, Call Records, 6 E xe c ut e Mo ni to r Billing Data, Process dependencies, Revenue, e Pl an and Risk Analysis data lyz Ana 5 a Actions Views What’s happening Impact Analysis, Task Business Views: SLM/SLA, Rev$$, Health, Customer What actions do we Automation, Config, with the Provisioning, Activation, Operational Views: RCA, take to correct the Compliance, Impact infrastructure? and Orchestration Analysis, Incident Mgmt. problems? 9
  10. 10. Integrated Service Management Solves Customer Problems Only IBM delivers quantifiable benefits whatever the challenge Vale, World's 2nd Largest Mining Harley Davidson Company  Globally integrated its IT Management  Leveraging IBM to achieve Pro-active Operation maintenance for 1.2 Million assets at 52 sites  Recorded savings of $25 million over 5 years  Support real-time data collection from legacy to RFID interfaces  201% Return on Investment Bharti Airtel Swiss Re, leading global re-insurer Leveraged IBM Integrated Service  Secured Sign-on Framework Management to  20 ID’s per user reduced to one single-  Improved scalability, flexibility by sign-on consolidating 40 change processes into 1  User account provisioning time reduced  Support regulatory compliance from 2 days to < 1 hour IBM Toronto Labs, through According to IDC, client using IBM's automation network management tools  Reduced provisioning processes from Realize annual benefit of $24 million per 25 to 5 year Freed-up 7 person-years of developers' Reduced capital expenditures by 1.3 time million annually Recorded 305% return on its initial investment
  11. 11. Reducing expenses and IBM’s internal adoption of Cloud driving innovation at IBM Without cloud With cloud $3.4M annual expense $1.03M annual expense Business challenge: Liberated funding for transformation  Reduce operational expenses and New Development investment or direct capital investment saving  Deliver end-user services with New development (for business- elastic scaling Software and other costs enabling Strategic capabilities)12 change Deployment (1-time) capacity Smarter Software Helped: Labor costs (operations & Software and other  Reduce labor expenses by 81% maintenance) costs Annual  Capital depreciation savings of 92% Labor cost Depreciation (and ( - 80.7 percent) cost of  On-demand self-service operation amortization) Depreciation (- 79.0  Ubiquitous network access ( - 91.6 percent) percent)  Location independent resource pooling Note: 5-year depreciation period with 5 percent discount rate  Pay per use pricing model
  12. 12. Reducing Software License Cost at KPIT Cummins Business Challenges  Reduce software license and IT costs  Inability to verify license compliance  Managing unnecessary licenses in a resource constrained environment. Smarter Software Helped  Reduce Software Cost & Mitigate Risk  Pinpoint under utilized software  Avoid over purchasing  Mitigate risk and fines due to failed license compliance and audits  Increased negotiating power with software vendors  Alignment of software usage with end-user needs
  13. 13. Aligning Business and IT to Enhance Business Efficiency at BPCL Challenges • Problem resolution becoming time-consuming; making C- Sat scores dip • High costs associated with increased skill requirements and maintaining quality services • High cost per incident with absence of escalation & notification matrix Smart Moves • Align IT operations with line of business through service level management with Tivoli Service Management Solutions • Streamline incident and problem management processes for more rapid service restoration • Optimize productivity of service desk personnel and increase end-user satisfaction • Associate cost to IT service offerings and manage consumption
  14. 14. Reduce impact of data growth with continual improvements in scalability at IGL Business Challenges: • Ever-increasing data growth • Need for 24X7 availability of mission-critical applications • Manual and adhoc data-back-up process Smart Moves: Leveraged Tivoli Storage Manager to: • Deliver cost-effective archival storage solutions that control data growth, enable scale-out, and provide long-term preservation • Reduce infrastructure costs; management / admin costs and operating costs • Improve Service Levels • Reduce the amount of data at risk • Improve data/application availability • Recover faster from data disasters
  15. 15. Thank You Gaurav Agarwal, Tivoli Business Unit Executive