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Why Use Secure File Sharing


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Increasingly, security-minded organizations block employees from using consumer-grade services and physical mediums to share sensitive company information - and with good reason.

A secure file sharing and collaboration solution, TitanFile puts security concerns like this to rest.

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Why Use Secure File Sharing

  1. 1. Why use Secure File Sharing?Increasingly, security-minded organizations block employees fromusing consumer-grade services and physical mediums to sharesensitive company information - and with good reason.• In 2011, 174 million records were Bottom line compromised by data breaches1 Organizations require control over and knowledge• While 95% of data breaches in 2011 of their data services, but this is often sacrificed originated from external sources, 55,493 when using consumer-grade methods. records were compromised by internal agents - either knowingly or unknowingly1• 81% of data breaches were a result of hacking1• With basic controls, 97% of data breaches could have been avoided1• 85% of data breaches took weeks or more to discover1• Over 60% of enterprises will use a Why make the switch? cloud computing service by 20132 There are many reasons to choose a secure,• Few organizations are aware of data online file sharing provider. Email is not always breaches even after they have occurred effective. Many email systems place limits on file - most find out through a third party1 size, forcing senders and recipients to use• Not just large organizations are affected; unauthorized third party services. Too often, small organizations are increasingly email accounts fall prey to phishing scams and becoming victims of data breaches1 viruses, compromising confidential data.• Financial motives remain the most Smartphones are also becoming increasingly prominent reason for data breaches1 common in the workplace, serving as not only a communication tool, but a means• 47% of enterprises plan to increase for data storage. Theft and loss of devices their security budgets in 20132 occurs frequently, again leaving data readily accessible to outside parties. If 1. Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report: http://www.verizonbusiness. com/resources/reports/rp_data-breach-investigations-report-2012_en_xg.pdf employees are choosing USB drives, they 2. Verizon 2013 Business-Tech Trends: http://www.verizonbusiness.com/resourc- es/info/2013_business_tech_trends.pdf too are easily misplaced or stolen.www.titanfile.com + 1 855 315-6012 | sales@titanfile.com Copyright © 2013 TitanFile
  2. 2. Why use Secure File Sharing?Using unsecured methods to share documentsallows for sensitive information to be storedat the viewer’s descretion. This opensthe door for lax security standards andunauthorized document changes. Do notopen your organization up to these risks.Even organizations that are often considered transfer with end-to-end encryption. Ourimmune to data breaches are susceptible to reporting function provides an audit trail forthe same perils. Regardless of business size or each file within the system, allowing for easyindustry, if you’re handling sensitive information data tracking - confirm who accessed the file,you are at risk. Protect yourself accordingly. and the exact moment it entered their hands. With the increasing emphasis on privacy laws, organizations are held even more accountable for the data they have both accessed and released digitally. TitanFile helps you remain compliant with industry- wide demands, while providing you with a trusted method to work collaboratively.How TitanFile helps A secure file sharing and collaborationHow we conduct business is changing. Remote solution, TitanFile puts security concernsemployees and a push for knowledge sharing to rest. Contact us today to find outmeans that organizations need a tool that allowsthem to collaborate with both co-workers and how we can benefit your business.external parties.Cloud-based, TitanFile bypasses the risksof easily misplaced USB drives and papercopies, and instead offers real-time filewww.titanfile.com + 1 855 315-6012 | sales@titanfile.com Copyright © 2013 TitanFile