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What's Your SEO Strategy? Best SEO Practices in 2014 to Live By


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The SEO techniques that just work in 2014. If you are just getting into SEO or marketing your business online, this short presentation will tell you what is working now in SEO and what you can do to improve your online visibility.

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What's Your SEO Strategy? Best SEO Practices in 2014 to Live By

  1. 1.  What is SEO? Practice of using online strategies to improve your site visibility and rankings on search engines  Facts about SEO: ◦ 85% of internet traffic is driven through Search Engines ◦ 75% never scroll past the first page of results ◦ Attracting a loyal audience to your website is best achieved through top search engine listings Position Link Optimize Content pages Keywords Ranks SEOBulldog | Tyson Downs | / (801) 871- 9099 1
  2. 2.  SEO Factors contributing to Optimal Ranking URL Factor • • • Search Engine Friendly URLS Site Structure Domain Life Span On-Page Factor • • • • • • Title Tag Header Tag Alt Image Tag Hyperlink Text MetaTag Keyword Density Off-Page Factor • • • Inbound Links from Directories Online Press Releases Blogs, RSS Feeds and more Social Factor • • • Likes Ratings Reviews SEOBulldog | Tyson Downs | / (801) 871- 9099 2
  3. 3. Use of SEO by your competitors will help them appear before you on Google and get all those hits that can lead to sales, even if your services and prices are better !! Bring your website to the top ranking in Search Engine Get Better ROI than the normal Ads Get higher brand Credibility Take your business to the next level Have access to Customer’s data Millions of websites on the web, make yourself stand out Traffic Get permanent results unlike ads Good Conversion Rate More Sales/ Leads SEOBulldog | Tyson Downs | / (801) 871- 9099 3
  4. 4.  Content Marketing is bigger than ever ◦ Advantages of a good content strategy include: • •  Social signals from regular sharing and engagement • Blog Regular, helpful content targeted at your audience Freshness or signs that your site is alive and growing Media Coverage Social Media plays an increasingly visible role ◦ Today diversification is a major trend: no longer enough to be active on a single network ◦ Google’s updates are likely to increasingly rely on social signals Newsletter Content Management & Social Media Tactics Video Local & Mobile Content Contributed articles Social Networks & Media Email Marketing SEOBulldog | Tyson Downs | / (801) 871- 9099 4
  5. 5.  Investment in Google+ ◦ Its going to be critically important to invest in your Google+ ◦ The immediate areas of focus include:  Establishing Google Authorship of your content, and tying it to your Google + account  Google+ is a major factor in the “social signals” component of Google’s algorithm  Mobile SEO- Hummingbird was just the tip of the Mobile Iceberg! ◦ 2014 will be the year of mobile SEO ◦ Your site’s mobile performance matters to your SEO ranking ◦ Properties to be ranked need to be designed first for mobile and then scaled up for the big screen  Guest Blogging remains one of the most effective tactics ◦ One of the most effective means of building quality , traffic and branding exposure SEOBulldog | Tyson Downs | / (801) 871- 9099 5
  6. 6.  Google is by far the most dominant search engine Emergence of continued Google Algorithm updates Google Panda • • Filter designed to identify the low quality pages Provides better rankings for high quality sites Google Penguin • • Goal- to decrease rankings for sites that violate Google’s quality guidelines Decreases keyword stuffing, over optimization and unusual linking patterns Exact Match Domain Update • • Google targeted commercial phrases with this update Link profiles should have 70% or more brad anchor text, company name, URL as anchor text SEOBulldog | Tyson Downs | / (801) 871- 9099 6
  7. 7.   Page Layout Update ◦ Google targeted pages with too many ads “above the fold” Knowledge Graph Update ◦ Added knowledge Graph functionality to non-English queries, enhanced KG  Universal Search ◦  Integrated traditional search results with News, Video, Images, Local, and other verticals Google Hummingbird ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ The latest core of the search engine Content needs to be richer & satisfy Intent Authorship matters Content marketing on your own site, is the key Combine Social Media with SEO Introduced capability to understand conversational search queries SEOBulldog | Tyson Downs | / (801) 871- 9099 7
  8. 8.  Create unique, accurate page titles ◦ Indicate page titles by using title ◦ Create unique title tags for each page ◦ Use brief, but descriptive titles  Make use of the “description” meta tag ◦ A page’s description meta tag gives google a summary of what the page is about ◦ Accurately summarize the page’s content ◦ Use unique descriptions for each page  Improve the structure of your URLs ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  Simple – to- understand URLs will convey content information easily Use relevant words in URLs Create a simple directory structure Provide one version of a URL to reach a document Make your site easier to navigate ◦ Navigation of a website is important in helping visitors quickly find the content they want ◦ Navigation should be planned out based on the home page ◦ Create a naturally flowing hierarchy ◦ Use mostly text for navigation ◦ Put an HTML site map page on your site ◦ Have a useful 404 page SEOBulldog | Tyson Downs | / (801) 871- 9099 8
  9. 9.  Offer quality content and services ◦ Write easy to read text ◦ Stay organized around the topic ◦ Create content primarily for the users, not search engines  Write better anchor text ◦ Choose descriptive text ◦ Write concise text ◦ Format links so that they are easy to spot  Optimize the use of images ◦ Supply alt text when using images as links ◦ Supply an image sitemap file  Use heading tags appropriately ◦ Use headings like an outline ◦ Use headings sparingly across the page  Notify Google of mobile sites ◦ Configure mobile sites so that they can be indexed accurately ◦ Verify that your mobile site is indexed by Google  Promote your website in the right ways ◦ Know about social media sites ◦ Reach out to those in your site’s related community SEOBulldog | Tyson Downs | / (801) 871- 9099 9
  10. 10. Anchor text of Inbound Link Keyword use in title tags Link popularity site in topical community Global link popularity of site Link Popularity within site’s internal link structure Topic Relevance of Inbound links to site Age of site SEOBulldog | Tyson Downs | / (801) 871- 9099 10