Getting Started With Your Online Presence For Small Business


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There are so many things to consider when getting your website up, when working to improve your online presence, that it can be extremely overwhelming.

In this 29 slide presentation, I'll show you how to:

Improve Your Website Visibility
Improve your Google + Local (Google Places) Listing
Get Started With Adwords
& More

Browse through it, then if you need help with your online presence, feel free to reach out to me and we'll see if we should work together.

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Getting Started With Your Online Presence For Small Business

  1. 1. THEPOWEROFTHE1ST PAGEOFGOOGLE Marketing Your Business Online Presents…| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  2. 2. WhoAmI?| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |  1st and Foremost, Father of 4, Married 13 years  Small Business Owner, NOT AN SEO/Web Design Company  Graduate of BYU, 2003  Committed to Growing Your Business, Ethically, Honestly, and Realistically  Fitness Enthusiast, Competitive Men’s Physique Competitor (like Bodybuilding), Certified Personal Trainer  SEO & Web Design Expert “I'm not an SEO company trying to impress you. What you see, is what you get. You get an SEO consultant that works with you, hand by hand... not a "canned solution" that fits all.”
  3. 3. MyPhilosophy • I believe my packages are fairly priced, and get results. • I don’t sell pipe dreams, and silver bullets. • I am the one that does the SEO, BUT, I need you to work with me on it to achieve results. • It all starts with quality of your site, IF you can take constructive feedback and make the recommended fixes to your site, we can achieve great results.| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 | The idea is simple: I want to provide you results that STICK and not having you in a constant cycle of ‘pay-me-more” to keep increasing your ranking.
  4. 4. SomeTestimonialsfromthoseI’veworked with.| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 | “Tyson did a brief website analysis for our business and provided us with honest feedback on how we can improve our on-line presence. We are in the process of implementing some of the changes and look forward to working with him in the future, as our business develops. Thank you Tyson” M. Frey, Landscape Company Owner Tyson's web analysis resulted in immediate results for us by boosting traffic and revenue with a few easy fixes. As well as long term strategic ideas to make the site more user friendly, generate more traffic, revenue and better branding. I recommend Tyson to anyone.” A. Atwood, Hospitality “Tyson is extremely talented person with great solutions on your SEO.” J. Ramos, Contractor “We were very pleased with the recommendations Tyson gave us to improve our business. He was very polite, knowledgable, & got right to the point of what needed to be brought up to speed. I would recommend him to help improve my business again.” L. Simon, Landscape Company Owner “Tyson exceeded my expectations by providing me with a customized tutorial video which clearly and efficiently explained his recommendations. I was impressed with Tyson's ability to explain technical concepts in a simple, understandable, and accessible way. He is very reliable and works hard to help others succeed!” J. Hocking, Attorney
  5. 5. WhyMarketOnline? • Recent studies have shown that 86% of consumers who use Internet search engines to find a local product or service follow up with a phone call or in-store visit. And 61% of those end up making their purchase offline. As a small business owner, that means you can no longer afford to take your chances with traditional mailers or phone book ads that may or may not be working. Whyisitimportantforyou? • Simply put, if you aren’t online or have a poor web presence, you are missing out on these customers. • It is imperative to go where your customers are-online. Don’t be intimidated. You can either learn it or hire a professional.| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  6. 6. ONLINEMARKETINGMETHODS • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, etc) • Recent study showed 42% of business owners were discovered 25% of the time online through their website or Social Media. • SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the practice of increasing your presence online. • Map Listing Optimization (Primarily Google + Local) • PPC (pay per click-paid ads online) • Craigslist, Backpage, etc. Howimportantisthe1st pageofGoogle? • It is estimated that 80% of people searching for something online don’t go past the 1st page. • The first organic search result gets around 30-35% of the clicks. • If you aren’t on the 1st page of Google, it is like PAYING for a BILLBOARD and putting it up in the desert.| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  7. 7. Let’sgetstarted… YOURWEBSITE • Is it easy to navigate? • Is it consistent with the same colors, appropriate graphics and fonts? • Is it simple & easy on the eyes? • Can customers easily find your contact info? • Why YOU? What is your unique selling point? • When was it last updated? • And that’s only the beginning… | Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  8. 8. InorderforGoogletoFindYou,YouMust HaveProperlySetUpOnSiteSEO The Basic’s of ON Site SEO includes: • Content: Content is KING. You must have relevant, appropriate, adequate, high quality content. • Page Title: Chocolate Donuts | Mary’s Bakery • Meta Description: Mary’s Bakery’s chocolate donuts are possibly the most delicious, perfectly formed, flawless donuts ever made. • H1 Headline: Chocolate Donuts from Mary’s Bakery • Page URL: • Title Tags: The main text that describes the website. Most important on page SEO factor after content.| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  9. 9. ExampleofONSITESEO| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  10. 10. AWebsiteisAWebsite,right? Not exactly. On Page Optimization? It enables a new form of sharing online making it much more “life-like”| Salt Lake City, UT| 801.871.9099|
  11. 11. Continued….. POOR ON SITE OPTIMIZATION| Salt Lake City, UT| 801.871.9099|
  12. 12. Greatinfo…Butwhyisthis importantformybusiness?| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 | If you skimped on your website, and either went with the lowest bidder, OR, built it yourself, chances are it has NOT been coded correctly and no matter what you do it will never rank high in search results. ON SITE SEO is paramount to ranking your website!!! If your on site SEO is poor, GET IT FIXED before you do ANYTHING ELSE!
  13. 13. How Google+ Local Pages Impact Your Business| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  14. 14. What is Google+Local  A Local Business listing center introduced by Google to replace Google Places pages  Show up in the search results when consumers search for local products and services  Makes it easy for businesses to socialize with their customers and prospects to increase sales  Makes it easy for consumers to find local businesses, as well as rate and review their favorite local businesses| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  15. 15. Google+LocalSearchResults Here’s a sample of search engine results when user enters “Las Vegas Landscaper” into Google:| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  16. 16. Google+LocalOptimizedPage
  17. 17. Google+LocalNon-Optimized Page
  18. 18. HowcanIuseGoogle+Local? Google+ Local Business Page • Customer Connection • Google+ Circles • Status Updates • Follow People in your Circle • +1 Button Display • Customer Promotion • Daily “hot” Deal • Monthly Special • Customer Interaction • Interaction on G+ Page • Comments • +1’s (Help’s Search Engine Result Rankings) • Prizes / Interactive Promotions Google+ Local Analytics • View Clicks • View Impressions • View Search Queries| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  19. 19. AdvantagesofGoogle+Local? 7 Advantages of using Google+ Local 1. Online advertising is the way of the future, and it will soon replace paper phone directory listings that cost thousands of dollars per year. 2. Google Places is free. 3. Your business listing can appear on the first page of Google. 4. You can offer discounts and coupons for one day, one week, or one month.| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 | 5. Your website, physical mailing address, and your phone number are displayed in your listing, which allows customers to find you more quickly and to get the information they need. 6. Mobile phone users can find your business listing immediately, and they don’t need a computer to do it. 7. You will receive more traffic and new customers by increasing your online presence.
  20. 20. HowdoIsetup&OPTIMIZEGoogle+Local? • Prior to completing your listing, gather these 3 pieces of information: • Keywords • Competing Businesses • Sponsored Ad Results • Set up a Gmail Account at • Go to & add business listing & follow the steps. • It is critical to use keywords in your description. • Photo’s and Video’s PROPERLY OPTIMIZED help Tremendously!| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 | • Optimal Set Up Includes: • Citations, Social Media Links, pictures, videos, other business listing claimed, geeky stuff such as KML/Geositemap, Schema- formatted citations, pictures and videos with a strong call to action, all internet profiles are consistent and linked together, etc. • You will receive more traffic and new customers if you properly set up your Google + Local page and optimize it for the search engines.
  21. 21. Google AdWords, Be on the 1st Page of Google in 24 hours!| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  22. 22. What is GoogleAdwords? It is easiest if I just show you….| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  23. 23. Icanseethevalue…ButIhow wouldIdothis?| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 | "Google AdWords increased our site traffic by 400%.“ ---------------------------------------------------------FIRSTCRUSH.COM
  24. 24. How doesGoogleAdwordswork? Google Adwords Getting Started • Google Provides a Phone number and account manager for you to work with for FREE. • Research • Determine the appropriate keywords to use • Choose A Budget • Set a campaign & daily budget • Monthly Special • Test, Test, Test! • Have Multiple Campaigns going • Determine the most effective campaign Google Adwords, Good Information to Know • You pay per click on your ad • You can see the average cost per click after logging into Adwords & clicking on Traffic Estimator • More competitive industries have a higher cost to advertise. • YOUR AD CAN BE ON THE 1st PAGE OF GOOLGE WITHIN MINUTES!| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  25. 25. Wanna see what your competition is doing? Go to, put in your main keyword, and bingo:| Salt Lake City, UT | 801.871.9099 |
  26. 26. InSummary,here’swhatyouneedtodo… • Have your ON SITE SEO checked to make sure the coding on your site is set up properly. • There are many free on web graders out there that can do it, alternatively I can do it for you as well. • Be sure that your website is aesthetically pleasing, flows smoothly, and offers a good user experience. • Set up & PROPERLY OPTIMIZE your Google + Local Page. • Go to to see what your competition is doing, and get ad ideas. • Watch Google Adword tutorial videos that are available once you create your account. • And that’s only the beginning… | Salt Lake City, UT| 801.871.9099|
  27. 27. Whatwilldoingthis meanto me? It will allow your target customer to quickly and easily find YOUR business when they want to BUY. Remember the statistic from the beginning?  86% of consumers who use Internet search engines to find a local product or service follow up with a phone call or in-store visit. And 61% of those end up making their purchase offline. These are RED HOT leads, YOU ARE MISSING OUT on them if you aren’t on the first page of Google.  Invest in your online marketing, and it will pay dividends.| Salt Lake City, UT| 801.871.9099|
  28. 28. Tyson,ThisSoundsGreat,ButI’maDentist, oraChiropractor,oranAttorney,Idon’t knowthisstuff…. • The way I look at it you have 3 options: • 1) Do nothing and see your business decline. • 2) Learn how to do it. • 3) Hire a professional. • If your answer is #1 above, then good luck. • If your answer is #2 above, then great! Be sure to dedicate yourself fully to learning SEO, Web Design, Online Marketing, etc. It is like a workout & diet program. You get out what you put in. Be prepared to spend hours and hours learning methods and implementing them. • If your answer is #3, then consider SEOBulldog by Tyson. • I work with you to make recommendations based on my years of experience. • I give real results. I treat your business like it is mine because in part, how well I do for you directly affects how well I can provide for my family.| Salt Lake City, UT| 801.871.9099|
  29. 29. IfIcanhelp,here’smyinfo…| Salt Lake City, UT| 801-871-9099| Tyson Downs Owner, SEOBulldog 801-871-9099-office 801-783-8383-cell (text) Tydowns20-skype Connect with me on