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Titan Technology Branding

  1. 1. ‫מיתוג ועיצוב לתחום ההיי-טק‬Technology & Communications Brandingwww.TitanBrandWise.com michal@titan.co.il ‫לפרטים נוספים צרו עימנו קשר 6367165-30 או‬
  2. 2. Your Partner for Growth
  3. 3. r Service Provide PC Operator camera Laptop without mera Laptop with ca Scopia 1000 scopia 100Scopia Server Modem Telepresence IP Phone Server Directory r Application Serve Scopia Gatway r Database Serve Processi Advanced Video Properties e Samsung mobil SVC + endpoint webcam SVC + webcam SVC 00 Scopia elite 51 HD Voice PBX Server + firewall Access Gateway Video IVR Dashboard Site 1 Headquarters iView Suit r- Management Presence Serve VideoPhone
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  5. 5. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THANK YOU for purchasing the VC240, and welcome to the world of High Definition video communications! This guide will show you new ways to enjoy this breakthrough in visual communications - High Definition video conferencing. The VC240 can communicate with any standards-based video conferencing device and by adding RADVISION’S SCOPIA video conferencing infrastructure you open yourself up to a world of great new features. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity.BREAKING THE BARRIERS REMOTE IS NOW WITH THE VC240 MUCH CLOSER • HD Conferencing from Anywhere • Supports PC and Mac • No Complex License Fees Remote users no longer need to feel remote. Using RADVISION’S SCOPIA Desktop and a simple web browser plug-in on a PC or Mac they need not miss a meeting. Any SCOPIA desktop user can share voice, video or data without geographical limit, licensing fees, installation issues and firewalls.
  6. 6. Real Security. In Real Time.
  7. 7. Languages Site Map Contact Us Log-in Search: Search Company Products Solutions Partners News & Events Resources Web Security Protect your customers with an added layer of advanced email & web defense Messaging SecurityTop zombie countries: Brazil 10.7% Turkey 9.9% Russian Federation 9.0% Latest Malware: Trojan-Spy.Win32.Zbot.gaj Troj/ Security Center Whats New In The News Commtouch Café Blog October 15, 2008 Commtouch Wins New Zombie Stats New Commtouch Report: Frost & Commtouch Lab: Data from the Spammxxx xxx ers Attempt to > European Messaging New! Commtouch Global Free Evaluation Technology > Detection Center > October 15, 2008 New Commtouch Report: Spass Attempt to > Q3 Email Threats 2008 Award.Trend Report: October 15, 2008• Microsoft/Sybri Customers Trend Report: Blended Blended Threat New Commtouch Report: Threats Continue to Q3 Email Con Spammxxx xxx ers Attempt to >• Newsletter subscription Assail Networks and ConInboxes > October 15, 2008 Inboxes > New Commtouch Report: Spammxxx xxx ers Attempt to >OEM Partner Spotlight October 15, 2008 New Commtouch Report: Spass Attempt to > October 15, 2008 New Commtouch Report: Spass Attempt to > Home | Contact Us | Site Map | Privacy Policy | © Copyright | Designed by Titan
  8. 8. Eden260V The 16 Micron Layer 3-Dimensional Printing System The 16 Micron Layer Superior accuracy, high quality and the power of a Eden260V The superior accuracy, high quality and power of a large system In a small footprint 3-Dimensional Printing System large system in a small footprint Ultra-thin-layer PolyJet™ technology • Ultra-thin-layer PolyJet™ technology Superior accuracy, high quality and the power of a large system in a small footprint 16 micron high resolution ensures smooth surfaces and fine details Tray size: 260×260×200mm • 16 micron high resolution ensures smooth surfaces and fine details High Speed and High Quality Printing Modes Wide range of materials: FullCure®720, Tango, Vero and Durus • Tray size: 260×260×200 mm 72 hours of unattended continuous printing Optimax for automation of resin handling • High Speed and High Quality Printing Modes Small footprint: 870×740×1200mm Office environment • Wide range of materials: FullCure®720, Tango, Vero and Durus Spec: • 72 hours of unattended continuous printing EDEN260V • Optimax for automation of resin handling The 16 Micron Layer 3-Dimensional Printing System Layer Thickness (Z-axis) • Small footprint: 870×740×1200 mm Horizontal build layers down to 16-micron Tray Size (X×Y×Z) • Office environment 260×260×200 mm Net Build Size (X×Y×Z) 255×255×200 mm Build Resolution info@objet.com www.objet.com
  9. 9. TechnionIsrael Institute of TechnologyInternational School of Engineering
  10. 10. You foresee. They
  11. 11. Raising the standard for the early detection of AMD Notal Vision designs and develops advanced non-invasive diagnostic solutions for the monitoring of AMD. Working in collaboration with eye care researchers and professionals, Notal Vision provides solutions that improve AMD diagnosis and management and set a new standard of eye care. Notal Vision enjoys broad financial backing and dedicates more technical resources than any other company in the field of diagnostics for the early detection of AMD. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with experienced management in both the US and Israel. Foresee PHP™ Converting high-tech expertise into tools for advanced eye care Open your eyes to better Notal Vision is positioned at the cutting edge of AMD diagnosis technology with a team of highly skilled AMD management physicians, scientists, and professionals. Notals technology enables physicians to detect the conversion from dry to wet AMD, facilitating early intervention – the key factor in protecting patients from blindness caused by the disease. Despite recent advances in AMD therapeutics, most wet AMD patients have suffered irreversible vision loss by the time they are first diagnosed with the disease. In most cases, current treatments may stop or slow the progression of AMD but do not cure or reverse loss of vision. Notals advanced technology detects changes in the macular area of the patient’s retina at the earliest stages Notal Vision™ 2006 copyrights reserved. 600D038 Foresee PHP™ Product Brochure of wet AMD, prior to vision loss. Pioneering products that preserve vision FDA cleared in the US, CE marked in Europe and approved in Japan, Notal Vision’s PHP is the first diagnostic tool to meet the need for early detection of AMD, allowing eye care professionals to offer patients the highest quality care and minimize damage caused by the disease. Envisioning a brighter future Since its launch in 2004, the PHP has been sold to eye care professionals in the US and has gained a reputation Through close collaboration with scientific research clinicians and customers, and by sponsoring as an outstanding tool for the detection of the conversion of dry to wet AMD. Notal Vision continues to ongoing clinical studies at leading medical centers, Foresee PHP™ is the second-generation PHP, now sold in the US through MSS (www.ms-services.com) and worldwide through a chain of distributors. Foresee PHP™ features an automated diagnostic exam and continuous develop state-of-the-art products with improved detection capabilities,m monitoring of visual field changes. that reduce the threat of blindness. N NOTAL VISION™
  12. 12. ‫טיטאן הינה חברת מיתוג בינלאומית המעניקה קשת רחבה של פתרונות מיתוג‬‫ועיצוב. אנו יוצרים, מפתחים ומטפחים מותגים אפקטיביים עבור חברות ומוצרים‬‫בשוק המקומי ובשווקים הגלובליים. אנו מאפשרים לך, הלקוח, ליהנות מפתרון‬‫מיתוג כולל בבית אחד, משלב בניית אסטרטגיית המותג דרך חדשנות קריאטיבית‬ ‫ועד להטמעת המיתוג בכל אמצעי התקשורת השיווקית והפנים ארגונית.‬‫‪Click here to view our full portfolio‬‬ ‫לחץ כאן לכניסה לאתר החברה‬‫לפרטים נוספים צרו עימנו קשר 6367165-30 או ‪Michal@titan.co.il‬‬