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Rapid Results CRM Brochure


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If you are looking for an out of the box, preconfigured small business CRM solution that will help you to improve your marketing, sales, and customer service processes then Rapid Results CRM is for you. Not every company is looking for an all singing, all dancing SME CRM solution, they don’t need bespoke processes, reports, or training. All they require is a system that is affordable and fast to implement; that’s why we developed Rapid Results CRM.

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Rapid Results CRM Brochure

  1. 1. An integrated and preconfigured CRM solution especially designed to help small businesses improve sales, marketing and other key processes. Quick and easy to implement and with no upfront costs, Rapid Results CRM is perfect for a company who wants a system that is affordable and delivers rapid results. D Y N A M I C S
  2. 2. Every company can benefit from the implementation of a dedicated Customer Relationship Management solution but not every enterprise needs all of the extra bells and whistles included in the more extensive software systems. It is for that exact reason that Rapid Results CRM focusses on the key Customer Relationship elements of CRM, to deliver fast results in the areas of customer experience, retention and satisfaction. What’s more, it does so without restrictive upfront costs and with an implementation process which is fast and simple to ensure that any firm who takes it up will see results almost instantly. Rapid Results CRM is an out of the box CRM solution which delivers the key benefits inherent in dedicated CRM solutions but in a package that is simpler and quicker to implement. The solution still helps companies to place customers at the centre of their business but has a number of key advantages over more wide-ranging CRM solutions, especially for smaller enterprises: • Implementation is fast and hassle free, with the solution being flexible enough to fit in with your current systems. It is also not subject to any upfront costs, and instead works with affordable monthly payments. • The package includes ongoing customer support and access to both training materials and CRM professionals to ease the implementation process even further. • All the essential CRM functionality found in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is still present and extra features and users can be added easily as time goes on. In the simplest possible terms, Rapid Results CRM is the solution for companies and enterprises who want to enjoy the key benefits of more efficient Customer Relationship Management but do not have a need for bespoke processes, reports or training. Rapid Results CRM is the solution which puts Customer Relationship Management improvements within easy reach of small and medium sized enterprises thanks to its ease of implementation and outstanding value. Introduction What is Rapid Results CRM? Who is Rapid Results CRM for?
  3. 3. Rapid Results CRM brings Customer Relationship Management solutions to companies who may have previously not had the time or budget for fully extensive systems. The fast and easy implementation process is undoubtedly a major advantage, but Rapid Results CRM does also still deliver a wide array of the benefits associated with the very best Customer Relationship Management: • Efficiency and consistency of key business processes – The system improves visibility company-wide, meaning that all departments have access to the same accurate information, as well as of one another’s activities. This allows for greater efficiency of key processes and for better cooperation between departments. • Advanced reporting and management – Rapid Results CRM empowers companies with the ability to quickly create reports and manage business performance. This enhances the firm’s capability of improving the efficiency of key processes based on up-to-date and accurate data. • Flexibility and integration – The system is by nature a flexible one which can be easily integrated with your current operation. This not only speeds up the implementation process but also means that sharing of information can go right across the board including accounts, supply chain management and so on. What are the Benefits of Rapid Results CRM?
  4. 4. Rapid Results CRM Core Features Sales • Logging information and documentation - Rapid Results CRM facilitates the logging of relevant information and documentation regarding sales results and performance in a timely and efficient manner • Opportunity and pipeline management – The end to end view of customers and prospects, from first contact to post sale, which the solution offers, allows the user to better identify and manage sales opportunities • Pipeline reporting – The greater control over the sales pipeline which comes from having accurate data at your fingertips, enhances the ability to monitor and report on said pipeline. This in turn enables companies to better tailor, alter or manage current sales strategies. Marketing • Campaign creation and management – The vital business and customer data which Rapid Results CRM makes so much more easily available can then be applied to the creation of successful marketing campaigns • Monitoring and reporting – For existing marketing campaigns, the system allows users to monitor key metrics such as campaign performance and cost per enquiry in order to stay in touch with the viability of the campaign. Customer Service • Case logging – Customer service complaints and issues, along with the user’s own response, can be logged and monitored in order to assess performance and make future improvements • Better multi-departmental response – The increased visibility for departments of what others are doing which is provided by Rapid Results CRM means that customer service professionals can quickly access all of the information they need to help a customer with any query or issue. • Monitoring performance – Caseloads, customer service response, and other factors can be tracked and monitored in order to ensure that SLAs are fulfilled.
  5. 5. Tisski Dynamics is one of Microsoft’s leading partners in the UK, and as such is dedicated to ensuring that customers receive the very best in the way of CRM solutions. Every customer is treated on an individual basis and receives personal attention, as well as enjoying the many other benefits of working with Tisski Dynamics: • Simple pay as you go pricing – Having been involved in the industry for so long, Tisski understands that restrictive set up costs are the reason why many companies have shied away from CRM solutions in the past. That’s why Rapid Results CRM doesn’t have any and instead has only a simple monthly fee. • Rapid Deployment Process – Our tried and tested deployment process ensures that your personal and individual CRM solution will be up and running and delivering benefits in a fraction of the time of some other providers’ solutions. • Customer Success Programme - We have developed a Customer Success Programme with a focus on efficiently embedding Rapid Results CRM into the day to day running of your organisation. Why Tisski Dynamics? With our long track record of embedding successful CRM solutions into all manner of enterprises, Tisski Dynamics has no doubt that Rapid Results CRM can deliver a multitude of benefits for all kinds of organisations. We do not ask you to take that as read however, and instead offer a 30 day free trial to give you the chance to experience those benefits first hand. To take advantage of that trial you simply need visit 30 Day Free Trial Visit: or give our professionals a call on: 0247 7712050
  6. 6. Tisski Dynamics has always worked with the aim of getting any new processes imbedded and integrated into a user’s operation as quickly and easily as possible. When it comes to Rapid Results CRM that is taken to a whole new level thanks to the way that the solution’s out of the box nature combines with our Rapid Deployment Process. That Rapid Deployment Process means that your own dedicated Customer Success Engineer will work with you from day one all the way through to the completion of the implementation process. Your Customer Success Engineer will take you through a tried and tested 4 step process: Implementation and Training
  7. 7. You choose the Key Business Drivers that the project will focus on Together we walk through a customised solution for your industry We agree your configuration and data migration requirements We configure your system to meet your requirements We review the configured system together to make sure you’re happy We create data migration templates for your system You add your data to the templates We migrate your data into your new system We agree a training schedule for your users Your users attend live web-training sessions on your new system Your users are ready to go-live with your new system STAGE ONE: SCOPE STAGE TWO: CONFIGURE STAGE THREE: MIGRATE STAGE FOUR: TRAIN
  8. 8. D Y N A M I C S 0247 7712050 T : W: E : Designed for your industry - Tailored for your business