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On Becoming A Reality Architect (Not a Reality Star)


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“So you’re a Reality Architect,” a friend said to me, recently. I found the suggestion intriguing in part because I have been thinking about, What does it means to have agency in the algorithmic landscapes of the future that Kevin Slavin describes in How Algorithms Shape Our World. A Reality Architect, if it implies anything, implies a lot of agency! This talk looks at what it means to be an Reality Architect.

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On Becoming A Reality Architect (Not a Reality Star)

  1. 1. On Becoming a Reality Architect (Not a Reality Star) Tish Shute @tishshute
  2. 2. Tish Shute, Reality Architect“ She puts the reality back into augmented reality”
  3. 3. Motion Control EraStar Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Terminator, Star Trek, 2010
  4. 4. AR Gone BadAugmented (Hyper) Reality
  5. 5. Make Reality More Interesting Meet Gatsby
  6. 6. ...the reality architect versus reality star?
  7. 7. OKCupidSolving Dating Problems with Data, Math & Story Telling
  8. 8. A New Social IntelligenceOKTrends Meet Gatsby
  9. 9. The New Corporate IntelligenceQuid - “augmenting our ability to perceive this complex world”
  10. 10. Reality Architect =Data Story Teller
  11. 11. New Personal Intelligence:From Symptoms to Empowering Data
  12. 12. MoodScope Text
  13. 13. Turning Everyday Things into Opportunities to Play Green Goose
  14. 14. Habit DesignNick Crocker, “Floss the Teeth You Want to Keep”
  15. 15. “Design the Life You Love ” Ayse Birsel
  16. 16. The World is now a Platform for Story Telling. HipGeo
  17. 17. The Aesthetics of ArtificiaI IntelligenceKent Seki, Visualization/HUD supervisor on Iron Man
  18. 18. Create tools (not just maps and visualizations)to make reality more relatable, more constructable , more useable.....
  19. 19. Build technology that helps us live extraordinary lives The Situationist
  20. 20. ...and create more opportunities, for serendipity, and fun in our daily lives! Phone Toss, Finland
  21. 21. Thank You!