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Augmented twitter - open, mobile social augmented reality via ARwave


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My slides for my presentation at Jeff Pulver's 140 Characters Conference! #140conf

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Augmented twitter - open, mobile social augmented reality via ARwave

  1. 1. AUGMENTED TWITTER @tishshute @140conf Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
  2. 2. ER -  Evolutionary Reality From the Desktop, to the Magic Lens, to AR Glasses, to Hummingbird Nano Air Vehicles. The Unified Augmented View    "Augmented Reality is the zero click interface" (Anselm Hook)
  3. 3. Augmented Twitter today - we are extending existing metaphors into a hyperlocal experience with geo-notes. This way to the Tweeter! via Presselite
  4. 4. New metaphors and tribes will emerge.    Frog Concept - a virtual layer that could be used to “re-skin” the troubling outside world.
  5. 5. There are some technical and business challenges to Augmented Twitter Nirvana/Samsara.
  6. 6.   Hugh MacLeod
  7. 7. The Twitter Rebellion of 2010 (@ianb) "Discussion is not whether to launch an open federated standard," says one source, "but when." ( )
  8. 8. With federation you can keep your walled garden of data and still join the federation.
  9. 9. Federation facilitates the curation of data streams into one view to create interesting AR experiences.
  10. 10. User curation of data , not pushing data to users but users interacting with data in realtime.   Image from Matthew Buckland .
  11. 11. An Open Federated Framework for Augmented Reality Built on the open prototype of the Wave Federation Protocol – FedOne
  12. 12.   Wave Robots  create real time game dynamics, publish interaction and behavior in a distributed environment, not in one propriety game. Augmented Reality is real time & interactive - "can't cross a road by looking at snapshot of the traffic taken a minute ago!" @timoreilly
  13. 13. The Gamepocalypse - Jesse Schell's 2010 Dice Talk "The rapid advancement of sensor and computing technology will collide with human psychology to turn everything in life into a game."  Jesse Schell
  14. 14. Augmented Views, and Crowd Training the Filter. It's a whole new crowd! Your toothbrush knows how many minutes you brushed today. The fish tell you what you dumped in the river.   Amphibious Architecture – submerges ubiquitous computing into the water.   Hybrid Social Networks
  15. 15. <ul><li>    AR Wave is END to END Open     Just like HTML over HTTP </li></ul><ul><li>This means .. </li></ul><ul><li>     *Anyone can make content     *Anyone can make a browser     *Anyone can run a server  </li></ul>TweeterRay from the OpenSource Browser Gamaray
  16. 16.       ARWave For more details or to help develop this vision please visit our group:   Many thanks to core ARwave developers Davide Carnovale, @need2revolt , Markus Strickler, @kusako, & Thomas Wrobel @tishshute  
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