User Interaction Analysis - Dropbox App


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UX/Behavior Design Analysis of Dropbox App

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  • Notes: Did we find a ‘standard’ list of emotions? Are motivations we include simply our own? Assumed motivations of others?
  • Notes: If user logins and forgets password or clicks “forget password” – Can Dropbox send a push notification directly to their phone – RATHER than link to change password to user email flow that is currently standardFIND ANSWER! – we discussed last meeting – end of winter quarter 12/13 – I believeNotes: Should have initially went down “Create Account” funnel Notes: Does “wi-fi + Cell” mean with blue tooth on Dropbox can sync with other devices, i.e, my laptop if phone is in close proximity to laptop???
  • Note: Favorite Files: - Can dropbox recommend potential favorites based upon desktop dropbox usage? Most recent? Most often? Highlight content most often viewed on particular device? Phone/tablet? More photos? More 1-3pg PDF’s? Larger arrow? Make Files I may want to “STAR” prominent on this screen? Note: Enable Camera Upload: Can their also be an “Enable File Upload” – for pdf’s or powerpoints or other types of files over particular size?Assumption: More uploads means more usage? Note: Screen 4, Screen furthest Left on this slide - Is where I was guided to. Note: Next 3 screens – my navigation entailed clicking on the following button on the button panel @ bottom of screenNote: next time – click on a file and show that funnel – SO SIMILAR to desktop experience I didn’t think to while navigating app
  • Notes: IF app highlighted favorite files or encourage more sharing/upgrading - maybe would have more reason to PUSH? Note: End of Photo Upload Funnel
  • Note: Favorite Files: - Can dropbox recommend potential favorites based upon desktop dropbox usage? Most recent? Most often? Highlight content most often viewed on particular device? Phone/tablet? More photos? More 1-3pg PDF’s? Note: SETTINGS – why not more strongly encourage “TELL FRIENDS” or “UPGRADE” Note:
  • TWIN QUESTION: Review of how to input info for this “Open Loop” Framework Notes: User Action Tests? Flurry? Etc? DO USERS CLICK ON ALL 4 BUTTONS (or w/e #) on bottom of screen in app??Me: edit…3 shapes that show the loops, what is the most compelling combination at that moment that predicts behavior? Microbehavior environmentTrigger, motivation and ability rubric, 1,2,3 e.g. Trigger rubric: 3=self triggered, 2=other person I know 1= person I don’t know/ system
  • NOTES: Not sure how to edit – this is data from Reeta’s Mailbox App .PPT rubric
  • User Interaction Analysis - Dropbox App

    1. 1. Behavior Design Analysis for the Dropbox App new user onboarding - open loop Analysis conducted by The Chapa Twins
    2. 2. Behavior Design Analysis Rubric Trigger [1=there is a trigger, 0=no trigger] Self-triggered Others I like/ know System or complete stranger Ability [3=very easy,2=fairly easy,1=difficult, 0=very difficult] Time Money Physical Effort Psych Effort Social Accept Routineness Attention Motivation [3=very motivated,2=fairly motivated,1=not very motivated, 0=unmotivated] Seeking Fear/Loss Grief/Despair/Belong Anger/Rage Play/Joy Nurturing/Care Sexuality/Attraction Score using type and score value for each of MAT elements. Motivation is weighted less, according to Fogg Model that Trigger and Ability stronger correlations with behavior. Total score for each step can be charted as likelihood of behavior.
    3. 3. Trigger: Welcome page reminding me this is Dropbox –storage service Trigger: “standard” sign in Trigger: One click upload of photos Motivation: 2, intrigued – one click archiving Ability: 2, easy – unsure what difference is between “only wi-fi” and “wi-fi +cell” Motivation: 2, anticipation for accessing files easily Ability: 2, click on the “Next” button - why so small? User Action: Clicks “Next” Motivation: 2, motivated to sign in Ability: 2, do I remember my password? Primary button is “Sign In” User Action: Inputs credentials, clicks “Sign In” User Action: Clicks ”only w-fi” Dropbox App Analysis
    4. 4. Trigger: View similar to desktop experience of DropBox Motivation: 3, arrived at what I came for Ability: 3, nearly the same view as on desktop Trigger: Camera Upload Push Notification Motivation: 3, Screen prior clicked to proceed to upload photos Ability: 2, what is difference between “only wi-fi” and “wi-fi + cell” . Gives me pause. Trigger: Upload photos in one click Motivation: 2, one click camera upload – maybe want to save photos ‘securely in cloud’ outside of phone/tablet Ability: 3, one button on screen User Action: Clicks on file User Action: Clicks “Enable Camera Upload” User Action: Clicks the “Only Wi-Fi” or “wi-fi + Cell” button
    5. 5. Trigger: Push Notification Request Motivation: 1, unclear why I would want push notifications from Dropbox Ability: 2, standard push request frame User Action: Clicks “Don’t Allow” Trigger: My photos in small thumbnails Motivation: 2, seeing photos may lead me to click on photo I want to see full-size Ability: 3, clear that when I click the image will become the full screen User Action: Click on Photo
    6. 6. Trigger: Mark favorite files - Motivation: 1, files accessible off- line – don’t want to think about favorite files Ability: 1, why is arrow to proceed so small? Trigger: ‘standard’ settings view - UNLINK. Motivation: 1, nothing – unless came here with specific task intent Ability: 1, feel like im being prompted to UNLINK my device – why not encourage UPGRADE? Or “TELL FRIENDS”? User Action: Clicks “Next” User Action: No further navigation
    7. 7. Prompts sign-in Appreciation – Quickly get to what I came for – file access Mailbox new user onboarding - open loop Trigger! Need desktop Dropbox „on the go‟ 2. Sign In (neutral) – Expecting some sort of on- boarding – how long before access to files? 3. User clicks on another button bottom of screen (unsure, why click on these buttons?) 1. Clicks past the first intro that cues user this is Dropbox – file storage(familiarity) “Landing page” for 3 buttons bottom of screen: 2 functions + settings 4. Only navigation is to files – rest is self-discovery (why would user „explore‟?) 3 screens before able to get to the app use. Reward: being able to enjoy same great experience as desktop Dropbox
    8. 8. HIGH PROBABILITY OF ENGAGEMENT LOW PROBABILITY OF ENGAGEMENT HIGH PROBABILITY OF ABANDONMENT How scores may be graphed in a line graph against likelihood of engagement. The shaded areas, High prob engagement/ Low prob engagement/ High prob abandonment, would result from our collective assessment of the lowest MAT scores that correlate to the most vulnerable points in the App’s engagement strength. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 trigger ability motivation total