A range of most common interview questions have been provided for you. Take a look and feelfree to use liberally from inte...
Tell me about the steps you took to establish rapport with a new staff member?What experience do you have in setting budge...
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Executive interview questions


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Executive interview questions

  1. 1. A range of most common interview questions have been provided for you. Take a look and feelfree to use liberally from interview questions. To obtain interview questions simply click on thelink. 100 most common interview questionsList of executive interview questionsTell me about yourself?Why did you leave your last job?What is your greatest weakness?What experience do you have in executive level?What have you done to improve your executive knowledge and skills in the last year?What have you learned from mistakes on the executive job?What did you do to increase company revenues at your current company?Tell me how you have created a shared purpose among people who initially differed inopinions or objectives.Tell me how you handled a major challenge at the workplace?Which management style or philosophy describes you best: authoritarian or participative?What are the methods you typically use to evaluate an employee’s job performance?Give me an example of when you had to provide feedback to a staff member who wasperforming poorly, how did you go about this and what was the outcome?Tell me about an important assignment or task that you delegated. How did you ensurethat it would be completed successfully?What methods have you used to evaluate employee’s job performance?Executive interview questionsHow have your job responsibilities evolved since your joined your present employer?Describe your ideal job?Tell me about a time in which you brought productive change to a company. How didyou implement this change?What is your approach to dealing with recalcitrant staff?Describe your experience reading and interpreting accounting and financial reports.Give us an example of a method you have used to successfully encourage/motivate yourstaff.Share with us how you would boost morale amongst your staff to extract the best possibleeffort they can present as individuals and as a team.What is the most difficult thing about being an executive or manager?How do you motivate your staff?In what ways have you been fiscally responsible to a company or organization withoutstifling innovative ideas that could possibly increase profits?What is the most demanding aspect of being a part of administration and/or uppermanagement?How did you define success when you were in college? How do you define it now?In a group setting, are you generally a leader or a follower?Tell me about a tough decision you had to make recently at work , how did you go aboutmaking the decision?
  2. 2. Tell me about the steps you took to establish rapport with a new staff member?What experience do you have in setting budgets?What makes you think you will fit in with our company?What three words describe you?Describe a time you had to provide training or coaching to different staff members on thesame tasks?How would you describe your management style?What do you look for in an employee? What behaviors and performances do you expectof an ideal employee?Describe a time when you confronted an employee whose results were inadequate.Give me an example of how your major weakness has caused problems at your job?Give me an example of when you successfully motivated your staff using incentives orrewards?How well networked are you with peers in this and other industries?Describe a situation where you had to become a mediator for two or more employees thatyou supervised. What was the outcome? And, what measures did you take to ensure theissue(s) wouldn’t arise again in the future?According to you, what’s the major issue facing this industry today? How will youhandle it?How much leeway do you need in decision making?What are monitoring methods for executive level?What made you choose to apply to executive…position?What are key tasks for executive…position?What are top 3 knowledge/top 3 skills for executive…position?What tertiary qualifications have you attained that related to executive…position?What is the most recent skill you have learned that related to executive…position?Do you have any questions?