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Purpose of Life, Finding Your Life Purpose, Life of Purpose, Purpose of life, Is Finding Your Purpose of Life Creating a Limitation of Your Possibilities?

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Purpose of life by tiphanie jamison van derlugt

  1. 1. Purpose of Life… Is Finding YourPurpose Creating a Limitation onYour Possibilities…
  2. 2. Isn’t it interesting that many people,who are seeking the “purpose”, feelthis sort of contraction and angst asthey try and “find their purpose”…curious, right?
  3. 3. We would think that the whole energyaround our “purpose” would beexpansive… since by definition, purpose, is“the reason for something’s being”…Which begs the question… why is it socontracted?
  4. 4. I submit, that to live without limitation is to haveno purpose, because purpose is a limitation…Purpose is finite and has an energy of judgmentthat you have to live up to it once (if) you find it.It’s so single minded, that it forecloses otherpossibilities...
  5. 5. As humans, we are born into the world toexplore, experience, experiment, taste, see, move, try and BEYONDS!
  6. 6. As children, we think we can be a doctor, lawyer,fireman, because all things are possible… thenas we grow, we are taught to pick. Worst yet, weare told once we pick we have to stick with it,because sticking with something (even when itkills our spirit) is a good quality. After all, youdon’t want to be labeled a flake or something…right?
  7. 7. What if you have more than one purpose???Well, that’s not possible, right? There is one“true purpose”.How many times, do we hear of the doctor whosells his practice to become an artist, or a lawyerwho walks away from law to become akindergarten teacher?
  8. 8. Is that person praised for that?Heck no… what’s the first thingpeople ask, “ WHAT?? Why wouldyou walk away from that???” Or“Are You Nuts”???
  9. 9. Then there are others, who are “living”their purpose and are miserable. Theyare holding themselves to thisridiculous standard of success because“they are living their purpose”.
  10. 10. Can you imagine, that if you believed your purpose washealing others or a divorce counselor… and yoursuccess rate was let’s say, 5%? Well, that person wouldbe a failure, right? How can you fail at your life’spurpose?? Man, talk about pressure.I don’t want to even get into the notion of having a“higher purpose or true purpose”, I mean, my gosh…there is judgment contraction and limitation written allover that one.
  11. 11. What if, instead of purpose, we looked at more ofgifts, talents, priorities… notice the lightness of energy?Expansive right? We don’t say you can’t have but onegift, or one talent, right? Certainly, as a workingmother, we have more than one priority…
  12. 12. We share gifts, we share talents, wewelcome and invite help withpriorities… in this way, it frees up thespace to contribute withoutattachment and judgment.
  13. 13. Remember, judgment good or badalways creates limitation… and wewant to live in the land of Infinitepossibilities…
  14. 14. Gifts, talents, priorities allow for “even more, or greaterpossibilities”… when you have a gift, you can say, “whatelse can I do with this gift, who else can I contributeto”… and if you are a gift and a contribution how muchmoney and goodies would you allow yourself toreceive?
  15. 15. Flip to purpose… when you are doing yourpurpose… isn’t there a sort of air, of, itshould be for free? Like, somehow, itinvolves charitable work? Come one, isn’tthere a little part, however small thatsays, it’s your purpose, so do it for free???Think mega churchpastors, doctors, attorneys?
  16. 16. In this way, we can look at Iyanla VanZantwho is a former lawyer turned spiritualleader and teacher, or Bill Gates whoobviously has Microsoft, but also ininventing a new form of toilet of allthings…
  17. 17. For those of you with deepspiritual gifts, talents, intuitiveurges, healers, and the like, it’s nottrue that you are responsibility forsomeone else through yourpurpose.
  18. 18. Certainly if you have a gift, then itwould be so very cool for you to be acontribution to others, but you cannotjudge yourself as failing to live yourpurpose when the outcome is basedjoint energetic participation.
  19. 19. Each of us has the power ofchoice and you can chose forsomeone else…
  20. 20. I would love to hear what yourpurpose is, and how you can nowcreate a more generative energyaround it… something that expandsyou and creates and generatespossibilities and opportunities…
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  23. 23. This is Tiphanie Jamison VanDerLugtsending RADICAL YAYS your way, byeTiphanie Jamison VanDerLugt, Esq.