How to Find Your People on Twitter


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How to Find Your People on Twitter

  1. 1. Find Your PeopleOn TwitterHow to Find the RIGHT Peopleusing Social Media – Part 1By Tinu Abayomi-Paul
  2. 2. Are My People On Twitter?Maybe not all of them.But probably enough to make it worth your whileto find out.2,405,518,376 worldwide internet users.200 Million active monthly Twitter users.It’s at least worth a keyword search and somequick hashtag study to find out.
  3. 3. Find Your People Using Hashtags and KeywordsExamining hashtag use is a quick way to find outwhether your people are even on Twitter, and if so, ifthey are assembled as a community.Here are a few ways you can use keywords andhashtags now.1. Start with a quick keyword search on Twitter, and see if those search results lead you to any hashtags.2. Search one of the master Twitter chat lists by keyword.3. Attend some chats and get to know people.4. Use one of the tools on the next page to dig deeper, especially if you’re already using Twitter
  4. 4. Hashtag Digging ToolsWith Tweetchat you can Tagdef helps you Topsy can also alertsee the last 50 tweets in discover popular you every time aa hashtag free, or you hashtags, and find out phrase, such as ancan get all the recent what a hashtag is article title, is used ontweets by purchasing a being used for on Twitter. Great way to follow This is a free tool. shares of guest posts ifAlso a paid version. people don’t know the author’s handle.
  5. 5. Find Your People on Commun.itFree tools that help yourediscoverconversations you’vemissed, and find newactive people tointeract with onTwitter.
  6. 6. Find Your People on BottlenoseCurrently in publicbeta, Bottlenose will showyou top trends, toplinks, and let you tracktrends visually.Their sonar view, allowsyou to visually browse thisinformation, then explorethe conversations moredeeply.
  7. 7. Find Your People on SocialBroSocialBro analyzes yourentire network on Twitter,then breaks them downinto several groups.
  8. 8. Find Your People on FollowerWonkPaid tool but worth it. If you havean SEOmoz membership youalready have access.Followerwonk digs into your socialgraph and unearths data you maynever have thought to searchfor, finding the 20% ofconnections that bring you 80% ofTwitter’s utility.Search user bios, sort followers byaccount age, compare yourself tothe competition in all of Twitter or http://followerwonk.comjust your followers.
  9. 9. Find Your People on Creates a navigable word cloud based on what you or any given Twitter user talks about most. Use it to discover discussions by leaders you may be missing who are connected to you. Or create new connections through discovery of mutual interest.
  10. 10. More tools here: yours!Questions? Here’s where to find meOn Twitter: the Web: http://www.freetraffictip.comCall: 855.227.5852 Text: 702.508.8468