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Google News: 7 Reasons to Get Exposure in Google News publisher sites.


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Google News sites can help you get exposure outside your current audience or community for pennies on the dollar. This slide discussed seven reasons why you should consider this technique, even if you have tried similar techniques such as sending out press releases, article marketing or guest blogging. Appearing in Google news publisher sites gets you rapid, targeted exposure.

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Google News: 7 Reasons to Get Exposure in Google News publisher sites.

  1. 1. Tinu Abayomi-Paul (@Tinu)
  2. 2. If you're reading the title question and thinking "Well, duh!" - you're already ahead of the game. Of course, there's KNOWING something and DOING something. Next: 7 reasons to Get Into Google News 2
  3. 3. Sources: Marketing charts, Newspaper association of America, Harris Interactive & Pew Internet research
  4. 4. Source: Google
  5. 5. How fast is fast? If you’re on the staff of a publication, as little as six hours. This can decrease as you build a following. Until you become part of a publication's contributor staff, it can still be 24 hours or less. It's like guest blogging, except you're in the NEWS.
  6. 6. Which do you think is easier to get people to read/share? An article from a trusted publication? Or an obviously self-serving promotional message? Google News publisher sites aren't confined to the news section. Some stories will earn their own top ten rankings, even for hard keywords, often with minimal effort.