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Get free traffic

  1. 1. Free Traffic Tips | Get Free TrafficCopyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.com Free TrafficUpdated for 2011Short on Time? You can: 1. Read our Quick Listright now "69 Articles on Free Traffic Methods, Tactics and Strategies - The Master List of Our Traffic Tips, Updated", 2. Subscribe to the newsletterfor weekly free traffic tips delivered via email, or, 3. For more frequent tips, subscribe via RSS .More Details :)Sometimes theres a free tip about how to get free traffic, sometimes the traffic tip itself is free but the traffic isnt, and thenthere are the times when the tip wasnt free, because of the time and research it takes for me to put the information together.But if you are able to understand the traffic method, youll have yet another source of free traffic forever.In between all that, we have news about Yahoo, Google, and anything that had to do with getting free traffic from searchengines.Some things changed, but the main thrust of this site remains the same - I still do an on-going series called Free Traffic Methods where I ask you what you want to learn about, and do series on each of the dozens of basic levels for finding free ,traffic online. If youre here trying to get free traffic to your site, start there -- youll find links to hundreds of pages ofmini-guides and articles about free traffic. After the first page, they are in no particular order.In the 7 years since these resources have existed, here and at other sites, theres been an evolution. Ive listened to you andfound out that more of you wanted tips about all types of traffic, not just free, and that you wanted step by step methods. Ialso realized that since I wasnt specifically targeting internet marketers, but regular people who were bringing their offlinebusinesses online, I needed to have even more resources to show you how to get better results for non-internet-marketingsites, but still keep them useful for internet marketers, particularly those who market to a micro-niche.Were currently beta testing a new version of our membership site to meet those needs.Ive also added products and services to help the busy entrepreneur get done in a few hours, days or weeks that you maystumble around for months trying to figure out on your how.Free Traffic Tips will always be here, but like anything else, it will grow up, change and evolve. Youre welcome to participatein this change by leaving your comments - just stay on topic and please leave a link to your site. page 1 / 1