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  1. 1. V erizon 2 0 11 Investigative Response (IR) Caseload Review
  2. 2. Data collection methodologyPublication includes only incidents involvingconfirmed data compromise90 data breach investigationsVerizon Enterprise Risk and Incident Sharing (VERIS)framework to record case data •
  3. 3. DemographicsLost largest amount of data 1)Information and Manufacturing industries 2)Financial sectors 3)Accommodation and Food Service Size of organizations Ranged from less than 100 to over 100,000 employees
  4. 4. Threat AgentsVERIS recognizes three categories of agents 1)External 2)Internal 3)Partner Motives » 1)Financial gain » 2)Hacktivism (acts of protest and retaliation) » 3)Disgruntled former employees » Geographic origin of attacks » 1)EMEA » 2)Americas » 3)APAC
  5. 5. Threat agents over time by percent of breaches
  6. 6. Threat Actions 1Categories Hacking Malware Social Misuse Physical Error Environmental
  7. 7. Threat Actions 299% of all stolen data involved the use ofsome form of hacking and malwareSocial tactics: half of all data loss
  8. 8. Threat Actions 3 Hacking and malware are the leaders in thefield of data compromise because: Afford the attacker many advantages, including: Remote access Relatively easy automation Anonymity Easy getaway
  9. 9. Top 10 threat action varieties by number of breaches that occurred in 2011
  10. 10. Assets 1Organizations Server • point-of-sale servers (POS) • web/application servers • database servers • End Users Desktops Laptop Point-of-sale terminals
  11. 11. ASSETS 2What to steal? Data Payment cards Personal information (PII) Authentication credentials Trade secrets Copyrighted information
  12. 12. Timeframes and methods of breach discoveryTime it took organizations to discover theyhad been the victim of a breach • 60% of cases it took months or years to figure this out • Discovery External party detected over two-thirds of breaches
  13. 13. Breach discovery timeframe by percent of records
  14. 14. Created byXFORCETEAM
  15. 15. About XFORCETEAM XForceTeam is an independent group of researchers whose work is mainlydevoted to issues of Malware Analysis and Network Security Monitoring and their diffusion through video tutorials and screencasts.
  16. 16. XFORCETEAM Contact us: and more …