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Webinar #2 LIST 5346


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This is the webinar for August 22. Central Topics of Webinar #2
• Multi-modal Writing + Writing Workshop [time to write]
• Guest speaker at beginning of webinar (first ten minutes): Dr. Raúl Alberto Mora, who will speak on the topic of multi-modal literacies as well as video and multi-modal literacies.
• Time to write!
• Recap of key assignments and tips

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Webinar #2 LIST 5346

  1. 1. Optional Orientation Webinar LIST 5346: The Writing Process Monday, August 22, 2016 7:00-7:45 pm, CST Central Topics: Multi-modal Writing + Writing Workshop Guest speaker at beginning of webinar: Dr. Raúl Alberto Mora Learning in real-time! Recordings will be available of all webinars. Submit extra credit reflection(s) by September 17! This webinar is interactive and participatory!
  2. 2. Practice entering the session prior to the webinar; contact tech support if needed • “OPTIONAL Extra credit Webinar”, Monday, August 22, 7:00-7:45 pm, CST. The webinar will be recorded and the link to the recording will be posted on Blackboard and sent via UTA Email. • Technical Note: You can join through a desktop or laptop computer and clicking on “Enter the Webinars Here” or by clicking the link above. (See tech tips by clicking on “Directions for Accessing the Webinars”). • MOBILE APP: You can also join by downloading the free mobile app “Bb Student” and entering the URL. • You can practice entering the webinar before it actually begins. All webinars will be recorded.
  3. 3. What it looks like to join the new Ultra session. Please use the cog to set up your audio/video before the webinar begins! You do not have to use video during the session, but be sure you can hear the session. Before the webinar begins, click the “cog” to set up your audio!
  4. 4. Tech Support for Webinars (24/7) • Tech support (24/7) for the videoconference • If you are having trouble logging in to the sessions • 1 (877) 382-2293 • (Blackboard Collaborate)
  5. 5. TIPS for online learning • IM is on a lot of the time!  • Email your coaches first. • Break down big assignments into smaller tasks; set deadlines for those smaller tasks • “Self-regulated learning” (staying on top of your own learning. • Keep Going!
  6. 6. Tomato Timer • • Another tool: 750 Words
  7. 7. Hello! Quick Icebreaker • Thanks for joining us! Please use the marker tool to mark below where you are at. Please also type it in the chat window! If you are international, please type it in the chat window!:
  8. 8. Agenda: • 1) Introduction to the webinar • 2) Beliefs about Writing recap and guest speaker: Dr. Raúl Alberto Mora (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín, Colombia) will discuss multi-modal writing and multi-media and literacy for 10 minutes • 3) Tips for starting your personal piece (brainstorming) • 4) Time to write: exploding a moment. Share in small groups or as a group (depending on number of participants) • 4) Tips for starting your mentor text unit. • 5) A word of encouragement
  9. 9. Beliefs about Writing (NCTE, 2016) Initial thoughts…. • Writing grows out of many purposes • Writing is embedded in complex social relationships and their appropriate languages • Composing occurs in different modalities and technologies • Conventions of finished and edited texts are an important dimension of the relationship between writers and readers • Everyone has the capacity to write; writing can be taught; and teachers can help students become better writers • Writing is a process • Writing is a tool for thinking • Writing has a complex relationship to talk • Writing and reading are related • Assessment of writing involves complex, informed, human judgment • Source: (NCTE, 2016): Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing •
  10. 10. Dr. Raúl Alberto Mora (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín, Colombia Research Interests:  Literacies in Second Languages  Critical Discourse Analysis of Popular Culture  Second Languages  Qualitative Research Education Research profile: Project Page: Presentation Topic for our Webinar:  Multi-media and writing  Video and multi-modal literacies
  11. 11. Your final belief statement is due in Week 5. • “Free-write" your current beliefs about teaching of writing. As you read through the course textbooks, add to and revise your initial thinking. • This is NOT a review of the literature. • You may be familiar with other podcasting tools. Please also familiarize yourself with the expected assignment description as well as the rubrics that accompany both the draft and the final version. • Additional Resource: teaching-of-writing/ • Due dates: • OUTLINE/DRAFT (Sunday of Week 3) • FINAL BELIEF STATEMENT ESSAY and Podcast/Video (Wednesday of Week 5)
  12. 12. Pause for questions or comments so far…. • Type in the chat window or raise hand to speak using audio
  13. 13. Poll: Select 1, 2, 3, or 4 in drop down poll (near “the hand” in participant window) There is no “right” answer I have used the following digital tools to create content for writing instruction. (Pick the one you have predominantly used): 1) Video (found or teacher-made) 2) Audio (found or teacher made) 3) Web-based readings/websites 4) Digital images/digital photography/infographics Vote in the poll pop-up BOX. Feel free to elaborate in the chat window.
  14. 14. Easy way to make an artifact: Pablo • Go to Pablo and put a literacy quote on it! • It is web-based and also a Chrome extension • • *I will demonstrate this.
  15. 15. More on Reader Response • Click on “Groups” • Then find your Discussion Forum • Click “Create New Thread” • Cut and paste your response into the window • Post early • Formal replies vs informal replies
  16. 16. Post in the Correct Place!
  17. 17. Formal replies-responding to other’s initial posts • Part B (Replies):– Following response posting, candidates will return to the discussion board to read and reply to at least three peer’s responses. Label replies as Reply 1A and Reply 1B, etc. The format for the reply part of this assignment is as follows. • • Personal Connections: Why did you choose this posting to respond to? • Discussion: What questions or comments do you have for the author of the response posting? • Extension: How can you extend the conversation on this posting? (Share specific resources, experiences, etc.)
  18. 18. Pause for questions or comments so far…. • Type in the chat window or raise hand to speak using audio
  19. 19. Final personal piece • 2-3 pages minimum, single-spaced • Narrative, expository, or poetry • Can be multi-genre • I encourage you to use images • Examples are on Blackboard in several places • Consider using
  20. 20. Let’s brainstorm possible personal writing topics. Add to the list by typing ideas in the chat window or in the box below
  21. 21. Metacognition What is your own process as a writer? Please type in the chat window. Consider the following aspects…. • Where do you write? • How do you write? • What are your steps in writing? • What genres do you prefer to write? • Who is your audience? • What do you think about digital writing?
  22. 22. Let’s do a bit of writing. Pick a prompt from below… • Type in the chat window. Don’t hit enter until the five- minute timer is up. • Write down 3-5 memorable events in your life— dramatic and interesting events. Visualize it clearly in your mind-every detail. • Pick one moment “Explode a moment”-describe something in multi-sensory detail. • Related lesson from readwritethink:
  23. 23. Sharing • We will do this a large group. • Write on your own or type in the chat window. Or, write on a word document and then cut and paste into the chat! • Volunteers can share • Read through the chat window.
  24. 24. Pause for questions or comments so far…. • Type in the chat window or raise hand to speak using audio
  25. 25. Mentor Text ideas • Author study (select an aspect of the author that will cohere around a craft focus). • Skim Craft Lessons and Mentor Text (My Turn/Your Turn lessons) • Can pick one of Six Traits • Can work within a genre: e.g., poetry, expository text, fantasy/sci fi, memoir, personal narrative, • Can select multiple authors and can use excerpts. Don’t need to include actual text, just include short representative excerpts. • *I strongly encourage technology integration (More ideas on this in future webinars. Please share your ideas, too.)
  26. 26. Example writing lessons (desktop sharing) • Example lessons on writing on readwritethink: • See: ; can filter by grade level
  27. 27. Assignments • Reader Response (weekly)
  28. 28. Include a multi-media artifact, found or created. Example: Popplet Describe your digital artifact in depth. • Dr. S’s example:
  29. 29. Other tools to create a digital artifact • Audioboo or VoiceThread • Tellagami • Piktochart or Canva • Popplet • Thinglink • Make a Pinterest board • Try to make something rather than find a link. Describe your digital artifact in depth. “What does this mean for writing pedagogy?”
  30. 30. Assignments Five Quizzes Mentor Text-Focused Lesson Plan  Initial Plan/Background Overview of Lesson Plan (10 points)  Developed Draft of Lesson Plan and Anchor Chart Component (15 points)  Final Lesson Plan (25 points) Final Personal Writing Assignment Reading Response, Replies, & Assessment (4 sets @ 20 points each) Belief Statement about Teaching Writing  Developed Outline (5 points)  Final Personal Belief State about Teaching Writing Assignment (20 points) General Introduction to the Discussion Board (5 points). Do a 2-3 paragraph introduction and five or more comments to classmates by the due date (Friday, August 19, 2016, 11:59 pm). Online Icebreaker: Do a two or more paragraph icebreaker response and five or more comments to classmates by the due date (Friday, August 19, 2016, 11:59 pm).
  31. 31. Next webinar: webinar 3 • Email me if you would like to briefly present during the webinar about how you are using ideas from this course in your own teaching (or plan to use them). • We will continue to write and flesh out ideas for the belief statement essay and podcast.
  32. 32. Recap of Major Assignments • Q/A? • Reminder: You need to purchase the TK20 system (one time purchase)
  33. 33. Big general questions so far about assignments? Type in chat window if any. If it’s a 1- on-1 question, email later. • You can also always email us or reach Dr. Semingson by Blackboard Instant Messenger. • ents/bbim.php
  34. 34. BBIM
  35. 35. Encouragement • Keep going! • Reward yourself • Finish assignments early. • Resources on Blackboard! • Contact your coach and/or Dr. S if needed!
  36. 36. Closure: Select one to write about in the chat window • Type 1-3 words or phrases that stood out to you about writing ideas from the webinar And/or • Type 1-3 words or phrases about the webinar experience itself