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LIST 4373 Webinar #2: September 19, 2016


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Webinar for LIST 4373 on September 19

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LIST 4373 Webinar #2: September 19, 2016

  1. 1. LIST 4373 WEBINAR #2 SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 REFLECTION DUE: 9/25 8:00-9:00 PM Dr. Peggy Semingson Webinar materials also located here: Webinar Join Link: The link to the recording will be posted to Blackboard in the late evening of 9/19/16! This webinar is sponsored by the “coffee owls”!!!
  2. 2. AGENDA Friendly reminders for the course [content sharing] Quick BB reminders about session content [content sharing] Balanced literacy (GRR) review [content sharing] Guided reading tutorial (found on Blackboard in session 3) Comprehension and vocabulary overview [Guided reading tutorial PPT] Figure 19 overview [content sharing] Readwritethink lesson plans as resources (“guided reading” as search term) and then look inside “lesson plan” Reminders about Week 4 assignments Coming up
  3. 3. What it looks like to join the new Ultra session. Please use the cog to set up your audio/video before the webinar begins! You do not have to use video during the session, but be sure you can hear the session. Before the webinar begins, click the “cog” to set up your audio!
  4. 4. APPLICATION: HOW ARE YOU TRYING OUT THESE IDEAS? • How can you try out these techniques in your life? Example: read to a child, even if by Skype. I read and sing to my niece and nephew via Skype!
  5. 5. WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENTS • Assignment: Week 4. Post Journal #1 to your Discussion Group. Post by Thursday, 9/22/16 (11:59 pm). Do 3+ formal comments by 6 pm Saturday, 9/24/16. Do informal follow- up replies by Sunday, 9/25/16 at 11:59 pm. [over readings from session 2]. (Week 4) Ideas for the digital artifact are here: • • PK-12 classroom teaching and learning is increasingly taking place through digital means. “Literacy” is increasingly becoming “digital literacy”. Mobile tools are being used for reading and writing. Teachers are entering paperless classrooms. Learning about digital literacies is a must and a necessity. Example from Arlington ISD: • Assignment. Webinar #2 and written reflection (Week 4). Webinar #2 is Monday, September 19, 8:00-9:00 pm. The written reflection is due Sunday of Week 4, 9/25/16 (11:59 pm). The webinar will be recorded. (Week 4)
  6. 6. FORMAL REPLIES-RESPONDING TO OTHER’S INITIAL POSTS • (Replies):– Following response posting, candidates will return to the discussion board to read and reply to at least three peer’s responses. • Why did you choose this posting to respond to? • What questions or comments do you have for the author of the response posting? • How can you extend the conversation on this posting? (Share specific resources, experiences, etc.) • Your initial post should be formal and detailed!
  8. 8. REMINDER ABOUT DIGITAL ARTIFACTS • More Ideas for Creating a Digital Artifact as Part of Your Discussion Board Post-- • Organized by Level of Difficulty/Challenge •
  10. 10. MAKE TIME AND SPACE TO FOSTER YOUR OWN READERLY AND WRITERLY LIFE…HERE IS MINE… Create spaces to read and write I read across a wide variety of genres-both print and digital texts. A mix of low- tech and hi- tech
  11. 11. LOOKING AHEAD • Initial thoughts on Guided Reading (Week 5) • Success tip: Demonstration of Speech to Text tool Reminders about Rethinking Dyslexia movie • Technology Carnival
  12. 12. USE BBIM
  13. 13. ENCOURAGEMENT • Keep going! • Reward yourself • Finish assignments early. • Resources on Blackboard! • Contact Dr. S if needed! • Work ahead. • No procrastinating!
  14. 14. CLOSURE: SELECT ONE TO WRITE ABOUT IN THE CHAT WINDOW • Type 1-3 words or phrases that stood out to you about writing ideas from the webinar And/or • Type 1-3 words or phrases about the webinar experience itself