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Legal issues


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Legal issues

  1. 1. Legal issues of internet Shu Ting
  2. 2. Copyright laws © Protects original works: literary works, musical works, dramatic works, etc. Gives protection to work during life of author plus 70 yrs
  3. 3. Fair use Allows limited use of copyrighted work Ex: teaching, criticism, comment, news reporting, research ... Can’t Do Can Do • Copy pictures to use on own • Purchase photos to use that website are ‘copyright free’ and follow • Put music on own website license for users without permission • Get permission from copyright holder to use photos
  4. 4. Trademark ® Word, name, symbol, device, or combination used by someone to identify own product Establishes public record If not maintained, it becomes public domain Registration takes more than a year Extensive research done to make sure that there are no similar trademarks
  5. 5. Child online protection act Makes it a crime to publish any communication for commercial purposes including sexual material harmful to minors
  6. 6. Cybercrime Illegal acts occurring online Phishing: Official-looking emails (spams) ask for user’s private information Identity theft: one who obtains others information and uses it to purchase goods or to commit crimes