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Tablet User Behavior


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An overview about how people use tablets and why they matter.

Published in: Travel, Technology, Business
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Tablet User Behavior

  1. 1. Why tablets matter User behavior on tablet Tine Thygesen
  2. 2. Hi, I am Tine Thygesen, Entrepreneur. Everplaces builds mobile products with passionate commitment to design, personalization & user experience
  3. 3. The tablet is the fastest penetrating technology in history Traction: Time from consumer availability to 10% penetration Slow 25 Yrs Telephone Electricity Moderate 30 Yrs Radio Television Computer Mobile phone Internet Smartphone Fast Tablet 5 Yrs 10 Yrs 15 Yrs
  4. 4. The tablet is finding its place 43% spend more time with their tablet than their desktop; 1 in 3 respondents uses their tablet more than watching TV Where do Europeans use their tablets? 60% 39% 79% 38% I spend more time each day on my tablet than I: (select all that apply) 60% 59% 52% 43% 40% 41% 34% 20% 26% Travelling 11% 0% Read book Listen to Use radio desktop/ laptop Use smart phone Watch TV Bedroom Elsewhere in the house Living room Kitchen None of above 15% Commuting 58% On holiday 34% Out and about 27% At work
  5. 5. Cross-device commerce
  6. 6. We use tablets together Most popular device for multi person actions, doing something together. Used by the whole household, not personal like the mobile. Fun fact; 15% of abandoned cards in UK was actually people putting it in basket hoping a family member would buy it for them! 15% of carts weren’t really abandoned
  7. 7. Only tablets appeal to all generations Most popular device for older people 21% tablet vs 11% smartphone for over 55s Most popular device for toddlers 61% of three-year-olds in UK use tablets
  8. 8. ... loved by the whole family But Why are we using it Several games for cats!
  9. 9. The shift in tablet use Consume Create Accelerate For the first time we see tables being better at increasing productivity than computers. Productivity improvements, especially at work, is the new trend.
  10. 10. Tablet as a productivity tool For the first time we’re seeing tables better at increasing productivity than computers, this is due to their portable nature combined with big-enough-forwork interface. Productivity improvements is the new trend. Companies are building internal apps, to improve time consuming processes, like data collection, documentation and product catalogues.
  11. 11. Internal use: 53% of doctors use tablets at work
  12. 12. The tablet is making people more effective, allowing them to focus on the most important things in life
  13. 13. Tine Thygesen CEO, Everplaces Mobile strategy & development Thank you! Get the slides + learn more