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Scanning is coming of age - 11 ways it can improve your marketing.

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  • Hi, this is a great slide! Regarding the ugliness of the QR Code, you can instead create picturesque Visual QR Codes which involves merging an image with the QR Code. You can use Visual QR Code generator for example.
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Scanning is coming

  1. 1. by Tine Thygesen Scanning is coming of age - 11 ways it can improve your marketing &
  2. 2. What is scanning? What Scanning is the common word for technologies that are shortcuts to quickly access information found offline on your phone online. Most scanners today are optical scanners. They include bar codes, QR codes, clickable paper, labels, etc. How
 With their mobile a person scans a code, which sends them directly to a page with more information. Its a faster alternative to typing in a url.
  3. 3. But wait! Isn’t QR the ugly child of marketing?
  4. 4. Well...Yes. But scanning isn’t just QR, and it does hold several advantages 1. It’s the fastest method for a consumer
 As technologies are getting more advanced, scanning is now often to most efficient want to transmit a lot of information fast. 2. Scanning is getting huge
 In particularly in Asia and developing marketing, but the trend is moving west and consumers are more and more willing to scan.
  5. 5. In Asia, scanning is exploding Recent stats show that QR code scanning rates have quadrupled
  6. 6. And it works in the West too - more TV viewers scan than use the twitter # Among 1,000 television viewers 28% had interacted with a QR Code, vs. 18% with a Twitter hashtag Says 2012 research by Accenture on effectiveness of consumer engagement triggers.
  7. 7. The proportion of individuals interacting with QR Codes during the 2012 London Olympics was 36% higher than with Foursquare. At the Olympics QR beat Foursquare
  8. 8. Buy something: the classic utilization Scanning has mostly been used in advertising, in forms of QR codes directing a consumer to buy or engage with a brand. While this is convenient is has given scanning a bad name, as something that’s trying to sell you something, rather than help you. Marketeers now need to utilize scanning in new and more helpful ways in order to win back trust and engage in a meaningful way.
  9. 9. genuinely useful ways to use scanning the
  10. 10. Area #1 Utility
  11. 11. More people are more happy to scan codes if it 
 saves them time or hassle than for any other purpose. Apps that make daily life easier ‣ price comparison ‣ showing the nearest vendor ‣ tracking ingredients in your food ‣ rewards and loyalty schemes
  12. 12. Most nurseries in Korea provide QR code tags with each plant. By giving people the option of scanning, consumers can read detailed information about the plant and become empowered decision-makers. Detailed info about complex products Image by Wallpoper
  13. 13. My mobile memory Increasingly people outsource their memory to their phones. The Vivino app lets wine drinkers scan the label to access info, ratings and save to favorite lists. Users can share reviews, and remember their favorite bottles.
  14. 14. Fast mobile check-in, rather than queuing Hotels today subject guests to a 
 time-consuming check-in process. This is a hassle for consumers, and expensive for hotels. So in 2014, the travel industry will see more mobile hotel check-in and mobile ticketing. The airline equivalent, mobile boarding passes, save the industry up to US$1.5 billion every year because they don't need to be printed on expensive paper and facilitate off-airport check-in (IATA)
  15. 15. Area #2 
 Great for 
 customer communication
  16. 16. Service customers in off-hours Continue providing outstanding customer service, even outside of normal working hours. The Visitors Bureau in Glendale, Arizona, provides a QR code for visitors that come outside of opening hours. The code directs customers to the information asked by most.
  17. 17. Hotel Jazz in Barcelona has a QR code on their website. Guests can import the hotel’s contact information into their phones for a hassle-free experience. Practical hotel info made handy
  18. 18. QR self guided tour In Long Beach, WA, home to the longest beach in the world, QR code tours can take visitors on a tour “A self-guided walking tour of Discovery Trail begins here. Headed north or south along the 8.5 mile long Trail, you will find a total of 19 QR codes containing information about the sites on the route” QR code travel information put up in strategic places is ideal for tourists who want to explore at their own pace. It gives travelers flexibility, and reduces staffing costs for the destination. Image by Don Briggs
  19. 19. Be creative like in Rio Codes can go on anything, as illustrated by these pavement mosaics in Rio! Located in 30 of the most popular locations around the city, travelers can access info and maps in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  20. 20. Get in touch The UK embassy in Beijing enables passersby to follow their Weibo account via a QR code. An elegant way to connect with travelers, consumers, and potential clients.
  21. 21. Area #3
 Convenient shopping & upselling
  22. 22. Very convenient shopping Any unused wall space can be turned into a shop. In the metro in Seoul and in Russia shoppers scan and buy every day items such as milk and bread with their phones on the platform while they are waiting for the train. The goods are then delivered straight to their homes.
  23. 23. And in 2012, grocery chain Tesco’s opened the world’s first full size virtual supermarket. This enables them to have all the products in a warehouse outside town where rent is much cheaper, and to stock a larger selection of products. Economics of real estate favors virtual shops
  24. 24. Unmanned shops & up-selling Even if you don’t have space for a shop in front of your hotel, museum, or tourist office, a poster with codes can act as an unmanned bar or shop Services like Qbuy enables any business to let guests order food, drinks and products in the comfort of their homes or rooms, and have their normal staff prepare and deliver.
  25. 25. Old libraries are sadly expensive and often rarely used. But here is a modern alternative; a library inside a subway station. People scan the book to rent it, and it is the delivered at home. Rethinking public service
  26. 26. So to sum it up. Scanning enables you to 
 1: inform better with utility, 
 2: service better, and 3: sell more Not half bad!
  27. 27. By Tine Thygesen, @tahitahi Thank you! Considering an app for your business? Contact for great help! &
  28. 28. Everplaces Global travel community, most authentic design & foodie travel tips TripTale
 World’s best travel app builder for brands and DMOs How can we help you?
  29. 29. Sources and images Long Beach image by Plant background: Wine background: Library background: Sunshine background: Digital tourism Think Tank UK embassy Thank you to: