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Mobile travel trends 2015

What are the big trends on mobile which travel businesses need to be prepared for for 2015.

Technology changes
Consumer behavior
Updated stats

Mobile travel trends 2015

  1. 1. Mobile Travel Trends Tine Thygesen 2015 &
  2. 2. Everplaces Global travel community, most authentic design & foodie travel tips TripTale
 World’s best travel app builder for brands and DMOs How can we help you?
  3. 3. Internet Internet users growing but slowing Fastest growth now in difficult markets Tablets Rapid growth (+52% units) Mobile Data Traffic Accelerating growth (+81%) 
 Video partial driver Technology headlines
  4. 4. Still plenty of smartphone growth ahead
  5. 5. Social trends: Visual networks1.8b photos uploaded and shared a day Photo networks rapid growth 1.8B photos uploaded & shared per day
  6. 6. * One2Few instead of One2Many * Short message lifetime * Short sharing window (50% in 6.5h Twitter / 9h Facebook) (lot!) more messaging, privately
  7. 7. Yik Yak: * all from 2.5km radius * No friends, from all Facebook also building something. Google changed + to allow handles (@tahitahi) Brand new: Anonymity networks
  8. 8. Advertising: Print over-represented, mobile under- represented % of Time Spent in Media vs. % of Advertising Spending, USA 2013
  9. 9. Vogue / Photographer Mario Testino Food Republic / Chef 
 Tom Colicchio Estee Lauder / Model Hilary Rhoda Burberry / Instagrammer @mikekus #takeover Hand your instagram account to a representative for a week. ‣ New audience ‣ Engagement ‣ Transparency
  10. 10. Mobile payment going big Here comes Apple Pay: Pay in physical stores and in apps with one touch Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo, ‣ Tiny fees ‣ Strong partners ‣ Privacy ‣ Secure
  11. 11. One click to buy
  12. 12. Go pro: Personal video camera. Initially for surfers. Sold 3.8 million 2013 Used by Hollywood directors, NFL, The Rolling Stones. Police & U.S. military. Life logging: Rise of wearable trackers Narrative Clip: Photo every 30 seconds, remembers geolocation, date and time. Apple Health Kit: Apps send and collect gathered health data. New streams of data enters travel marketing
  13. 13. A GoPro experience is unlike another camera...
  14. 14. 86% (total 2.42h/day - Flurry, Mar14) Apps growing importance of time on mobile spent in apps
 New trends: ‣ Single purpose apps (slimmer, faster)
  15. 15. Invisible apps Apps you use rarely, or don’t even notice, will be used more - Background tracking - Health Kit - App extensions
  16. 16. Select my room Hilton rolled out ‘
 Choose Your Room’ feature in HiltonHonors app. Also has mobile check-in / out Out in 4,000 global properties by end 2014 Also up-selling opportunity
  17. 17. Rise of the silent traveler A lot of visitors will buy more/ be happier if they can be serviced 100% online
  18. 18. Copenhagen & Edinburgh Airport, Spring Air & Virgin Atlantic. ‘We reduce amount of paper managers need to carry... ‘and because devices are hands-free, managers are not focusing on a screen but engage better with passengers.’ Google Glass 
 to improve customer service Copenhagen Airport
  19. 19. Other interesting technology for travel and marketing Crypto currencies (Bitcoin) Commerce everywhere on mobile Big data speeds up (34% useful, 7% tagged, 1% useful) TV/video (apps replacing channels, multi use, personalized) Google Physical Web / Beacons
  20. 20. Sum up, most important for travel Mobile payments is now Marketing on: Visual + One2Few Technology (Google Glass, Apps) used in service More time in apps Self tracking
  21. 21. By Tine Thygesen, @tahitahi Thank you! Considering an app for your business? Contact for great help! &
  22. 22. Sources Go pro: KPCB / Mary meeker wearable-tech.html Physical web: utm_content=buffercabf9&utm_medium=social&