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How to make your own branded travel app using Everplaces


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A mobile element is becoming increasingly important in your marketing mix to promote your destination or business. Everplaces has made it easy to make your own branded app.

They offer a CMS system which allows you to upload and control the content from your own computer, and work with you to set up other features in the app, such as routes, instagram feeds, offline maps, social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS and other important features.

The system is made for location-based apps, and because of this specialization enables you to create apps much faster and cheaper than have an app built from scratch.

More than 70 tourism and travel apps are made on the system. This presentation shows you which features the system offers you.

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How to make your own branded travel app using Everplaces

  1. 1. Guide to use Everplaces to turn your content into a travel app Fast, easy & affordable mobile marketing for tourism Give visitors a better in-destination experience & grow awareness
  2. 2. Want visitors to get the very, very best possible experience? Increase return visits, spending during stay, and sharing on social media. We can help you!
  3. 3. Most people prefer apps for in-destination info use apps in-destination: 51% ‣ 94% research things to do ‣ 75% search for restaurants ‣ 80% for maps and directions Tripadvisor, 2013
  4. 4. Mobile is how most people book travel 52% consumers used mobile device to book travel Laptop 48%. Mobile Marketer, March13
  5. 5. People select destination based on what they can do, so showcase your activities! Niche rather than generic Niche Google 2013
  6. 6. We can help you too This is a map of where Everplaces clients’ apps have been downloaded.
  7. 7. 72 apps under our belt We can help you with • Official tourism apps • Travel marketing • Travel guides • Hotel apps • Location based apps See full list at gallery
  8. 8. Join some of the world’s leading travel brands in working with Everplaces Text See all out 72 apps on
  9. 9. App CMS system Native iPhone app Native Android app One system to reach them all Widget for your website We build you a beautiful app, Your database and a system behind it. Now it’s easy to manage content and multiple platforms
  10. 10. App-making engine ‣ Publishing platform for apps ‣ Format for travel, event and location-based content. ‣ Advanced CMS ‣ Fast and affordable semi-automated production ‣ Beautiful app with tested usability
  11. 11. Apps from official tourism boards to promote destinations and festivals Example:
  12. 12. Location based apps to promote your event or attraction Example:
  13. 13. Travel marketing - up sell and reconnect Example:
  14. 14. Everplaces App functionality Functions available for your app. Others can be developed custom. Maps - Online maps - Offline maps Travel content - Comprehensive guide for places to eat, sleep, see. - Your categories - Search and filter - Favorite function - Routes - Event program Social - Share to Facebook - Deep Facebook integration - Share to Twitter - Instagram feed integration - Anonymous ratings & reviews Transport - Offline transport maps - Directions Cross promotion - About you - Link to competitions, apps, websites - Geo fenced notifications Special features - Trivia games - QR scanner - Transport booking - Ratings - Weather feeds Camera - Take photos inside app - Photo overlays - Video content Widget - Display app content on your website too Languages - Content in multiple languages - Tabs in multiple languages
  15. 15. Travel guide and information - Your recommended places - You select categories: eat, sleep, see - Practical information - Visual design
  16. 16. Maps on the mobile • #1 most popular feature in travel apps • Online or offline maps • Directions • Different icons per category • Location aware, automatically opens nearby
  17. 17. Social sharing We work to help you spread the word though social interaction, shares and triggers.
  18. 18. 52%were inspired to book a trip after seeing friend’s facebook past and pictures 2011 Travel Industry Wire
  19. 19. Notifications to engage Location based notifications can alert visitors to shops and attractions near to them.
  20. 20. Multiple languages Many people only download apps in their own languages, you can work with that by building several languages into the app. The app automatically detect the preferred language. Unlimited number of languages available.
  21. 21. Routes The app can have a special tab for routes, useful for hiking, biking, special attractions, historic links etc. When you click on a route a visual display of all the places, as well as a map, is displayed
  22. 22. Interactive widget Show the content from your app interactively on your website too! Content can be shown either in map view or image view. Users can click, read and interact with the content. Gives a unified user experience.
  23. 23. Content management system for easy control You have direct access to the content with one-click access from web and mobile. Easy to add places & make changes. Changes sync with our servers and update every 24 hours.
  24. 24. Full analytics We build special tracking into each app. This goes directly to your Google Analytics account so you always have fresh data and can send info to partners
  25. 25. Case study: Urban Adventures guide series Goal: To engage customers across multiple destinations Presence: 82 cities, city guides published for 15, further 5 in progress Content: Insider city tips, and opportunity to buy tours Smart: Geo notifications notifies customer when he arrives in any other UA destination
  26. 26. Case study: Digitalization of City Card Goal: To reduce print and distribution costs Expensive brochure was previously distributed with city card. Aim is to reduce paper brochures by 50%. Content: Info about attractions, transport maps, opportunity to buy card Smart: 100% offline to help international guests to avoid roaming + database integration
  27. 27. We would love to help your business and destination grow. Get in touch and get a free consultation to see if we can help you Your contacts Tine Thygesen +45 2720 2850 CEO Project manager Ani Movsisyan +45 4253 2580