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CityCard and mobile, how citycard providers can take advantage of mobile

This presentation helps CityCard suppliers save money and get better results by taking the product mobile, or partly mobile.

Many city and regional marketing organizations offer citycards where visitors can buy shared access to transport, sights and attractions. These are popular both with travelers and partners, but how is mobile changing this industry, and how can it help you get save time and reach more travellers?

The presentation goes through relevant general mobile travel trends, how to build your app feature recommendations, tips and suggestions to help the DMO make the most of their resources, and start the journey towards a more effective citycard product.

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CityCard and mobile, how citycard providers can take advantage of mobile

  1. 1. How CityCard providers can take advantage of mobile Tine Thygesen CityCards & Mobile &
  2. 2. Everplaces Global travel community, most authentic design & foodie travel tips TripTale
 World’s best travel app builder for brands and DMOs Nice to meet you, I am from
  3. 3. Why should a city card provider consider mobile at all?
  4. 4. 52% consumers used mobile device to book travel Laptop 48%. Mobile Marketer, March13 17% of global web traffic comes from mobile Mashable, August 2013 Because mobile is huge...
  5. 5. More customer insights Mobile analytics can track everything that’s clickable! - Keep partners happy: show links and call outs - Know what’s popular via page views - General: time spent in app, geography, when it is used
  6. 6. App will be primarily be downloaded where you push it. But also: - Global AppStores - AppStore marketing (ASO) - App marketing channels - Targeted call to action (download) on Facebook 
 - Additional feedback channel - Use apps to get travelers to share socially New distribution channels
  7. 7. Overall a mobile CityApp offering 
 saves you time, and gives better results Partners - Increasingly prefer mobile over brochures - Want maps - Need offline info You Travelers - Wider distribution - International marketing - Analytics - More feedback - Save time, content updates instant and easy - Save money on print - Smarter processes
  8. 8. Relevant travel behaviour on mobile
  9. 9. Right here, right now! People travel less prepared, therefore they need 
 location based, practical information: ‣ What’s near me now (eat, see, sleep) ‣ What’s the address, phone number and link ‣ How do I get there (map & turn by turn directions) ‣ Contact and more info (deep link) ‣ Nearest wifi hot spot Remember to serve a lot of this offline, 
 many won’t have internet
  10. 10. maps Maps have become communication platforms 1: Offline maps are becoming a must-have in travel apps 2: Google / Apple Maps have become the place to find opening hours, links and prices. Social geo networks (Yelp, Foursquare, Everplaces) are used to filter info 3: Commerce moves to maps
  11. 11. Most travelers already use apps 52% use apps in-destination: ‣ 94% research things to do ‣ 75% search for restaurants ‣ 80% for maps and directions
  12. 12. Tips for your mobile CityCard solution
  13. 13. Mobile apps are better for this than mobile web Service service existing customers, transactions Awareness search, try to attract new eyeballs Mobile web Mobile apps ‣ Offline ‣ Best for heavy use (6:1 minute) ‣ Faster information ‣ Permission to communicate can be personal (memory, account, favorites) Apps advantage
  14. 14. Feedback show transport is a key element to buying the card Include public transport info and possibly incorporate travel planning tools and in-app travel tickets Transport & Directions
  15. 15. What can you add to make travelers come back to your app? ‣ Offline maps, content etc. is in huge demand ‣ Emergency info ‣ Currency converter ‣ Weather ‣ WiFi spots High utility means high engagement
  16. 16. Filtering and Favorites make an app fast and relevant
  17. 17. Rather than an annual catalogue update, apps can be updated instantly ‣ Use a CMS that requires no technical skills ‣ Make changes via mobile and your computer ‣ Updates apps every 24h Correct and updated content
  18. 18. Optimize your time 
 with smart content management Same content you use in apps can be used smartly on your website and projected on walls as interactive maps
  19. 19. Notifications, a 
 new communication channel ‣ Big potential for instant communication ‣ Future will enable more relevant messaging, less spam ‣ Built in automatic notifications; like when travelers are near key spots
  20. 20. Mobile payments and ticketing ‣ Pay with mobile is now almost ready for mainstream ‣ Order food and drink without waiting for the waitress ‣ Mobile ticketing to jump the queue at attractions, cinemas, etc. ‣ Check-in on mobile, so all is ready as you get there
  21. 21. Already a starting point for transactions
  22. 22. 1. Planning $41bn Sales from mobile commerce will reach $41.68 billion this year $26bn Of which mobile apps will total $26 billion in 2013, up nearly 70% from 2012 mCommerce is already huge
  23. 23. 1. Planning 458m people used mobile ticketing last year. Hitting 950m by 2018 16bn mobile tickets issued by 2018 Transport, entertainment, events & cinema are leading the charge People are getting comfortable with eTicketing
  24. 24. Summary. Going mobile with CityCards doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can start small Easy - Go mobile only, no physical cards - The app is the ticket - Advanced transport planning - UGC and reviews - Book and buy attractions Advanced Expert - App with catalogue of places - Online map - List where to buy card - Analytics - Offline maps - Favorites and return usage features - Transport info - Buy card in-app
  25. 25. By Tine Thygesen, @tahitahi Thank you! Considering an app for your business? Contact for great help! &