8th AnnualPORT & MARITIME SECURITY 2011                      27-28 September 2011, Hilton on the Park, Melbourne     Secur...
8th AnPre-conference workshop,                                                                     DAY OnEMonday 26th Sept...
nnual PORT                               & MARITIME SECURITY 2 12.15   Australia’s maritime priorities when securing criti...
2011  10.50     Morning tea and networking                                         14.40   Australia’s contribution to mul...
Sponsorship & Exhibition  “Australia has a world-class security regime but we need to remain vigilant to new and emerging ...
8th Annual PORT & MARITIME SECURITY 2011                                            27-28 September 2011, Hilton on the Pa...
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Port & Maritime Security 2011


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as part of the week-long celebration of World Maritime Day 2011, the 8th Annual Port and Maritime Security in Melbourne will be held the 27th & 28th September 2011 Port & Maritime Security 2011 will again assemble a unique and esteemed faculty of domestic and international maritime security experts from government and industry.

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Port & Maritime Security 2011

  1. 1. 8th AnnualPORT & MARITIME SECURITY 2011 27-28 September 2011, Hilton on the Park, Melbourne Security challenges across and within the maritime supply chain Key contributions from: The Hon Brendan O’Connor, Minister for Home Affairs Sascha Pristrom, Technical Officer, Marine Security Section, IMO Poul Erik Ekkendal, Security Manager, Maersk Tankers, Denmark Paul Retter AM, Executive Director, Office of Transport Security, Department of Infrastructure and Transport Rear Admiral Steve Gilmore, AM, CSC, RAN, Commander Australian Fleet (COMAUSFLT)Major SponsorPLUS, SECURITY BRIEFING DAYA practical guide to developingyour maritime security regime on26th September 2011 Supporters Image courtesy of RAN Media partners SECU RE O RD E R Researched and developed by: REGISTER NOW www.portmaritimesecurity.com.au
  2. 2. 8th AnPre-conference workshop, DAY OnEMonday 26th September 2011 Tuesday 27th September 2011 8.30 Registration and welcome coffee9.00-5.00 9.00 Speed networkingA practical guide to developing your maritime securityregime Get to know your peers right from the start in this relaxed and informal speed networking session.Regardless of your size, scale or location, the IMO ISPS Code Bring your business cards!and Australian Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Act(MTOFSA) dictates that Maritime Industry Participants (MIP) 9.20 Opening remarks from the Chairmust have an awareness of maritime security legislation and Commodore Lee Cordner AM RAN Rtdtheir responsibilities. Non-compliance on any front couldseriously disadvantage a port’s national and international trading GLOBAL & REGIOnAL SECURITYinterests and potentially expose affiliated facility operators andservice providers to financial and operational risk. KEYnOTE ADDRESSThis intensive and interactive full day workshop will provide 9.30 Boosting regional maritime safety and securityyou with the knowledge, general advice and practical measures s M utual cooperation in managing maritime threats andto ensure you and your organisation meet your compliance improving regional securityobligations. s The challenges of managing Australia’s maritime bordersThe workshop will cover: s T he future challenges and complexities in achieving regional securityMeeting the requirements The Hon Brendan O’Connor, Minister for Home Affairss Introduction to legislation: Understanding your obligations and regulatory requirements 10.05 A look at the security of the maritime supply chain:s Powers and responsibilities: Working through the From port to port across the Indian and Pacific Oceans inconsistencies between the wording of legislation and the s A strategic overview of global and regional stability government’s interpretation and enforcement powers s T he changing nature of threats to Australia: The impacts Enforcement and penalties of international developments in the political, strategic and economic spheresThe process s Trends with piracy and maritime terrorisms Where to start? s Future recommendations?s What’s involved? Dr Sam Bateman, Professorial Research Fellow, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resourcess Facilitating communication between landside, waterside and and Security ship restricted zones 10.40 Morning tea and networkings Reporting and documentationA guide to risk assessment InTERnATIOnAL CASE STUDY 11.00 Port and maritime security in the wider global contexts Security threats: A look at operational security management issues s A dopting the new IMO’s Maritime Security Manual: A reference manual on the implementation of IMO’ss Developing approved security plans which address identified security measures written for government officials risks responsible for maritime security as well as for ports Working with various States and local border security operators officers s I MO’s initiatives to enhance maritime security through technical cooperation projectsAbout your facilitator: s P iracy and armed robbery: An IMO update (incl theHarley Sparke, Managing Director, Corporate Protection evolving threat of piracy, IMO guidance on piracy, IMOAustralia Group is a member of the Department of Infrastructure activities related to the “World Maritime theme dayand Transport (DoIT) legislative review panel. Harley has been “Piracy: Orchestrating the response”)actively involved since inception in the consultation process withthe Australian Government in the development of Australian Sascha Pristrom, Technical Officer, Marine Security Section,legislation to ensure compliance to the International Maritime IMOOrganisations ISPS code. 11.40 Working together to safeguard Australia’s transport security s D rivers of maritime security policy settings in Australia s A chieving cost effective preventive security in the maritime sector s I ntegrating security risk management into a corporation’s wider risk management arrangements s W hat can industry do to be part of the policy formulating process? Paul Retter AM, Executive Director, Office of Transport Security, Department of Infrastructure and Transport www.portmaritimesecurity.com.au
  3. 3. nnual PORT & MARITIME SECURITY 2 12.15 Australia’s maritime priorities when securing critical 16.55 The responsibility of protecting Southern Asian infrastructure & Pacific waters: Australia’s position at the forefront s A n assessment of Australia’s port and maritime security of the region’s maritime security management regime: How Australia is securing the s C reating mutually beneficial relationships for efficient region’s waters and coastlines security management s T he relevance of maritime transport security legislation: s T he role of the military in maritime security Are we making a difference or just ticking boxes? s L egislation supporting defence force activities s D eveloping a consistent security plan across the s M aritime defence capability: Any gaps? industry: How can we enhance co-ordination of Rear Admiral Steve Gilmore, AM, CSC, RAN, regulatory and front line agencies? Commander Australian Fleet (COMAUSFLT) Steve Dreezer, General Manager, Maritime and Surface Security, Department of Infrastructure and Transport 17.30 Close of Day One 12.50 Lunch and networking Port & Maritime Security 2011 Dinner at Bottega Restaurant, Melbourne, 7pm-11pm PORT & TERMInAL SECURITY Take the opportunity to relax and network with industry PAnEL DISCUSSIOn peers at this social highlight! Located at the top end of 13.50 Capital city port security challenges and requirements Bourke St, in one of Melbourne’s best dinning precincts, Bottega sets a new standard in modern Italian cuisine. s W hat are the strategic security risks facing Australasia’s capital city ports? Port & Maritime Security 2011 Dinner is separately bookable and open to colleagues or guests wishing to s I s a more simplified approach to security needed, such attend this networking opportunity. as adopting a tiered risk based approach recognising that one size does not fit all? s W hat is the cost of security and how does it affect port charges? s W hat are the trends in security? Do we need profiling of cargo, crew, personnel, suppliers and contractors involved in port operations? s W hat are the issues facing waterborne security measures today and how can we improve our position into the future? s I s more work needed on building relationships in the maritime security space between ports, police and DAY TWO government bodies? PANELISTS: Steven Sullivan, General Manager Wednesday 28th September 2011 Security, Safety and Emergency Management, 8.30 Welcome coffee and networking Port of Melbourne Corporation Ivan Bacich, Operations Business Manager, Fremantle Port 9.00 Opening remarks from the Chair Carl Kavina, General Manager Marine Operations, Commodore Lee Cordner AM RAN Rtd Flinders Port Steve Limebeer, Manager Port Security, Sydney Ports CREATInG SAFER PLACES Hugh Eagling, Security Manager, Tasports InTERnATIOnAL CASE STUDY 9.05 Securing a strategic framework for critical national 14.50 How force protection fits into the domestic environment infrastructure Harley Sparke, Managing Director, s W orking with others to develop and deliver the UK’s Corporate Protection Australia counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST 15.25 Shipping security: Security standards to protect s L essons from the emergency response to the 2005 cargo, assets and personnel London Bombings Llew Russell, CEO, Shipping Australia s M anaging the Olympic and Paralympic safety and security programme for the London 2012 Games 16.00 Afternoon tea and networking Charlie Edwards, Head of Strategy, Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism (OSCT), Home Office United Kingdom COASTAL & OFFSHORE SECURITY (subject to final confirmation) 16.20 Border control: new strategies for protecting 9.40 Serious and organised crime within the port & Australia’s coastal assets maritime security environment s I mproving procedures for the efficient prevention of Senior representative, Australian Crime Commission terrorism and other illegal movements For speaker updates visit: www.portmaritimesecurity.com.au s C apability to intercept vessels in Australian waters s I nteragency communication, coordination and collaboration 10.15 Waterfront and seafarer security measures Colonel Clay Sutton, Director Strategy, s A re we adequately protecting those in the front line? Engagement and Counter-Terrorism, Dean Summers, ITF National Coordinator, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service Maritime Union of Australia Please visit the website for regular updates and changes to the program. Be kept in the loop with this event via LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube and our Blog. Full details at www.portmaritimesecurity.com.au
  4. 4. 2011 10.50 Morning tea and networking 14.40 Australia’s contribution to multinational maritime security forces A LOOK AT OTHER SECURITY CRITICAL Case study: HMAS Stuart’s contribution to the Combined Maritime Force (CMF) InDUSTRIES s S eeing the bigger picture: Australian command of 11.10 Passenger security screening: An aviation perspective CTF-150 on customer service and facilitation s W orking closely alongside CMF partners and regional s M aking the security process both easier and quicker, friends to promote security and stability throughout the eliminating delays and improving passenger facilitation surrounding maritime domain s A ddressing regulatory challenges for the implementation s O ur Navy’s contribution to the Combined Maritime process Force (CMF) s R esponding to emerging threats Commodore Greg Sammut, Royal Australian Navy Security Manager, Group Security & Facilitation, Qantas Airways MASS PASSEnGER VESSEL SECURITY 11.45 PAnEL DISCUSSIOn Creating a safe traveling environment for passengers s A dapting security practices to the evolving nature of terrorism s H igh market growth in cruise ships – more passengers, more threats? s T echnological initiatives for security improvements 15.15 Afternoon tea and networking s R aising training and evaluation standards for security personnel at embarkation and onboard ships 15.35 Dealing with maritime crime: Keeping your crew s T he relationship between ports, police and government continuously vigilant bodies: Is more work needed? s A rmed escorts? PANELISTS: Graeme O’Neill, Security Adviser, s A nti-piracy drills to prepare seafarers to handle a piracy Fleet Operations, Carnival Australia situation Stewart Dietrich, Office of Transport Security, s W hat measures should be in place on the company side Department of Infrastructure and Transport in case you’re pirated? Hugh Eagling, Security Manager, Tasports s A n exclusive viewing of Maersk Tankers’ training film to prepare their crew prior to transit 12.30 Lunch and networking Poul Erik Ekkendal, Security Manager, Maersk Tankers, Denmark SECURITY ACROSS THE SUPPLY CHAIn 13.30 Applying risk mitigation strategies ahead of 16.20 The legal and insurance ramifications of piracy for the continuous criminal evolution Australian maritime industry s A n example of shifting risk and criminal targeting applied s International law and piracy to logistics s T he cost of risk: Ensuring the protection of ships, cargo Graeme Mayne, Country Security Manager, and personnel DHL Supply Chain Australia s Insurability of ransom s Contractual safeguards and allocation of risk AnTI-PIRACY COORDInATIOn BETWEEn Nic van der Reyden, Solicitor, Holman Fenwick Willan COUnTRIES, REGIOnS, ORGAnISATIOnS & InDUSTRY FUTURE SECURITY SOLUTIOnS 14.05 Analysis of Anti Piracy measures in the Indian Ocean: 16.45 Security as a business imperative: An executive An assessment of efficacy of ship and port security perspective measures in Indian Ocean ports s I mproving security through investment in training and Commodore R.S. Vasan (Rtd), Head of Strategy and technology Security, Centre for Asia Studies, India s S ecurity as a whole of organisation priority s S ecurity risks and current threats to shipping OnLInE nETWORKInG TOOL s T he counter measures used to mitigate the risk of attacks from piracy and maritime terror Welcome to the Online Networking Tool for Port & s O OCL’s participation in security regimes’ such as Maritime Security 2011. This tool allows delegates, CTPAT speakers, exhibitors and sponsors to extend their networking outside the conference and surrounding social events. All registered Eddy Declerq, Managing Director, OOCL Australia attendees will receive a unique login and password allowing you to John Willy, National Operations Manager, OOCL Australia contact other attendees via the server for a week before and after Port & Maritime Security 2011 - just in case you don’t get to speak 17.25 Close of conference to everyone you wanted to at the event! www.portmaritimesecurity.com.au
  5. 5. Sponsorship & Exhibition “Australia has a world-class security regime but we need to remain vigilant to new and emerging threats…Thesecurity of international shipping is critical to the social and economic prosperity of our region…This is important in the current environment, which includes the risk of terrorist attack on our globalised transportation systems.” Federal Infrastructure and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese, 15 Dec 2010Now in its eighth successive year Port & Maritime Security has an established tradition of bringing together keystakeholders in the maritime industry to offer a clear-cut understanding of the critical factors effecting maritimesecurity today.For information on sponsorship and the boutique exhibition opportunities available at this specialised event,contact: Sarah Cullen on (+61 3) 8842 2430 or email sarah.cullen@informa.com.au Hear why delegates enjoyed Port & Maritime Security 2010 “Great networking opportunities to keep in touch with contemporary thinking about maritime security.” - Principal Advisor, Department of Transport “It gave me an opportunity to expand my horizons, by learning much more about the range of port security issues and the measures being undertaken.” - Shore Officer, InterOil Refinery “It gave me an insight into best practice that I can apply to my port facility.” - Supervisor, AMC Management WANetwork with security representatives from governmentand industry! Port & Maritime Security 2011 will facilitatean efficient interaction between port operators and service Port & Maritime Security 2011providers, shipping companies and other key industries Exhibition Floorplanwith government agencies. Analysis of past Port & Maritime Security attendees Industry Job Function Ports/Shipping 44% Director/CEO 34% Government 28% General Manager 20% Consultants/Legal/Insurance 9% Security Manager 15% Armed Services/Enforcement 8% Operations Manager 13% Technology/Security Solutions 7% Policy/Liaison Officer 11% LNG/Commodities 4% Business Development Manager 7% Job Function UPCOMInG EVEnTS Director/CEO 34% 2012 IHMA Congress General Manager 20% Security Manager 15% 14-18 May 2012, Cork Ireland Operations Manager 13% Policy/Liaison Officer 11% www.globalportoperations.com Business Development Manager 7%
  6. 6. 8th Annual PORT & MARITIME SECURITY 2011 27-28 September 2011, Hilton on the Park, Melbourne3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER STAY CONNECTED WEB www.portmaritimesecurity.com.au LinkedIn Group www.globalportoperations.com/linkedin Telephone (+61 2) 9080 4307 – Please quote the event Twitter www.twitter.com/transportevents (#PMS11) code P11M33 and your unique VIP code with your booking. Blog informaaustralia.wordpress.com Email info@informa.com.au – Please quote the event code P11M33 and your unique VIP code with your booking. YouTube www.youtube.com/informaoz Network with leading professionals and learn from key case studies by registering yourself or your team today. Early BirD ratE StaNDarD ratE REGISTER EARLY & SAVE UP TO $200 Book & pay on or before 08/07/11 Book & pay after 09/07/11 PRICE GST TOTAL SAVE PRICE GST TOTAL Two day conference $2,095.00 $209.50 $2,304.50 $200 $2,295.00 $229.50 $2,524.50 Two day conference & full day workshop $2,890.00 $289.00 $3,179.00 $200 $3,090.00 $309.00 $3,399.00 WORKSHOP AND DINNER RATES Full day workshop only $995.00 $99.50 $1,094.50 PLUS don’t miss the fantastic networking Port & Maritime Security Official Dinner $165.00 $16.50 $181.50 opportunity at the Official Dinner. Port & Maritime Security Official Dinner – Table of ten $1440.00 $144.00 $1584.00 Book your place for the Conference Venue Dinner Venue pre-conference workshop: Hilton on the Park Melbourne BOTTEGA Restaurant 192 Wellington Parade, 74 Bourke Street ‘A practical guide to East Melbourne VIC 3002 Melbourne 3000 developing your maritime Phone: +61 3 9419 2000 Phone: +61 3 9654 2252 security regime’, to ensure you Use your QR Reader App on www.hilton.com www.bottega.com.au your smartphone and scan and your organisation meet this code to take you directly your compliance obligations. Accommodation & Travel to the website For your convenience, please access this event via our website and click on the ‘Venue, Accommodation and Travel’ tab or call the Registration Fees Include Lido Group on 1800 817 339. Travel and accommodation fees are Entrance to the relevant conference package purchased plus refreshments, not included in the conference fees. We do not refund airfares or hotel lunch and online access to available presentations (five working days expenses if the event is cancelled. post event). Please note: travel and accommodation is not included. Privacy Policy & Updating Your Details Dress Code Please visit us online for our full privacy policy at Smart casual wear is suggested along with a sweater or jacket in case www.informa.com.au/privacy. Database amendments can be sent to the conference room is cool. database@informa.com.au or by calling (+61 2) 9080 4307 asking for the database department. Cancellation Policy & Substitutions Payment Terms Cancellations must be advised in writing at least 10 working days prior to the event. An administration fee of $550 (inc 10% GST) will be Payment must be made prior to the event or admittance will not be incurred for cancellations. A refund will not be given if a delegate fails to permitted. A tax invoice and confirmation letter will be emailed to the attend or cancels within 10 working days prior to the event. attendee upon completion of a valid registration. Payment may be made Fully paid delegates unable to attend will be provided with on line by EFT, cheque or credit card. access to speaker presentations post event. Substitutions can be made Please reference the VIP Code and the Event Code below when at any time before the event without penalty. Informa reserves the right making your booking. to cancel, alter the content and/or speakers on any program. Paid registration fees will be fully refunded for cancelled events. A.B.N. 66 086 268 313 REGISTER OnLInE via our secure server www.portmaritimesecurity.com.au SECURE ORDER REGISTER NOWThank you for downloading this brochure about our forthcoming VIP CODEevent. We are delighted to provide you with this program and dohope it assists you with everything you need to know about theagenda. However, should you have any further queries, please P11M33LNKdon’t hesitate to contact us on Telephone: (+61 2) 9080 4307 orE-Mail info@informa.com.au EVEnT CODE To see the most updated agenda, visit the website where you can also register online via our secure server at: P11M33 www.portmaritimesecurity.com.au