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Medina County SPCA Animal Tales Newsletter, Spring 2018


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Medina County SPCA Animal Tales Newsletter is available to view online at

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Medina County SPCA Animal Tales Newsletter, Spring 2018

  1. 1. Full Color Digital Printing For all your printing needs: • Flyers • Letterhead • Business Cards • Business Forms • Brochures Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm Friday: 8:00am-4:30pm Phone: 330-725-4121 455 W. Liberty St. • Medina, OH 44256 • Copying Services • Business Cards • Specialty Items And More SPRING 2018 Established 1985 Oh, I’m feeling pretty special, these days! I’ve got my own little apartment here, got people coming and visiting (LOVE IT), got toys, and I even got to see a special doctor! The doctor? She took pictures of THE INSIDE OF MY HEAD. Amazing. I had no idea they could do that! I must be very handsome on the inside too, because they spent a lot of time taking pictures and talking about me! Best of all, I could breathe so much better when they were done! Awesome sauce! They said that I’m always going to be stuffy in the nose, but that it’s okay because it adds to my charm! The only drawback is that they shaved my lovely neck fur, boo, but they promised that it would grow back to my “lion-like magnificence”, again! Even though I’m still taking the pills they gave me (they’re anti- somethings–antibionics, I think. So, I don’t get bionic?), they said that I can start looking for a home to love me! Now that’s good news! So, if you know someone who wants a cat like me - SUPER friendly, cuddly, playful, good with both cats and dogs, and a bit snuffly in the nose - can you please send them my way? Tell them to ask for Klaus - that’s me! Adopt Klaus Klaus is a wonderful fellow! He is really friendly with everyone, gets along with cats and dogs, plays like a champ and likes to cuddle, too! This guy is just a treat! However, when Klaus got here we immediately noticed he had something going on with his nose. Klaus saw a specialist to find out why he had constant snuffles. His previous owner thought that he had a nasal polyp, but it turns out he does not - he’s a “chronic snuffler”. That means that his Klaus nasal passages are damaged and he’s always going to be a little snotty and sneezy for the rest of his life. In allergy season, he may need some extra help with a steroid shot to keep him comfortable. The good news is that the vet was able to clean out his sinuses and he’s feeling so much better just from that! He’s on antibiotics now and will have to be for a few more weeks, but we’ll gladly send his pills home with him, no problem. You can see in the photo here what his “mane” normally looks like and will grow back to! Klaus does require regular grooming as his coat is a bit too much for him to care for on his own, but he loves brushing! Klaus is 10 years old, neutered, and current on his vaccinations. His adoption fee is sponsored by Sierra’s Gift, so he’s free to adopt! Please feel free to call the shelter to get more information about Klaus or any of the other animals we have available for adoption at 330-723-7722. KLAUS Looking For A Furrever Home
  2. 2. SHELTERNEWS Shadow Do you know of someone who would like a super nice, declawed, musically-meowed lap cat (who is good with nice dogs, too!), can you please send them my way? Tell them to ask for Shadow – that’s me! The Shelters Perspective Medina County SPCA Tracey Miller Director of Operations or puppy into their home is the right decision. Here are a few things to consider: • This is a much longer-term decision. • People that are very active usually have the most success training a kitten or puppy. • Most homes must be puppy or kitten proofed to ensure your new family member is safe. • More time must be spent training the animal. • You will have to housebreak or litter box train the pet and accidents will occur more often during this phase. • Play time will need to be repeated more often. • Personalities may change as the pet gets older. • Current pets will need to be accepting of a young playful animal. • Being woken up at night at the beginning is something you are ok with. • Younger animals can be more susceptible to illness and are fragile. Adult Dogs and Cats. For those of you that just looked at the above list and thought that some or all of those items possibly aren’t for you, might be better suited for an adult pet. I can assure you that most shelter animals come to us well before their final years, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy them during a time that is certainly less active than with kittens and puppies. Some items to consider would be: • The personality will be very close to what you experience in a shelter setting. • You can see how big they are and decide if that works well with your living situation. • If you work full time they will fit into your schedule better. • You are looking for more cuddle time than training time. Adoption. It is my single favorite part of my job. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing someone’s face light up when they meet what will soon be their lifelong furry family member. I also never get tired of the appreciation letters that come to my desk thanking us for a job well done regarding a pet that has been successfully placed in a loving forever home. One question that we get asked at the shelter quite often during the beginning of the adoption process is whether to adopt a grown pet or one that is younger. Although every pet is different and the needs and wants of the owners are different, there are some guidelines that you should follow when making this decision. It is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as this commitment can be very long term. Making the right decision now can lend itself to many years of happiness with your furry family member. Kittens and Puppies. How can you not fall in love with those little balls of fur? Many people have trouble seeing past their playfulness to thoughtfully decide whether introducing a kitten MCSPCA Officers President Tom Jenkins Vice-President Shaun McWilliams Treasurer Nicole Florio Secretary Sandy Larson Board of Directors Hope Hnat Will Klingel George “Hub” Marquis Erica Moehring Bonnie Morris William Post C. Susan Vlcek MCSPCA Staff Tracey Miller Director of Operations Humane Officers Carrie Moore Casandra Sohn Newsletter Editor Tori Thomas Atelier Design, Graphics Tina Wagner Medina County SPCA 8790 Guilford Road Seville, OH 44273 330-723-7722
  3. 3. Leo Leroy sherlock Just some of the MCSPCA pets looking for their forever homes. • You want a less active lifestyle with your pet. • You have younger children and want a pet that would be more tolerant and less fragile. • You have an adult pet already that will be appreciative of a pet friend more their speed. • You want to give a home to a pet that is many times overlooked for the young and playful kittens and puppies we have at the shelter. In the end it is important to remember that all animals get older. So, what you think is a cute ball of fur now, will turn into a much larger version of itself. We often see people wanting to return animals they have adopted from us because their kitten or puppy grew up without the manners that they expected. Unfortunately, animals are only the product of their surroundings. You and your family must put a lot of time into training a young pet if you expect to have a well-mannered adult. If you don’t, bad manners will go on uncorrected and turn a joyful experience into a living nightmare. I urge you to think about the right age of your new family member long before you come to the shelter. It is important to speak to your other adult family members and get feedback from them as well. We are also happy to assist in answering questions both in general and about specific animals we have at the shelter. We want the adoption process to be a positive one that leads to a lifetime of love for a pet in need. Feel free to contact myself or any of our adoption specialists at the shelter for more information at 330-723-7722. We are also always looking for people to sponsor animals at the shelter if adoption is not right for you. Leo Leo is a 1.5 year old Terrier mix who loves to cuddle! This guy knows “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “place”, and comes when called. Leo has lived with cats, dogs, and kids, but he will guard his food, so needs to be fed separately. Leroy Looking for a super nice cat who falls over with happiness when you pet him? Meet LeRoy at Medina Petsmart today! He’s only about 1-2 years old and he was good with the dogs at his finder’s home! Playful and fun, this guy is a treat! Sherlock Sherlock may look like a tough guy, but he is a total sweetheart! This sad fellow came to us injured and clearly no one had loved him in a very long time. Now he is healed up and ready to learn what it is to have a real home that includes plenty of love! If you have love to spare Sherlock is your guy. Sherlock is 5 years old, neutered, and current on his vaccinations.
  4. 4. NEWBEGINNINGS New Beginnings Recently the MCSPCA added Carrie Moore and Casandra Sohn as Humane Officers to their staff. We are very excited about them joining the MCSPCA in this capacity. Each of them sat down for an interview, so we could get to know them better. How did you get started with the MCSPCA? Carrie: “I worked in a vet office in Medina and would see the MCSPCA animals come in for care. I began fostering dogs with medical needs for the MCSPCA shortly thereafter. Three and a half years ago, I was offered a job at the MCSPCA working in animal care. I love working with the different animals, so it has been a perfect fit for me.” Casandra: “I’ve always loved animals and have had several types of pets growing up. I believe watching my mom rescue strays from the streets is what got me started as a young child. I also joke because my late Grandpa Sohn used to do the same thing. Even though I was not there to see him do it and was very young when he passed, my Grandma Sohn says I inherited my love and passion for rescue and nature from him. My love for animals goes beyond dogs and cats. I previously worked in the food service business and wanted to switch from that to working with animals, because it has always been my passion. My first experiences rescuing animals came from a volunteer position through a lost and found page I am the administrator for. I also used to volunteer at a county facility. Searching for a new career with animals, I came across the MCSPCA Facebook page where I saw that they were looking for Kennel Techs. I immediately sent in my resume. Now I’m fulfilling my dream of being a Humane Officer and taking my rescue efforts further.” What is your main job as a Humane Officer? Carrie: “On a daily basis, the MCSPCA receives various complaints about situations that involve animals. A Humane Officer is the person that responds to those complaints. Our job allows us to go out, investigate and hopefully correct these situations. Once we assess the condition of the animals, we can take the steps necessary to resolve the matter. Sometimes it is as simple as educating the owner. In other circumstances, we need to force people to take the animals to the vet. If we see a situation where the animals are in terrible shape or the living conditions are dire, we have the authority to seize the animals. Our job is to be the guardian of all animals.” What is the most rewarding part of your job? Carrie: “For me, the best part is serving animals in need. I want to help be their voice. People choose to get animals and put them in situations that most animals would not like living. We had a lady with a short haired dog living outside in freezing temperatures. We had to go out many times to educate her. It is sad to think that someone had to tell her that keeping the dog outside still meant that she had to keep his water from freezing and make sure he was warm. Sometimes people just don’t think about what they are subjecting an animal to. When I stop by and see the dog either brought inside or changes being made for it to live comfortably outside, I feel good about the job that I am doing.” Casandra: “The best part of being a humane officer is going out and educating people. Many times, people are unaware of the laws or even the care that some animals require. Some people are not deliberately neglecting an animal, but simply don’t know how to properly care for them. I would prefer to keep an animal in its home, if it is reasonable to do so and not contribute to the overpopulation of homeless animals.” Why does a relatively small county like Medina County need Humane Officers? Carrie: “Having a Humane Officer and a shelter in Medina County is important because without us many animals would suffer. We are called out to so many various places with reports of neglected and deceased animals. Without a Humane Officer, these people would be free to continue doing as they are, which, in many situations, is wrong.” Casandra: “It is important to have people making sure that the animals are being well cared for. I have found that educating people on how to care for the pets they have is one of the biggest needs we have in this county. It is surprising to think people get an animal and have no idea what to do with it or what it requires to be healthy. Although this seems like a small county, we still have our share of animal abuse and neglect.” What would you like the public to know about your job? Carrie: “It is important to understand that we are here to help animals and when you call on us, during a situation of abuse, neglect or abandonment, we will do everything within the law to rescue that animal and put it in a better situation. Unfortunately, there are cases when the law doesn’t allow us the ability to do what we want to do. It is not our intent not to respond appropriately, but we are bound to what the current laws provide.” Casandra: “What most of the public does not realize is that as Humane Officers we must follow the laws. Many people think we can just walk up to a house and take all the animals we want to rescue. That’s simply not the case. We have laws and guidelines to follow, which can be limiting at times. I urge anyone that thinks we have gaps in our regulations to advocate for better laws, policies and ordinances, both locally and nationally. We want the public to assist us by calling in what they think is neglect, abuse or abandonment. Without the Carrie Moore and Casandra Sohn
  5. 5. brings Kallie back day after day and she hopes to continue volunteering for a very long time. “If I had the chance to speak to someone that was interested in volunteering at the MCSPCA, I would tell them that it is more than just helping the staff that works there. Each person is making a difference in so many ways for these animals and it is worth the time and effort put in to each of your tasks. The look that the animals give you after you have given them some attention is all worth it.” When Kallie is not volunteering at the MCSPCA, she is a senior at the Medina County Career Center. Her plans after graduation include going to college at The Ohio State University to become an Equine Specialist. Until that time, Kallie plans to keep working with the dogs at the MCSPCA. At home, Kallie has a three-year-old Texel albino guinea pig named Charles. The staff and volunteers want to extend a great big thank you to Kallie for all she does at the MSCSPA. It takes a village of people to offer the loving care and treatment of the animals that come into the shelter and we are very appreciative of all of her efforts. For more information on becoming part of the volunteers at the MCSPCA, please call 330-723-7722. dedicatedHearts The first day that is spent at the Medina County SPCA can bring out many emotions in even the most tough hearted person. The animals looking at you for love, encouragement and comfort can be a bit overwhelming, but for Kallie Allen, her first day as a MCSPCA volunteer, made her even more committed to helping animals. “I was at the shelter cleaning dog cages on my first day and met a black lab named Lucky”, commented Kallie. “Lucky is an older dog, but she is the friendliest dog I have ever been around and we instantly bonded. As I spent time that day with her, I knew I was doing good for a dog that was going through a rough patch and it made me feel good to be able to help her.” That instant connection continued as Kallie spent time volunteering at the shelter. “A few weeks later Tracey asked me to introduce Lucky to a couple that had brought their two dogs to see if Lucky got a along with them”, commented Kallie. “The two dogs weren’t too sure about Lucky since she was bigger than them, but the bond that Lucky and I had helped reassure all of the dogs and everyone got along. They ended up adopting her that night and as I said my goodbyes to Lucky I knew I was someone in her life that made a difference.” Kallie enjoys all the work that she does at the shelter but working with the dogs is her favorite. “I enjoy spending time with the dogs, whether it is walking them, playing with them or bathing them. You develop a very strong bond with these animals and it is hard to see them go to a new home sometimes, but knowing their life is finally going to be good, is the best feeling ever.” This feeling is what DedicatedHearts KallieAllen “Each person is making a difference in so many ways for these animals and it is worth the time and effort put in to each of your tasks. The look that the animals give you after you have given them some attention is all worth it.” help of our citizens we would not be able to do what we do. They can also help by donating much needed items and funds to the MCSPCA.” What pets do you have at home? Carrie: “We have quite a few. Daisy is a Rottweiler that I fostered that had a broken leg. She was such a sweet girl, we made her part of our family. Mack is a Dachshund that is very bonded with my husband. Porsha is a mix breed dog. She was a foster bottle-fed puppy who formed an amazing bond with my daughter, that started when Porsha was only about 4 weeks old. Elsa Is a Havanese. She and I are very attached. Lorna is Chihuahua that was a foster. She was pregnant when she came to us. She was one of those dogs that just fit in to our family. All my foster dogs came from the MCSPCA. I am so lucky to have the most understanding husband that helps me foster dogs and puppies. We have a 6-year-old daughter that loves helping with all the animals too.” Casandra: “My pets include; a 12-year-old Beagle named Franky, whose owners no longer wanted him. Tallahassee or Tally for short, a 9-month-old cat adopted from the MCSPCA. Jeeves, a 5-year-old cat and Cassie a 13-year- old black lab adopted from the MCSPCA. Cassie was abandoned by her owner in a park when she was found to have cancer. Her previous owner, whom told her family Cassie had died and adopted a puppy from another rescue a few days after abandoning her, didn’t expect Cassie would survive long enough for anyone to find her. Thankfully, our readership on Facebook recognized Cassie’s picture when we posted it and let us know what the true story of how Cassie ended up in the park. The MCSPCA removed a cancerous lump from her and now she is doing great! My pets so important to me.” MCSPCA DONATE TODAY
  6. 6. HooveswithHeart LOLA Our family adopted Lola in mid-November, and she’s been a perfect little angel since the first day.  She has grown very comfortable in our home and is a treasured part of our family.  Everyone – I and my teenage children, and our extended family and neighbors, just love her.    We want to thank you and everyone else whom volunteers at the shelter that helped with her.  She’s impeccably housebroken, proudly shows off the things she learned in her training, is super-smart (when she needs to walk she comes and grabs a trash bag and brings it to me), and is very eager to please.  I work from home, so she has constant companionship, as do I.  Her tail whips a mile-a-minute when she hears each of the kids coming.  No one believes that even after just a few weeks with her, anyone could have taken her back to the shelter.  She’s here to stay. She’s been feeling very well – our vet says she gained back most of the weight she had lost, and we haven’t had any issues with her tummy at all since the first few days.  She plays a super game of tug-of-war, loves playing in the snow no matter how cold it is outside, tries to climb in the car most days to go get an ice cream (she remembers), and about once a day rockets around the house during what we call “cuckoo time”.  She’s a super happy little doggy and we all are too.   Here’s a picture of her during a recent walk – she brought along her new favorite toy to show the neighbors.  The toy lasted about 15 minutes after her walk.   She had a very happy Thanksgiving, a very merry Christmas, and we look forward to a great New Year with her as well.  Thank you again for all that you do, and for checking in our new best friend.   Joe & Family     Meetings Board of Directors Meetings Rustic Hills Country Club—5:30pm March 15, 2018 April 19, 2018 May 17, 2018 Fundraising Committee Meetings We need you! The fundraising committee is always looking for new people to join this vital committee. Our focus is to raise funds to ensure the continued care of the rescue animals and the costs incurred operating the shelter. Every member of this committee plays an important part to achieve this. We meet the first Thursday of each month, except for December, at Buehler’s River Styx, 3626 Medina Rd, Medina, OH 44256, at 6:00p.m. Fundraising Coordinator Cindy Brode 330-990-3234 PetSmart Adoption Events Adoption Events are held the first Saturday of the month from 11:00am-2:00pm at PetSmart in Medina. (5011 Grande Blvd, Medina.) Lola Here’s a picture of her during a recent walk – she brought along her new favorite toy to show the neighbors.  The toy lasted about 15 minutes after her walk. Looking For A Furrever Home HOPE Hope ’s Story Hope is a 25-year-old Pony of the Americas (POA). She is 11.2 hands and has been ridden in the past. It’s been 5 years since anyone has ridden her, so she would need a refresher course. She would also need lots of slow conditioning to get her in shape. This sweetheart gets along very well with other horses and would make a wonderful addition as pasture playmate. Hope is also very sweet to handle. Her soft nature will just warm your heart! If you would like to give this girl a loving home for her remaining years, please call the shelter at 330-723-7722 for more information about Hope. HOPE
  7. 7. Name: ������������������������������������������ Phone: ( ������ ) ��������- ����������������������� Email: ����������������������������������������� No. of Guests: ������ x $35 = ���������������������� Reservations $35 — (Tables of 8) Sponsorship Level q Leader of the Pack $1,000 (8 Complimentary Reservations) q Top Dog $500 (4 Complimentary Reservations) q Fat Cat $250 (2 Complimentary Reservations) q Best Friend $100 q Cat’s Meow $50 q Furry Friend $25 Total Amount Enclosed: $������������ Make checks payable to: Medina County SPCA Visa and Mastercard Accepted To make reservations: Mail to: Medina County SPCA Attn: Dinner Auction 8790 Guilford Road Seville, OH 44273 Reservations close on April 6th, 2018 April 21, 2018 Social Hour/Viewing 5:00pm Welcoming Remarks 6:15pm Dinner 6:30pm Live Auction to Follow Dinner Reservations $35 For reservations mail to: Medina County SPCA Attn: Dinner Auction 8790 Guilford Road Seville, OH 44273 or call 330-723-7722 Reservations close on April 6th, 2018 Diamond Event Center 1480 Pearl Road Brunswick Plaza Brunswick, Ohio 44212 For more information please contact the MCSPCA at 330-723-7722 Reservations are available online at Please join us for this casual fun-filled fundraising event! To Sponsor or Donate an Item Please call the shelter 330-990-3234 or Cindy 330-388-3816 by April 6th in order to be included in the program.
  8. 8. wiskers&Wags Mr. Kitty If you know someone who would want a cat like me – a bit thin, cross-eyed with less-than-perfect-vision, but super nice (and good with nice dogs, too), can you please send them my way? Tell them to ask for Mr. Kitty – that’s me! P Looking For A Furrever Home Looking for that person that loves a little bit of a challenge. Penny is only one year old and has been through at least four different homes. She was found as a stray, went into a foster home for a few weeks, went to the shelter and was returned to her owners. After a couple of months went by, she was then given to a friend of the owner who eventually surrendered her back to the shelter. She has never found her home or her people. All we know now is that she is safe and she is looking for her forever person. Penny is young, energetic, full of life and full of love. She loves all people, does well with most dogs if there is a proper meet and greet and even has potential with cats. Penny knows how to sit and shake but that’s it. She is partially house trained but will need someone to let her out more often. When in the foster home, she only had accidents when left for extended periods of time of ten hours or more. The area that Penny has the hardest time is her leash manners. You see, when a puppy or high energy dog doesn’t get exercise they have trouble focusing on being an obedient dog. If she had her own person that would get her out to play and work on her leash manners, Penny would find her grove and be an amazing walking or running companion. Penny loves tug of war and she gets so excited to go outside that she jumps up and grabs the leash the whole way outside. Once on a walk she calms down and walks decently on a leash. If Penny had proper daily exercise and a reward-based training routine she would thrive.  Penny loves food and is very treat motivated. She’s even been introduced to the treadmill a few times and seems to enjoy it. Penny is recommended not to go to a home with small children due to her high energy, jumping, and nipping. She tends to accidentally grab your fingers or pinch your arm while in her excited state. She will also grab at your feet. We said untrained, didn’t we? These behaviors attribute to the very minimal amount of exercise she is currently receiving and her lack of training. Someone willing to put time and effort into changing that, would be a perfect fit for Penny because she is so willing to please. enny Penny has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and has tested neg. for heartworm which is included in the $75 adoption fee. If you would like to adopt this adorable girl, you must come into the shelter for a meet and greet. Feel free to call the shelter at 330-723-7722 for more information on penny or any of our other adoptable animals.
  9. 9. General Volunteer Orientation March: Saturday, March 3 at 10:00am April: Saturday, April 7 at 10:00am May: Saturday, May 5 at 10:00am You can get more information and sign up for the training orientations on Facebook.We Need Your Empty Printer Cartridges! Please drop your used printer cartridges off to any Staples. By using our telephone number, 330-723-7722, we will earn money towards office supplies. Thank you! VolunteerNews Cuddly Kittens We always have kittens at the MCSPCA. Come in and check out the kaboodle of kitties and while you are there make sure you visit with our older cats. They can be just as adorable! While shopping you can pick up one or more of the items listed below: If you would like to donate to the Medina County SPCA, below is a list of items we are always in need of: • Canned food for kittens and adult cats (Friskies, Fancy Feast, 9-Lives) • Pedigree or Purina One (Regular sized or “Small Bites” for puppy and adult dogs) • Purina Cat & Kitten Chow dry for our cats and kittens • Kitten replacement milk (GNC, KMR, Just Born, PetLac-NO HARTZ PLEASE) • Pellet, clumping or fragrance free non-clumping clay litter • Small paper boats available at GFS • Cat & dog toys • Horse feed (we purchase Safe Choice) • Good quality hay  • Paper towels • Bleach • Gift cards (pet stores, gas stations, TSC, Towne & Country, WalMart) Volunteertraining schedule(ClassTimeshavechanged) NEW WEBSITE Check out our new and improved website where you can find up to date information about adoptable animals, news and a calendar of events. Want to get the newsletter delivered to your email? You can sign up for it there! Go to We would like to thank Kassey Sikora for volunteering to update our website. Kassey Sikora C O P P E R C L E Design + Creative Consulting 419.560.5383 Dog Volunteer March: Wednesday, March 14 at 6:00pm April: Thursday, April 12 at 6:00pm May: Thursday, May 10 at 6:00pm
  10. 10. Become a Ray of Hope in an abused animal’s life dues, donations and fundraising events to survive. As Medina County grows, there are more and more animals that need our help. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and your contribution is tax deductible to the extent of the law. Please renew or join the commitment to the animals of Medina County and help speak for those who have no voice. Please renew your membership or become a member today! For more information please call 330-723-7722. BlakeBlake is what we call a survivor. He’s a great cat and would love for you to come adopt him today! He was born in August of 2012. He gets along wonderfully with cats and dogs. FUTUREEVENTSmembership For those of you that were members in 2017, thank you so much for your membership with the Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Your support helped us care for more than 1,300 abused, neglected and homeless animals this year. More animals need your help – won’t you please renew your membership for 2018? We provide care and service for animals in need around the clock, seven days a week – every day of the year. Our Humane Officer investigates animal cruelty cases and our Animal Rescue Team is on call at all times. We provide a sanctuary for sick and injured animals, and we never euthanize for space. As Medina County’s official Humane Society, we are grateful for the support we receive from the county and municipalities, but that pays for less than 15% of our annual expenses. Also, please be aware that donations to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) are not forwarded to our local shelter. We must rely upon membership membershipsMatters Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________ State: _____ Zip: ______________ Phone: __________________________ Please give us your email address, so we can keep you updated on all upcoming events and news. Email: ________________________________________________________________________ I am interested in finding out more about the following: ____ Adoption Committee _____ Fundraising Committee _____ Humane Education _____ Newsletter ____ Shelter Volunteer _____ Event Volunteer _____ PR/Marketing ____ Being a Rescue Agent _____ Being a Cat Foster Home _____ Being a Dog Foster Home Please make all checks payable to: Medina County SPCA • 8790 Guilford Road, Seville, OH 44273 MCSPCA DONATE TODAY Please help support the MCSPCA by renewing, becoming a new member or purchasing a gift of membership for a friend or family member. One hundred percent (100%) of fees stay in Medina County and directly support the thousands of dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals that have been saved through our efforts. Consider becoming a member today and make a difference in an abused animal’s life. Membership Levels Individual $25 Family $45 Student $10 Senior (60+) $15 Corporate $200 Lifetime $1000 Mario Mario’s owner has a medical condition and had to surrender him to the MCSPCA for his own safety. If you maybe know of someone who would like a SUPER SWEET cat like me – who loves to be loved on and gives little kisses – can you please send them my way? Tell them to ask for Mario – that’s me!
  11. 11. FUNDRAISINGFUN The most fun you will have in 2018!
  12. 12. HONORS/TRIBUTES In honor of Courtney Cassidy for all the donations raised from her party In honor of therapy dogs Judith Cross In honor of my daughter, Anna Christopher & Jennifer Soska In honor of the people who love, help and rescue our furry friends Kathy Semanco Zak & Squeaker Michael Olshavsky Rodgers - Gow Wedding Lori Rodgers Klondike Lorna McCaslin Holly Carla Maas Julz Williams Carol & Mark Williams-Young Mike Johnston Jeffrey & Cheryl Pace Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Acklin Larry & Cathy Warner Richard Wise and Lynn Allen Sherry Zimmerman Sandy & Mike Larson Kelly & Jesse Micire Will & Carol Klingel Erin Hachtel Mike Corradini, Ashley Demyan & Calvin Ellen Corradini Linda McClure Lisa McClure MEMORIALS Angela McKim Falcon Industries Ann Kukay Tom Kukay Barbara Havlin Michael & Jennifer Brickner Barbara McKelvey Merry Christmas from Kristine Swartz Barbara Uveges Esther Jo Spechalske Gary & Karen Yerse Mr. & Mrs. Dean Pour Wendy Warner Elva & Bill Dunham Braeden C. Poole Kelly Poole Cindy Richardson Lisa Stovall Clyde Rhoads Mary Whitesell Debra K. VanBlarcum Mark VanBlarcum Diana Johns Karen & Colin Johns Lori Less Dick Wagner Pamela Wagner Dorothy Reiter Harmon Jan Reinhold E.F. “Jack” Heiszek Suzanne Heiszek Gerald Nash, Sr. Kimberly Virzi Jeffrey Taraba Family Phil & Nina Asbury Robert Sandy Sandra Bucher Marc & Monica Malinowski Steven Papotto Kristin Shaw Timothy Grasson Gail Reddinger Michael & Patricia Bundy June Olivo Janet Aikman Helen & Jim Young Jim Pfeiffer Sandy & Mike Larson Joseph Kornmayer Norman & Phyllis Wolff Gerald & Judy Porter George & Donna Wolff Gregory & Deborah Nichols Glenn & Peg Smith Dale & Diana Hendricks Judy Couchey Larry & Cathy Warner Judy Vilt Elaine & Daniel Monroe Marcia Hinds Jamie & Mike Piechuta Marianne Huffman Robert & Laura Bogdanski Melanie Misencik Joe & Beverly McGlamery Ozzie Neroni Brandon Rapp Ray D. Zimmerman Sherry Zimmerman Robert Fearer Cynthia Turk Robert Whitford Parma Professional Firefighters Roger Fritz Marilyn Kapolka Mary Ann Whipkey Sheila Roberts Danny Roberts Susan Potterton Lodi Literary Club Douglas & Emelia Davis Russell & Mary Gortner Ted & Ginny Akins Emily Parrish Vivian Lombardi Kim Hoessly Katherine Caprez Maria Kipfstuhl Holly Custer & friends in the Akron District Since 1985, the Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a non-profit volunteer-based organization, has helped abused, neglected and injured animals in our community. Thousands of dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals have been saved through the efforts and generosity of our caring members and donors, to whom we are deeply grateful. To all of these donors we would like to express our deepest gratitude. SPCAMemorials,honorsandtributes MCSPCA DONATE TODAY
  13. 13. JuliaJulia is a friendly girl looking for love. She’s approximately 6 years old so she’s out of the kitten stage and into the lap loving stage. Stop out to meet her today. RAINBOW BRIDGE Blue Danielle Shrimpton Buffy, Peggy & Katie Sally Otterbacher Charlie Rodriguez - a wonderful therapy dog Janet Rodriguez Greta Linda Fussi Gus & Pepper Sharon & Dennis Revlock Lexi Joan Hoffman Max Jacki West Murphy the Cat, aka Big Boy Suzanne Slimak My boys, Buster & Baxter Linda Baney My Little Gremlin Barbara Saylor Kremer In loving memory of Nilo Boesiger, Yvonne Jones Oscar John Hood Our beloved, 17 year old Sheltie, Casey Knudson Joanne & Lloyd Knudsen Sandy & Mike Larson Maggie & Frank Schlund Our toy Poodle, Tiny Frank & Carole Klingshirn Ozzy Lorna McCaslin Pablo Keefer Maggie & Frank Schlund Penny McBride Diana McBride Pita, Luna, Chole, and Tang Phyllis Taranto Community Action The MCSPCA was involved in a situation this past January where we had to immediately seize a large macaw and an exotic turtle. Both animals were found living in filth and starving. We reached out to our Facebook followers with a need of a large aquarium for the turtle and large cage for the macaw. Within minutes, we started getting responses that led us to two very generous people that donated supplies to help these animals. Sometimes the Humane Officers of the MCSPCA must take control of exotic animals that are not usual residents of the shelter. Thanks to the help of social media, our very generous community and our team of vets, we can quickly turn a bad situation around for these animals and get them the help they need for their specific breeds. We love Medina! After we were able to assess both animals, it turns out that the turtle that we named, Mrs. Turtle, is a Red Eared Slider. Although very pretty, she is illegal to own in the state of Ohio without a special permit.  Due to her living conditions, Mrs. Turtle had a bacterial infection from living in water that was so filthy you could not tell there was a turtle in the aquarium until she popped her head out of the water. She will stay with us until her infection is gone and then the Ohio Department of Wildlife will find a safe place for her to live. Angel, the macaw, is 10 to 12 years old. She was also living in very unsanitary conditions and was being fed a diet of Cheerios and oatmeal at the time of surrender.  Angel also has a condition called scissor beak, where the lower part of the beak grows up and to the side of the upper part of the beak. The result is a bird who cannot close her mouth properly. Scissor beak does happen with birds, but if the bird is taken to a vet as soon as it’s noticed, corrective action can be taken. The earlier scissor beak is caught and treated, the better! Left alone, it can make eating very difficult. So far, we have had her beak filed twice and we are happy to say that Angel will be up for adoption in the next few weeks. If you are interested in finding out more about the needs of the MCSPCA and what can be donated to help our rescues, please call 330-723-7722. Support the MCSPCA when you shop at! Set Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as your Amazon Smile partner and a percentage of your purchases will be donated to MCSPCA each time you shop through Amazon Smile. All you have to do is use Amazon Smile instead of Amazon when you order online. Go to Log in to your account. At top right menu, go to Your Account > Your Amazon Smile. Click Choose or Change Charity. Search for Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, click. Add the Smile icon (Amazon Assistant) to your favorites, bookmarks or easy access bar and click it when you want to order. communityaction
  14. 14. Bubble If you maybe know of someone who needs a VERY SWEET cat with a non-stop purr (and they don’t mind that she’s carrying some extra weight, right now), can you please send them my way? Tell them to ask for Bubble. Preserving the Past. Carving the Future. City of Medina Medina City Hall 132 North Elmwood Ave. Medina, Ohio 44256 Phone: 330-725-8861 3444 Medina Road Medina, OH 4221 Center Rd Brunswick, OH Sun 9 AM - 7 PM Mon 9 AM - 4 PM Tue - Sat 9 AM - 8 PM ALDI 45 Public Square Medina, Ohio PHONE: 330-952-0900 EMAIL: SALES@ONELUCKYDOGBAKERY.COM 5399 River Styx Rd. Medina, OH 44256 (330) 725-4281
  15. 15. Sandra Jenkins 330-273-1777 Boarding • Grooming • Daycare board@ WeDeliver NewsthatMatters Rebecca Sullivan 645 Lafayette Road Medina, OH 44256 (330) 722.7804 Rob Freedline 330.431.4954 MAIN: 330.665.4996 • FAX: 330.665.5972 1321 CENTERVIEW CIRCLE AKRON, OH 44321
  16. 16. Sponsorships are available in the form of pavement bricks. These engraved bricks will be used to enhance the uniqueness of our facility. Buy a brick as a gift for a birthday, retirement, memorial and other special occasions. Buying a brick for a local business is a great way to advertise! Please make checks payable to Medina County SPCA. Order Form: Name: ____________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________________________ PaversDonation Paver............$50 (No symbol) Paver............$75 (With symbol) Mail to: Medina County SPCA 8790 Guilford Rd., Seville, OH OrderToday! Paving the Way for the Rescue Animals of Medina County! showyourcommitmenttoMCSPCA by purchasingapavertoday. Additonal Symbol (Circle One): Yes ($75) No ($50) Select a Symbol (Circle One): Heart Paws Angel Cross Starburst Cross Flower 3 Lines (20 characters maximum per line.): qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq Happy Tales Susie Our goal at the MCSPCA is to have every one of the animals we care for find their furever homes. Mark Gretchen Malley Ursala Diesel Fuzzenator & Zeek Smores