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MCSpca Newsletter Summer 2018 (Interactive)


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We are the Medina County Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 humane society. Our Federal ID is 34-1507786.
The mission of the Medina County SPCA is to protect and care for animals in our community from abuse, cruelty, neglect, injury and abandonment. We are an independent local shelter with no ties to any national organization or rescues, and we employ Humane Officers and Emergency Rescue Technicians who respond to calls about animals in need.

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MCSpca Newsletter Summer 2018 (Interactive)

  1. 1. Full Color Digital Printing For all your printing needs: • Flyers • Letterhead • Business Cards • Business Forms • Brochures Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm Friday: 8:00am-4:30pm Phone: 330-725-4121 455 W. Liberty St. • Medina, OH 44256 • Copying Services • Business Cards • Specialty Items And More Summer 2018 Established 1985 Looking for a sweet pup who wants to be part of your forever family? Meet Lenny! Lenny is a Husky mix that is approximately 4 years old. Lenny is a people dog! He loves the company of people and doesn’t even like to be left outside by himself for too long. He just wants to be part of a family! Lenny is good on a leash and seems to be partially house trained. He wants to be close to you and is almost always gentle when taking treats. He’s a sweet, friendly boy! Lenny is dog selective so if you have an existing dog, a meet and greet is needed to make sure that the chemistry is right on both sides. Adopt Lenny today! Lenny is neutered, microchipped, and current on his vaccinations. His adoption fee is just $150. Come on in to meet Lenny today! Lenny Looking For A Furrever Home
  2. 2. MCSPCA Officers President Tom Jenkins Vice-President Shaun McWilliams Treasurer Nicole Florio Secretary Sandy Larson Board of Directors Jennifer Anzalone Cindy Brode Hope Hnat Will Klingel Michael Kozimor Dr. Thomas Lehner Erica Moehring Bonnie Morris Diane Pekarek William Post MCSPCA Staff Tracey Miller Director of Operations Humane Officers Carrie Moore Casandra Sohn Newsletter Editor Tori Thomas Atelier Design, Graphics Tina Wagner Medina County SPCA 8790 Guilford Road Seville, OH 44273 330-723-7722 other way when there are animals in need. It is not like they have anyone else to help them. Here are just a few of the larger ticket items that we have paid for: Dentals: $1000 Leg surgeries and amputations: $5800 Eye surgeries: $725 Stomach and bladder surgeries: $1443 Neglect situations needing emergency services: $3900 THIS TOTALS $12868.00 FOR THREE MONTHS! Most people believe that veterinary care for a non-profit shelter, like the MCSPCA, is free. Although we make arrangements with local vets for discounted pricing on services and medicine, we still must bear the burden of the majority of the expenses. Veterinarians can’t afford to pay to care for the number of animals SHELTERNEWS Cookie Pictured is Cookie, the Mini Rex girl. She’s super soft and lovely. Cookie is 5 years old. Come on in to meet our bunnies! Adoption fee for bunnies is $25. The Shelters Perspective Medina County SPCA Tracey Miller Director of Operations As you know from reading my articles every quarter, I have my favorite parts of being the Director of Operations at the Medina County SPCA. Seeing animals being placed in homes that will take care of them forever, helping animals in horrible situations and educating the public about caring for their pets, are all high on the list of wonderful things that happen at a shelter. Unfortunately, with the good also comes the bad and one of those items is asking for financial help when we start to see our expenses of helping animals is exceeding our funds. This year has been horrendous when it comes to the medical needs of the rescue animals we have brought in. I am speaking for just the first three months of 2018! When I look over the staggering amount of money that we have spent since January 1st through March 31st, I am shocked at the extreme burden that our shelter has taken on by neglect cases that have far exceeded what I have ever witnessed the entire time I have worked here. Although the burden is huge, we don’t want to look the
  3. 3. that we bring to them to help. So, when we get to a crossroads where our expenses start to outgrow our income, we reach out for donations and hope the community and businesses will help us. All the above is why the constant support of our wonderful community and area businesses is so important. Just like any for profit company, our shelter must not spend what it doesn’t have. So, when caring people and businesses send in their hard-earned money, we put it to good use and help the animals that we can. The more money we have, allows us to help more animals and take on the cases that other shelters won’t. If you can help us, even with a small donation, please know we spend each cent carefully, hoping we can get the maximum out of it. We are in the business of helping all animals and it doesn’t come cheap, but the help that you send with your donation turns into a priceless gift to that animal. Thank you for your consideration in donating to the Medina County SPCA. Please feel free to call the shelter at 330-722-7722 for more information about financial and product donations. All donations are tax deductible under the rules of non-profit 501.c3 companies. Animal Affair 2018 was a “pawsitively” awesome event benefitting the animals in need in our shelter and barn. Special thanks to the staff at the Diamond Event Center in Brunswick for the wonderful buffet dinner and excellent service. Kudos to Mike Kovack, Medina County Auditor, for once again volunteering his time and talents to serve as our Master of Ceremonies!  Mike and our auctioneer, Mark Walton, made a great team. The live auction was lots of fun and a huge success! Fundraising chairperson, Cindy Brode, along with her team of AMAZING volunteers wish to thank all who sponsored, donated, attended or volunteered. Take a BOW… WOW!  Our numbers this year are impressive and record- breaking… over $42,000 in net proceeds!! What generous supporters we have in our little corner of this world.  Thank you to all for keeping our rescue animals close to your hearts! Special thanks to our media sponsor for Animal Affair 2018, ~The Gazette~ A round of applause to these “purrfectly” wonderful sponsors! Holland & Muirden - Attorneys at Law, Carol & Will Klingel, Joanne & Lloyd Knudsen, Mary-Marg & Hub Marquis, Med Vet Akron, Cleveland Express Trucking, The Gazette, Auditor Mike Kovack, Shoreline Express, Westfield Bank, George Brown & Associates, Hunting Ridge Animal Hospital, Jacquelyn Kehnle, Char Klimko, Krakowski Trucking, Judy Kumerow, Sandy & Mike Larson, Mary Kay & Shaun McWilliams, Erica Moehring, Kelly & Dave Schindelholz, Michele Sherrin, Susan & Ron Vlcek, Judy & Mark Welday, Nicole Florio, Julie & Michael Goyette, Jo-Ellen Rokicsak, Pam Voss, Barlett-Cook Flowers, Brentley’s Tavern of Lodi – Sandra Dudas, Maria Buckel & Rob Stein, Clifton Eggleton, Karen & Tom Rayk, Cynthia & Jack Scanlon, Deb Trenta, Sharon & Arlen Vanasdal, Sandy Wood, Eisley Demerest, and Donna Rouscher FUNDRAISINGFUN
  4. 4. CommunityNews Community Help By Nicole Florio The Noon Kiwanis Club of Medina held its second annual literacy contest among Medina school district sixth-grade students benefitting local charities. The students were invited to research a charity of their choice and write a two-page essay about the charity and how the student is impacted by the charity. Four winners were chosen and each were given a $150 check to present to their charity at the Kiwanis recognition luncheon on March 8th at Williams on the Lake. Maddy Kessler’s essay on the Medina County SPCA was chosen as one of the winners. Maddy is a sixth-grade student at A.I. Root Middle School and she is an animal lover. Every year for her birthday Maddy requests that her friends purchase donations for the SPCA in lieu of gifts. She says she loves knowing that she got to be a part of helping animals. A BIG thank you to Maddy!! CONGRATULATIONS Kelley Blackburn 2018 Volunteer of the Year When it comes to someone who has dedicated their life to helping animals, Kelley Blackburn has filled her life with all things furry, feathery, shelly and such. A self-proclaimed owner of a menagerie, Kelley and her family share their home with seven cats, one dog, two rabbits, five chickens, a hedgehog, a guinea pig, two tortoises, four birds and a few reptiles. A volunteer with the Medina County SPCA for four of her twelve years of volunteering with animal rescues, Kelley has found her niche bottle feeding litters of kittens for the MCSPCA, as well as being the person that sets up the displays of cats and kittens at the Medina PetSmart. When asked why she takes on so much on for the shelter, Kelley focuses on the best part of helping animals. “I like getting animals adopted”, replied Kelley. When it comes to someone who has dedicated their life to helping animals,Kelley Blackburn has filled her life with all things furry, feathery, shelly and such.
  5. 5. somewhat specialneeds. The last stall is kept open for a horse that may need 24/7 care. We love each one of them and the love they give back is worth all the cleaning, shoveling and feeding four times a day!  There is never a day that they don’t make me smile and feel grateful for each one of them. dedicatedHearts When asked how people get involved with the Medina County SPCA, there are a variety of answers. For Maggie Schlund, it was because of a neglect case that revolved around a horse. “I have been at MCSPCA nine years”, recalls Maggie.  “I decided to start volunteering because of a severely neglected horse that lived approximately two miles from my house. The horse had to be euthanized and sadly, the people never got prosecuted. After that, I knew I had to do something.” Maggie’s beginnings with the MCSPCA started by a day here or there cleaning cat cages. That turned in to housing dogs. Before she knew it, she was volunteering 6-7 days a week cleaning cat cages and helping to care for the dogs that lived at the shelter. “As time went on and we had more volunteers, I moved over to the bookkeeping side, along with sending all the thank you notes for donations that we received.  Now, I continue to do the bookkeeping, making sure all the bills are paid on time. I also still keep updated on what goes on daily as far as the animals are concerned”. When asked about her favorite animals, Maggie doesn’t shy away from too many of them. “I love all animals, except large spiders and any type of snakes. I have a tremendous fear of both,   but my great love is for horses, of which we currently have five. In the beginning, we fostered horses for MCSPCA and eventually adopted three that have DedicatedHearts MaggieSchlund “Each person is making a difference in so many ways for these animals and it is worth the time and effort put in to each of your tasks. The look that the animals give you after you have given them some attention is all worth it.” As for other animals, Maggie and her husband have six cats, that are all rescues.  Not afraid to shy away from animals that need a little more TLC, Maggie has one cat that is diabetic and must have insulin shots twice a day and another that has three legs. The Schlund’s also had a canine companion. “We had a wonderful dog named Mila that many at the shelter would remember. We were blessed to have her five and a half, wonderful years and lost her in a heartbeat from a tumor that ruptured on an artery.  Someday another senior or two will come our way and we will have paw prints everywhere again.” In retrospect for Maggie, the time she has spent at the shelter has been as much wonderful as it has been heartbreaking. “It’s fun and it’s frustrating.  I get so angry when people surrender animals because they’re not willing to keep a commitment.  I’ve had to bite my tongue many times. The great parts are the animals.  They have so much to give, which makes you want to take them all home.  I’ve made many friends over the years including my hero, Director of Operations, Tracey Miller. She is truly the most dedicated person and I highly respect her for all her efforts through the years.  She is the glue that keeps the shelter together. I also have tremendous respect for the help that the volunteers continue to give. I think volunteering is wonderful, but I also know it’s not for everyone.  Even I have difficulty seeing animals in cages and kennels.  It’s just plain depressing, but it is sometimes the only way we can start the process of helping them”. Over the past nine years, Maggie has become a crucial part of the inner workings of the shelter. Her effort and drive to help as many animals as possible that come through the shelter doors has not been unnoticed. The staff and volunteers would like to thank Maggie for her many years of dedicated service to the MCSPCA. If you would like more information about volunteering with the MCSPCA, please call the shelter at 330-722-7722.
  6. 6. Meetings Board of Directors Meetings Rustic Hills Country Club—5:30pm June 21, 2018 July 19, 2018 August 16, 2018 Fundraising Committee Meetings We need you! The fundraising committee is always looking for new people to join this vital committee. Our focus is to raise funds to ensure the continued care of the rescue animals and the costs incurred operating the shelter. Every member of this committee plays an important part to achieve this. We meet the first Thursday of each month, except for December, at Buehler’s River Styx, 3626 Medina Rd, Medina, OH 44256, at 6:00p.m. Fundraising Coordinator Cindy Brode 330-990-3234 PetSmart Adoption Events Adoption Events are held the first Saturday of the month from 11:00am-2:00pm at PetSmart in Medina. (5011 Grande Blvd, Medina.) Looking For A Furrever Say HI to Laverne! Laverne is a 2-3-year-old Shepherd mix girl. Poor Laverne is very scared of new people and situations. Even the camera taking her picture was scary. However, once she starts to feel safe, we have found that she’s a VERY sweet girl and loves to be loved on! She has a timid heart that needs a patient and gentle person who will make her feel comfortable with her surroundings. Laverne is not house trained, but she’s working on it. She’s also still learning what toys are and how to play with them. Please feel free to call the shelter at 330-722-7722 for more information about Pocahontas, Lenny and Laverne or other adoptable animals. Laverne
  7. 7. ATTENTION ALL MCSPCA ADOPTED PETS, YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO ATTEND Sunday, September 9th, 2018 | 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm The 6th Annual Medina County SPCA Pet Adoption Reunion Picnic Even if you haven’t adopted an animal, maybe you took care of them at the shelter or maybe you fostered.  For whatever reason, you too are welcome to attend the 6th Annual Pet Adoption Picnic.   Please bring or send in a favorite picture of your pet to create a collage to display all our rescued friends. (Please put your name & phone number on back of photo) Family Fun, Food, Prizes and Raffles  All dogs must be current on vaccines including Rabies & be on a leash at all times (dogs must be people and dog friendly – no retractable leashes please).   Even if you don’t bring your pet, you are welcome to join the festivities and meet other adopters. Watch the MCSPCA website & Facebook for more details. Mail to: Medina County SPCA Attn: Pet Adoption Reunion Picnic 8790 Guilford Road Seville, OH 44273 You can also call the shelter to sign up at 330-723-7722. FUNDRAISINGFUN 2018018 Location: Medina County SPCA 8790 Guilford Road Seville, OH 44273 330-723-7722 Cost: $5 per person $20 per family PLEASE RSVP by Monday August 27th. Cut along line and return this portion to the Medina County SPCA. Name: ________________________________________ Number of Attending: ____ Adults _____ Children Number of Friendly Dog(s) Attending:_________ $5 per person - $20 per family Amount Enclosed: $____________ We cannot attend, but would like to make the enclosed donation of $___________ to the Medina County SPCA.
  8. 8. wiskers&Wags Manny Manny has had it RUFF! He was locked in a trailer with a bunch of other Chihuahuas. He was incredibly under socialized, scared and nervous of people. Manny has been fostered by a K9 Behavioral Specialist, and he has come so incredibly far in that time but will still need a very special owner who will take the time to get to know him. Call for an appointment to meet Manny. P Looking For A Furrever Home Check out this wonderful Whiskers to Wags kitten. I’m invisible... no one can see me... I’m invisi... oh! You can see me, can’t you? Um... you don’t eat cats, do you? No? Whew! That’s good! It’s just one of those things I worry about. Probably silly, but... you never know. Which is why I practice being invisible. I guess I need a little more practice. But since you CAN see me, maybe... you can pet me? They say that my fur is quite soft!  A toy? Yes, I love to play with toys! If you have a minute, maybe you could play with me? Interactive toys where I can play with a person are my favorite! A home? Oh yes, I want a home! In a home, I’d know that I was safe with nice people and wouldn’t have to be invisible anymore, ever! That’s what it’s like to be loved. So if maybe you know of someone who needs a cat like me – pretty shy at first, but very sweet and playful when I feel safe - can you please send them my way? Tell them to ask for Pocahontas – that’s me! More about Pocahontas: This adorable cat does try to be invisible at first, until she feels safe with a new person. Once she warms up though, she loves to be petted and played with! And she has such lovely soft fur, too! Pocahontas is 5 years old, spayed, and current on her vaccinations. Her adoption fee is just $25 at the shelter.  ocahontas Congratulations JayJay! JayJay, a pit bull/boxer mix was adopted this month by Nick. We are so exstatic that someone has dedicated their personal time and effort into helping JayJay become the dog we all know he is. The good news is that he has tons of potential and he’s friendly and very treat-motivated JayJay loves squeaky toys! We will miss you JayJay!
  9. 9. General Volunteer Orientation June: June 9, 2018 at 10:00am July: July 21, 2018 at 10:00am August: Aug 4, 2018 at 10:00am You can get more information and sign up for the training orientations on Facebook. We Need Your Empty Printer Cartridges! Please drop your used printer cartridges off to any Staples. By using our telephone number, 330-723-7722, we will earn money towards office supplies. Thank you! VolunteerNews Cuddly Kittens We always have kittens at the MCSPCA. Come in and check out the kaboodle of kitties and while you are there make sure you visit with our older cats. They can be just as adorable! While shopping you can pick up one or more of the items listed below: If you would like to donate to the Medina County SPCA, below is a list of items we are always in need of: • Canned food for kittens and adult cats (Friskies, Fancy Feast, 9-Lives) • Pedigree or Purina One (Regular sized or “Small Bites” for puppy and adult dogs) • Purina Cat & Kitten Chow dry for our cats and kittens • Kitten replacement milk (GNC, KMR, Just Born, PetLac-NO HARTZ PLEASE) • Pellet, clumping or fragrance free non-clumping clay litter • Small paper boats available at GFS • Cat & dog toys • Horse feed (we purchase Safe Choice) • Good quality hay  • Paper towels • Bleach • Gift cards (pet stores, gas stations, TSC, Centerra, WalMart) Volunteertraining schedule Dog Volunteer June: June 12, 2018 at 6:00pm July: July 25, 2018 aat 6:00pm August: Aug 9, 2018 at 6:00pm We LOVE Our Volunteers at the MCSPCA! Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers that donate their personal time to supporting the Medina County SPCA! Megan and Brooke saying hi to weary shoppers at Buehlers, River Styx, Medina, while collecting donations for homeless kittens in Medina County. Sue and Kathy had lots of company at Centerra, Medina collecting donations for homeless kittens in Medina County. Stephanie JudyDebbie
  10. 10. Become a Ray of Hope in an abused animal’s life dues, donations and fundraising events to survive. As Medina County grows, there are more and more animals that need our help. We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and your contribution is tax deductible to the extent of the law. Please renew or join the commitment to the animals of Medina County and help speak for those who have no voice. Please renew your membership or become a member today! For more information please call 330-723-7722. BlakeBlake is what we call a survivor. He’s a great cat and would love for you to come adopt him today! He was born in August of 2012. He gets along wonderfully with cats and dogs. FUTUREEVENTSmembership For those of you that were members in 2017, thank you so much for your membership with the Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Your support helped us care for more than 1,300 abused, neglected and homeless animals this year. More animals need your help – won’t you please renew your membership for 2018? We provide care and service for animals in need around the clock, seven days a week – every day of the year. Our Humane Officer investigates animal cruelty cases and our Animal Rescue Team is on call at all times. We provide a sanctuary for sick and injured animals, and we never euthanize for space. As Medina County’s official Humane Society, we are grateful for the support we receive from the county and municipalities, but that pays for less than 15% of our annual expenses. Also, please be aware that donations to The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) are not forwarded to our local shelter. We must rely upon membership membershipsMatters Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________ State: _____ Zip: ______________ Phone: __________________________ Please give us your email address, so we can keep you updated on all upcoming events and news. Email: ________________________________________________________________________ I am interested in finding out more about the following: ____ Adoption Committee _____ Fundraising Committee _____ Humane Education _____ Newsletter ____ Shelter Volunteer _____ Event Volunteer _____ PR/Marketing ____ Being a Rescue Agent _____ Being a Cat Foster Home _____ Being a Dog Foster Home Please make all checks payable to: Medina County SPCA • 8790 Guilford Road, Seville, OH 44273 MCSPCA DONATE TODAY Please help support the MCSPCA by renewing, becoming a new member or purchasing a gift of membership for a friend or family member. One hundred percent (100%) of fees stay in Medina County and directly support the thousands of dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals that have been saved through our efforts. Consider becoming a member today and make a difference in an abused animal’s life. Membership Levels Individual $25 Family $45 Student $10 Senior (60+) $15 Corporate $200 Lifetime $1000 Luke What makes him so special? One word–affection. That’s right, this cat is LOADED with it! Don’t believe me? Heh. Go ahead, try it out! That’s right, he even likes his belly rubbed, he loves it. He is sweet as pie!
  11. 11. FUNDRAISINGFUN The most fun you will have in 2018!
  12. 12. Gunnar To: Lenny, Laverne and Shirley – may you have a happy life soon – Melinda Schuster Hayleigh (Laub) Lloyd & Joanne Knudsen Sandy & Mike Larson Holly (Schoonover) Suzanne Heiszek Katie (Flaugh) Phyllis & Chuck Flaugh Kip J. Alizabeth Young Loki Beulah Lott Lucky (Schindelholz) Megan Kaufmab Merlin (Steutzer) Sue White Moe the Cat Karen & Richard Thayer Mr. Ringtail Adrienne Riggenbach Murphy the Cat, aka Big Boy Suzanne Slimak Nilla (Weaver) Lila Lehrer Oscar (Hood) John Hood Pita, Luna, Chole & Tang Phyllis Taranto Rusty In loving memory of Rusty who left too soon – Nancy Hermann Sweet Cecilia (Sot) Sandy & Mike Larson Sweet Sevi (Belacic) Sandy Larson Tommy (D’Amore) Susan & Randy Keller Ken & Carol Houser Zoe (Houser) Mike & Barb D’Amore Ken & Carol Houser MEMORIALS MEMORIALS Betty Stanley Margaret Koontz Dale Kutz Joanne & Lloyd Knudsen Mary Ogden Nancy & Robert Dieter Gill & Carol Stevens Bruce & Carol Campbell Donna Allen Jerome Roth Penryn Rickard Roger & Donna Mittler Gail Fessenden Judith Cross Helyn & Bob Connelly Jim & Judy Seely Jan Weaver Tom & Bonnie Lindas Bernie & Patricia Arnold Ralph & Tina Votapek Bob & Nancy McKnight Jim Pirl Dr. Balski & Staff Joanne Gelb Restoration Services Daniel & Deeann King Kim & David Urban Jim & Maureen Hoch Jim & Melinda Basler Amy Byrd Daniel Gelb Janice Hensley Lenny Mucciaro Ginni Creech Elaine Najmola Carl Milligan Ralph Skinner Joseph Kornmayer Debrah & Larry Brubaker & Macenzie Ken Moehring Jim & Judy Seely Kenneth D. Boothe Adriane Boothe Marie Kehoe Cathy & Larry Warner Mary Jane Mallary Jeanne Kuehn Stanley Vansach Trina Igo Alice Igo Marilyn Klein & Family Nancy & Robert Franks Susan Potterton Marilyn Rye Verna Shaw Larry & Cathy Warner Vivian Louise Lombardi Beth Darkow The Sunshine Club of Our Lady of the Elms High School Wanita Corey Frederick Corey 9/14/43 - 2/28/09 HONORS/TRIBUTES Diane- Happy Birthday - Crystal VanNewkirk Dolly Hall In honor of Dick Hall Kathy Semanco For all the people who love, help and rescue animals. Barry Ulrich For all you do SPCA in caring for stray and abused animals. Georgia Cottrell In honor of Alexandria & Will McCall RAINBOW BRIDGE Bella (Sciarini) Ken & Carol Houser Buddy (Fontana) Ken & Carol Houser C. Tom (Derr) Paul & Erma Derr Casey (Knudsen) Deb Trenta Chilidog (Connelly) Jim & Judy Seely Greta Linda Fussi Since 1985, the Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a non-profit volunteer-based organization, has helped abused, neglected and injured animals in our community. Thousands of dogs, cats, horses and other companion animals have been saved through the efforts and generosity of our caring members and donors, to whom we are deeply grateful. To all of these donors we would like to express our deepest gratitude. SPCAMemorials,honorsandtributes
  13. 13. Stand up for   Faith is a cat that was thrown from a car in Brunswick Hills. Sadly, before being thrown from the car someone tortured her. Each of her paws were burned along with her belly and tail. She is not able to stand without being in severe pain and had to be hospitalized long term, so she could receive pain meds and anti-biotics. Thankfully the vet clinic also specializes in personalized loving attention, which all the staff have been giving her. Unfortunately, we have no additional information on who hurt this poor girl and then tossed her in the park. If you have any information about this cat or the people that did this, please call the shelter at 330-722-7722. You can remain anonymous. Once Faith makes a complete recovery, she swill be available to a loving home. Faith is one of our extreme cases this year at the shelter. If you would like to donate towards her medical care, please feel free to drop off a check at the shelter. We could certainly use some help covering costs of her extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation.     JuliaJulia is a friendly girl looking for love. She’s approximately 6 years old so she’s out of the kitten stage and into the lap loving stage. Stop out to meet her today. MCSPCA DONATE TODAY Support the MCSPCA when you shop at! Set Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as your Amazon Smile partner and a percentage of your purchases will be donated to MCSPCA each time you shop through Amazon Smile. All you have to do is use Amazon Smile instead of Amazon when you order online. Go to Log in to your account. At top right menu, go to Your Account > Your Amazon Smile. Click Choose or Change Charity. Search for Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, click. Add the Smile icon (Amazon Assistant) to your favorites, bookmarks or easy access bar and click it when you want to order. communityaction Faith
  14. 14. Ashley If you maybe know of someone who would like a SUPER sweet and very loving little cat like me, can you please send them my way? Preserving the Past. Carving the Future. City of Medina Medina City Hall 132 North Elmwood Ave. Medina, Ohio 44256 Phone: 330-725-8861 3444 Medina Road Medina, OH 4221 Center Rd Brunswick, OH Sun 9 AM - 7 PM Mon 9 AM - 4 PM Tue - Sat 9 AM - 8 PM ALDI 45 Public Square Medina, Ohio PHONE: 330-952-0900 EMAIL: SALES@ONELUCKYDOGBAKERY.COM Susan Gruver Recny Office Manager 703.556.0700 ex 239 Main Office: 2911 Hunter Mill Road Suite 201 Oakton, VA 22124 703.556.0700 Branch Office: 111 West Washington Street PO Box 1220 Charles Town, WV 25414 304.725.2255 5399 River Styx Rd. Medina, OH 44256 (330) 725-4281
  15. 15. Sandra Jenkins 330-273-1777 Boarding • Grooming • Daycare board@ WeDeliver NewsthatMatters Rebecca Sullivan 645 Lafayette Road Medina, OH 44256 (330) 722.7804 Rob Freedline 330.431.4954 MAIN: 330.665.4996 • FAX: 330.665.5972 1321 CENTERVIEW CIRCLE AKRON, OH 44321
  16. 16. Sponsorships are available in the form of pavement bricks. These engraved bricks will be used to enhance the uniqueness of our facility. Buy a brick as a gift for a birthday, retirement, memorial and other special occasions. Buying a brick for a local business is a great way to advertise! Please make checks payable to Medina County SPCA. Order Form: Name: ____________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________________________ PaversDonation Paver............$50 (No symbol) Paver............$75 (With symbol) Mail to: Medina County SPCA 8790 Guilford Rd. Seville, OH 44273 OrderToday! Paving the Way for the Rescue Animals of Medina County! showyourcommitmenttoMCSPCA by purchasingapavertoday. Additonal Symbol (Circle One): Yes ($75) No ($50) Select a Symbol (Circle One): Heart Paws Angel Cross Starburst Cross Flower 3 Lines (20 characters maximum per line.): qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq HappyTales PLAYDOUGH Thank you to the adopters of the many animals that come to stay with us at the Medina County SPCA. McSteamy ANNETTE Ruffy happy SNYDER SPENCER sully