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Caribbean-American Youth Leadership Forum, IDB June 24 2011


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In June 2011 the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) hosted a Caribbean American Youth Leadership Forum for students and young professionals to learn more about internship and career opportunities and to network with other young people doing innovative work in the Caribbean region.
Ms. Karelle Samuda, Co-Chair, Next Generation Leadership Circle, Institute of Caribbean Studies
Mr. Gavin Hutchinson, Director, Manifesto, Jamaica
Ms. Patricia Arenas, Human Resources Senior Specialist, IDB
Mr. Michael Nelson, Operations Associate, Inter-American Development Bank
Ms. Georgina Perez, Accounting Senior Associate, IDB
Ms. Shaina Silva, Co-founder of Haiti in Transition
Ms. Gry Tina Tinde, Diversity Advisor, IDB

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Caribbean-American Youth Leadership Forum, IDB June 24 2011

  1. 1. Caribbean American YouthHuman Resources Department Leadership Forum Presentation on diversity and inclusion by Tina Tinde, Diversity Advisor, Dept of Human Resources June 24 2011, IDB HQ, Andres Bello I, 3:00 – 6:30 p.m.
  2. 2. FURTHERING CLAIRE NELSON’S LEGACYDr. Claire Nelson from Jamaicaretired from IDB in April 2011 after30 years of dedicated, outstandingservice. Dr. Nelson started as aYoung Professional and was andremains a steadfast promoter ofdiversity & inclusion and a rolemodel for manyTHANK YOU !
  3. 3. What makes us diverse? Some examples Opinion, Nationality, talent, civil sexual status, life orientation, experiences division/dept.Age, gender, Educational socio- background, economic value system,background religion VISIBLE ANDEthnicity, INVISIBLE Physical ability, race, DIVERSITY heritage, culture, TRAITS work location skills
  4. 4. BUSINESS CASE FOR DIVERSITY Teams and country presence thatmirror the diverse composition of thepeople of Latin America, the Caribbeanand non-borrowing members make usmore credible, representative andresponsive Managers who are inclusive andcan bring out the best of the diversitydividend in their teams increase ourchances to deliver innovative and high-quality products
  5. 5. LEADERSHIP IN DIVERSITY CONFERENCE –SETTING THE TONE FROM THE TOP (Nov 2009) Plenary speaker Richard Fletcher, Trustee, Phelps Stokes Fund, outlined IDB’s 50-year history from a diversity perspective
  6. 6. BUSINESS CASE FOR DIVERSITY A mounting body ofevidence shows a competitiveadvantage for companies thathave higher representation ofwomen in senior management Employers who draw thetop talent regardless of race,gender, sexual orientation, IDB diversity conferencenationality, physical ability or Nov. 2009other personal factors create anaturally diverse staffingsituation
  7. 7. LEADERSHIP IN DIVERSITY CONFERENCE – SETTING THE TONE FROM THE TOP (cont’d)Priorities in follow-up:• Proactive recruitment focus on afro-descendants andindigenous peoples•Work systematically to reach 2015 gender targets that wereset by the Board of Governors in connection with the 9thGeneral Capital Replenishment•Supplier diversity in local procurement•Inclusion of diversity and inclusion goals in supervisorperformance evaluation, starting with 2011
  8. 8. LEADERSHIP IN DIVERSITY CONFERENCE – SETTING THE TONE FROM THE TOP (cont’d)•Human resources policy and action plan on persons withdisabilities• Awareness raising and training at all levels (topics: race,gender, disability, sexual orientation, HIV/AIDS) Launched inDecember 2010 with seminar on ”Mind Bugs” by Prof. M. Banaji• Flexible work arrangements/telework• More flexibility in parental leave•Inclusive work culture and Human Capital Strategy is guided by affinity groups for employees
  9. 9. DIVERSITY SELF IDENTIFICATIONIDB appears to be the first internationalorganization to launch diversity self identificationCategories available in HR self service:a. Indigenousb. Afro-descent Latin Americac. Afro-descent Caribbeand. Afro-descent N America/othere. Mixed race/ethnicityf. Asiang. White/Caucasianh. OtherThere is a separate field with this question: Do youhave a disability?
  10. 10. DIVERSITY SELF IDENTIFICATION  Get an accurate profile of who we are, and how representative we are of the diversity of Latin America, the Caribbean and member states  Arrive at baseline numbers which are necessary for organizations seeking to set recruitment and advancement targets for under- represented groups
  11. 11. DIVERSITY SELF IDENTIFICATION Identify areas where changes inpolicies, practices and systems arelikely to be most effective in achievingfairness and equity in employment Bring focus to areas where weneed to eliminate barriers which limit orexclude under-represented groups fromopportunities which should be open toall employeesEnable HRD to organize activitiesaimed to increase recruitment,advancement and retention of groupsthat are underrepresented in the Bank
  12. 12. CARIBBEAN NATIONALS AT IDBNumber of IDB employees from countries in the CaribbeanAs of June 22, 2011 International LocalNationality F M Total F M Total Grand TotalBahamas 2 2 4 4 6Barbados 1 2 3 7 2 9 12Belize 1 1 2 3 2 5 7Guyana 3 5 8 7 4 11 19Haiti 3 3 5 6 11 14Jamaica 7 7 4 3 7 14Suriname 1 1 1 3 4 5Trinidad and Tobago 4 6 10 5 5 10 20Other 753 754 1507 170 127 297 1804Grand Total 774 769 1543 206 152 358 1901Dominican Republic: 15 staff in total; 4 admin level and 11 professionalsTotal from Caribbean island state members of IDB: 112 staff. Several IDB colleagues from the CaribbeanMay have taken on other citizenships
  13. 13. HAITIANS & DOMINICANS AT IDBIDB has 26 Haitian employees (14 staff + 12 consultants), 21 localstaff + 5 internationals + Haitian Diaspora who are under othernationalities (around half a dozen persons, mostly in HQ)Estimated Haiti population: 10 millionCompared with the Dominican Republic: 17 staff + 11 consultants,23 local staff + 5 internationalsEstimated Dominican Republic population: 10 million As per Feb 2011
  14. 14. RACIAL COMPOSTION OF YOUNG PROFESSIONALSRacial composition of young professionals (YP) over the past three years2008: 14 YPs hired: 10 YPs and 4 DYPs(3 Afro-descendants and 1 indigenous) – DYP: 2 hired,1 the contract was not renewed, 1 still at the Bank as YP2009: 10 YPs hired: 6 YPs and 4 DYPs (4 Afro-descendants)-YPs and DYP are doing their second rotation2010: 9 YPs hired: 7 YPs and 2 DYPs (1 Afro-descendants and 1 indigenous)- YPs and DYP just started at the end of last year
  15. 15. CARIBBEAN NATIONALS IN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Magda Theodate, Lead Fiduciary Procurement Specialist in the Caribbean,IDB Country Office, Trinidad & Ancil Torres, Head of the Tobago Torres Foundation
  16. 16. LWELCOME!