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Coder Orientation 2017 Centriq


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Coder Orientation 2017

Published in: Technology
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Coder Orientation 2017 Centriq

  1. 1. 2017 Full-Stack Web Developers! 1. Open Chrome browser and go to 2. Enter your email address (the one you gave Russ). 3. Enter “P@ssw0rd” (This password is also on the top left corner of white board) 4. Once logged in go to settings and change your password. If you have any issues no worries, we will be in to help you shortly! Welcome!
  2. 2. Full-Stack Web Developer Orientation! Welcome!
  3. 3. Nicole Trendel Sr. Student Advisor & Alumni Coordinator 913-322-7089 Student & Career Services Kiera Roberts Career Services Advisor 913-322-7038
  4. 4. The Big Picture of IT
  5. 5. Sources: Robert Half Technology 2017 Salary Guide
  6. 6. Avg increase = 4.9% NOTE: These salaries are national averages of all experience levels – entry to senior. 2017 Average IT Salaries
  7. 7. NOTE: These salaries are national averages of all experience levels – entry to senior. 2017 Average IT Salaries
  8. 8. NOTE: These salaries are national averages of all experience levels – entry to senior. 2017 Average IT Salaries
  9. 9. Goals For Your Future!
  10. 10. What is Expected from IT Professionals?
  11. 11.  IT pros must share in making sound business investment decisions.  Successfully interact with other departments.  Communicate effectively with colleagues. Business/IT Alignment!
  12. 12. Tech Skills + Soft Skills = In-Demand IT Pros Collaboration Leverages the strengths and unique perspectives of others within the organization and works with all stakeholders to reach a solution. Team-oriented Works effectively and thrives as a member of various work groups to bring greater value to the overall organization. Creative Finds new and innovative approaches to performing the business at hand. Problem-Solving Understands complex business issues and how to solve them through technology. Communication Speaks to both technical and nontechnical audiences with ease. Source: Robert Half Technology 2016 Salary Guide
  13. 13. Leader or Team Player?
  14. 14. PERKS for IT Pros with Soft Skills…  Earn more $$$!! Technical people with good communication skills  Advance your career!  Identify and create more opportunities through collaboration.  Make your job search easier! **75% of employers say soft skills are as important as, or more important than, technical skills in securing entry-level employment.
  15. 15. Resources & Responsibilities
  16. 16. Technical Resume Development  Resume Workshop  Resume review via e-mail until it is ready to go! Professional Career Consultations…  Advice on Employability  Professionalism  Job Searching Career Services Support Kiera Roberts
  17. 17. Career Services Support
  18. 18. Career Services Support Promotion of Networking Events & User Groups Referrals to IT Staffing Companies Job Postings Kiera Roberts
  19. 19. Career Services Job Postings of our students get their jobs from Career Services posts!
  20. 20. Career Services Job Postings How can I utilize these job postings?  Learn about new companies!  Gain contact names within companies.  Get names of specific recruiters.  Learn new Job Search Tips!
  21. 21. Sample Job Search Tip
  22. 22. What types of jobs can I apply for?  .NET Developer  ASP.NET Developer  C# .NET Developer  Software Developer  Web Developer  Application Developer  Full-Stack Web Developer  Programmer  Programmer Analyst  Website Specialist  QA (Quality Assurance)  Software Engineer  NOTE - Make sure when it has “Engineer” it is not too advance.
  23. 23. When can I apply for jobs? Once you are half way through the program you can feel free to start your job search!
  24. 24. What if they require experience?  You should apply for all jobs that say they require up to 3 years of experience.  NOTE: We feel you come out of the program with what is equivalent to 1 year of experience.  IMPORTANT!! You are qualified for ALL jobs posted by Career Services!  NOTE: If the job opening does require experience beyond just training we will post those to the ALUMNI JOB BOARD .
  25. 25. Interview Preparation!
  26. 26.  Technical Interviews  General Interviews  Phone Interviews  Skype Interviews Interview
  27. 27. Student Services Support  Training Resource Advisor  Mentoring  Course Schedule  Class Attendance  Alumni Coordinator Nicole Trendel
  28. 28.  Coding Career Foundation Instructor  Elevator Pitch  Social Presence  LinkedIn Student Services Support Erin Long-Crowell Trainer & Instructional Designer
  29. 29. INSIDE TRACK What are employers look for? Technical Skills Dependability Professionalism Initiative Commitment
  30. 30. INSIDE TRACK Inside Track Students can take advantage of being referred to our Employer Network. The Ultimate Reference!
  31. 31. INSIDE TRACK Reporting Attendance (tracked daily) No more than 3 “excused” absences and/or tardies per track to remain on the Inside Track. Project/Presentations Must present and meet deadlines given by instructors. Participation/Attentiveness Measure of a student’s desire and commitment to learn the material. This includes active listening and/or participation in class. (*no gaming/surfing in class.)
  32. 32. INSIDE TRACK Reporting  Problem Solving Initiative Measure of a student’s willingness to attempt problem-solving, troubleshooting, and research- oriented tasks during labs, projects, and lecture.  Professional Approach Measure of how well a student conducts him/herself in an appropriate manner for a professional setting, which includes treating peers and instructor with respect. (*No gaming/surfing in class.)  Technical Skills
  33. 33. INSIDE TRACK Reporting
  34. 34. INSIDE TRACK Requirements  Interview Techniques Seminar [ ] Attended & Participated in  Assignments: [ ] Transferable Skills Assessment [ ] Resume [ ] LinkedIn Profile [ ] Networking Contacts [ ] Target Companies [ ] IT Job Search Strategies
  35. 35. INSIDE TRACK Requirements  Mock Interview Boot Camp (MIBC) [ ] Attended  Centriq’s IT Career Fairs [ ] Attended (NOTE - If you do not have a job in IT you need to make this your priority.)  [ ] Met All Project Deadlines  [ ] Attended any scheduled mentoring sessions
  36. 36. INSIDE TRACK Benefits  We can provide you with the Ultimate Reference!  Proactive resume submissions to companies with or without current vacancies.  Opportunity to be selected for Student of the Month!
  37. 37. Student of the Month
  38. 38.  1,000’s of people get to learn more about YOU!  Table talk  Social Media Exposure  Hundreds of opportunities for exposure to potential employers.  Value add to your resume and LinkedIn profile. Student of the Month Program
  39. 39. Centriq Champion Awards
  40. 40. Student Responsibilities Acceptance
  41. 41. Career Successes!
  42. 42. Let Centriq show you the way!
  43. 43. Student Support Team Ashlee Rhoades Nicole Trendel Tina Pugh Erin Long-Crowell Kiera Roberts
  44. 44. Earn $500.00!!! Do you have a friend, colleague, or family member who would like to join you in a successful career in IT? Every referral that enrolls in a TechSmart KC Career Program will earn you $500!
  45. 45. Welcome to We look forward to helping you with your career transformation! Again… !