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Research log


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Research log

  1. 1. Geoffrey Hiller /2009/03/04/amanda-lucier/ I like this photographers work because he has taken a realistic characteristic of a child and shown it in a single photo while representing how childhood. I also like that this photograph is in black and white as this means the colour doesn’t not distract the attention from the emotion on the little girls face. Finally I like the fact that each of his photographs come with a description or what they show. Lissy Laricchia /lissyl/4413930753/in/ photostream/ I really like this photographers work because they are all edited so it is as if they are magical. In this photo the character Alice in wonderland is being sucked back into her story book and this photographer has a range of shoots similar to this and many other amazing magical shoots. Darren Rowse http://digital-photography- photos/ I like this photographer’s work because the models he uses have very comical & characteristic faces. In this photo the light & dark tones make this an interesting photograph. Also this tells a story as it is taken from a scene of a film. The facial expression of the character makes the photo interesting. David Hobcote /tips/storytelling-photography/ This photo is interesting because it shows how vast and empty the land is and shows the isolation of the character. This photo creates a story for the audience of why the character is out there all on his own in the middle of nowhere. The location is also very beautiful making this a very attractive photograph. Amanda Lucier http://www.imagedeconstructed. com/post/spotlight-on-amanda- lucier I really like the style of this photographer because she photographs real life people in order to tell their story. In this shoot she followed this mother round a shop and photographed life from her point of view, making overall a very interesting photo shoot.
  2. 2. Adrien Broom &paged=181 This photograph tells a story as there is a young girl lying on the back of a stuffed bear. The lighting is very bright & natural & the appears to be quite positive despite the fact the location seems a little bit run down & empty other than the bears. This shows the model to have power as she is resting on this bear which once would have been fierce. Tim Walker This photographer uses life size props such as the humpty dumpty egg seen in this photograph to illustrate stories and fairy tales. There is a lot of expression in the props face and the body language of the model. The lighting in the photo is natural and the location is quite plain meaning the model and prop are the main focus of the photograph. Anja Frers This photo is quite magical due to the pink background and costume. The ball of light catches the audience’s eye and makes the photo more interesting. The hair and costume worn by the model is unusual so makes the photograph different from other fairy tale photography. Eugenio Recuenco This photo illustrates the story The Princess and the Pea by using the most obvious props and location. The location hints that this is set in a castle which is not where the story was set but the character was a princess so helps in telling the story. The photo consists of mainly dull colours. Chris Craymer /blogs/chris-craymers-romance-a I like this photo because it shows the happiness of the couple and seems magical due to the bubble.