Production schedule


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Production schedule

  1. 1. Days Monday Tuesday Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 W W Week 12 e e e e k k 1 1 0 1 During this lesson in our production groups we had a production meeting to decide who would do what tasks. After the production meeting we created a mind map of all In this lesson we had to research individually about different film institutions. During this lesson Sophie researched different film openings that would relate to our film opening or influence our opening in any way. Sophie then created a power point of the three In this lesson Sophie was making the locationscouting sheet for the 3 possible locations we could choose. During this lesson Sophie was making the Talent release form, Location release form and the call sheet. Taylor was In this lesson Sophie did the audio permissio n task and looked at royalty free and garage band music and Taylor finished the shoot list for the During this lesson as a class we practice d after effects for our opening , we used an old video clip. During In this this lesson lesson Editing Sophie did as a the product Production ion schedule group and Taylor we did the edit made a decision practice list. edit of Editing wasn’t the Tina clips in this that we lesson. had filmed so far. When Sophie was doing the above Taylor was planning for 1n this lesson we was record ing sound for our film openin g as a produ ction group and then decide
  2. 2. different title ideas in production groups. main influences. Also in this lesson Taylor was creating the brief synopsis power point, showing what the brief story line of the opening will be. While we was both doing the above Tina was making the company logo. Wednesday shoots as a power point presentation. In this lesson Tina was still finishing the company logo by adding music and a different background. finishing off the shoot plan power point and then making the shoot list in order for us to know what shoots to do when filming. Tina was not in this lesson. swing scene. While Tina did treatment. d if we neede d to film any more dream ing scene. Editing Editing
  3. 3. Thursday In this lesson we had our second production meeting to discuss open details for the opening we are going to make. During this lesson, individually we had to research the importance of genre & classifications . In this lesson Sophie was making the risk assessment for the different locations in order to choose the best one for the opening. While Sophie was doing this Taylor was making the storyboard for the opening of our film so when we come to edit our film we During this lesson Sophie was drawing the 2 final locations that we had chosen for our opening. Taylor was making the power point for shoot plan. Tina was making the 4-page sample script during this lesson. During this lesson as a productio n group we decided what music to use as the audio for our opening. Filming Filming Filming In this lesson we finished off the practice edit and then got feedback from the class and then we made an evaluation
  4. 4. will know what shot goes where. Tina wasn’t in this lesson. Friday Saturday Filming Sunday