Analysis of openings of existing horror films


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Analysis of openings of existing horror films

  1. 1. Analysis of existing horror films Tina Hartnell
  2. 2. In this master shot three little girls can be seen playing with there toys, children are commonly used in horror films as there innocence can be turned into evil creating scary characters. At this point there is scary music playing which sounds as if it is leading up to something that’s about to happen. The music also sound quite lullaby like which fits with the children on the screen. The clothing worn by the children suggest that the film is set in the past as these are not clothes commonly worn by children these days.
  3. 3. In this close up the children all seem to be happy and playing as normal children do. This would entice the audience as it is clear from the music that this film is a horror film so they would wonder what is going to happen to the children.
  4. 4. The children all look up at the same time and are looking at something that cannot be seen by the audience creating an enigma code because this would make the audience want to see the what is making the children look up. This also creates a fear of the unknown for the audience which is a common convention in horror films. The décor helps the audience to understand that the film is not present day due to the old fashioned rugs and curtains.
  5. 5. The children are seen playing with dolls which emphasizes the children’s innocence so that when this changes there will be a bigger contrast in their behavior. Dolls are often used in horror films, there lifeless figures with quite lifelike features create a fear in a lot of people. The close up shots of the dolls faces show in detail there human features and also shows the children acting as if the dolls are real. The dolls can also be seen to represent the children in the clip as the children are playing with them and making them do things. This then foreshadows what is about to happen to the children as they then seem to be controlled by this unknown presence.
  6. 6. The children then look at the window in unison as the shot changes to a close up of the window and the camera continues to move in towards it. This is suggesting to the audience what is about to happen as the camera just keeps zooming in on the window.
  7. 7. The children all begin to walk toward the window shown in a series of close ups showing the actions as they get up. There is then a close up of one of the girls feet as she steps on the doll and it smashes. This is foreshadows what is about to happen with the children as the doll smashes under the power of the girl the children are about to die under the power of the unknown presence.
  8. 8. The children then reach the window