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Brooks presentations


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A+ Stairlifts of Pittsburgh offers Brooks Superglide Stairlifts for home accessibility.

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Brooks presentations

  1. 1. Swivel Seat • The Stairlift seat swivels and locks in position at 45 and 90 degrees and puts users fee firmly on to the top landing area making getting on and off the seat easier and safer. • The Stairlift will not operate unless the seat is in the correct riding position. (Back against the wall)
  2. 2. • Regular Seat Rated to 300 LBS • Wider Seat Rated to 350 LBS • Seat arms can be adjusted to extend wider by 1” either side (17.5” to 19.5”) • 24” is needed to park the lift at the bottom of the steps. 28.5” if the wider seat is being used. • Wide seats will not swivel in very narrow staircases. The 17.5” seat needs a minimum width of 26” to turn the full 90⁰. A 19.5” seat would require 28.5” Seats
  3. 3. • The directional control switches are operated by the lightest touch, even by those with limited dexterity. • Acorn stairlifts have controls on each arm so that the user can use either hand to operate. • Stairlift will not operate if lower arm rest is in up position Control Operation
  4. 4. HOW IS THE PLAN DIFFERENT? • Acorn stairlifts have a soft start and soft stop. • Remote controls allow users to ‘call’ or ‘send’ the lift up and down the staircase. We provide two remote controls with each stairlift. Remote Controls
  5. 5. • Our focus on safety features ensures we provide the best seatbelts for our customers. • Acorn stairlifts have retractable seat belts except on the outdoor model. Retractable Seat Belt
  6. 6. Multiple safety edges ensure that the stairlift will stop immediately if an obstruction is encountered on the staircase. Safety Sensors
  7. 7. • Acorn Stairlifts come equipped with an over speed governor. If an emergency situation ever occurred the OSG would prevent the lift from traveling down at excessive speed. • The OSG uses electrical and mechanical stops. Safety
  8. 8. A lockable on/off switch allows the user to prevent others from using the lift. It also has a digital diagnostic display. Diagnostics
  9. 9. Track fits directly on to stair nose and fixes on to stair tread Installation
  10. 10. Weight Limit • The lift has been accredited by the government standards up to a maximum of 350lbs. ASME 18.1 & 17.5 • The stairlift can be installed for customers weighing up to 350 lbs., and no more! • The 350 lbs. unit has a higher rated 8.5 Amp battery. • The STD weight capacity is 300lbs with a 7.0 amp battery • Hinged rails are NOT suitable for people heavier than 266lbs.
  11. 11. Folding Rail/Track Standard Indoor Use Only. Folding Option Weight Limit 266 lbs.
  12. 12. Acorn 130 Outdoor
  13. 13. Specifications
  14. 14. 1. Overall Length • Min 34”+ OH Max 275” 2 Staircase Width • Min 26” 3 Bottom Clearance • 24” 4 ‘Rise’ of steps 5 ‘Tread’ of steps • Normal installation requires 8” overhang at the top to allow footrest to stop level with the top step. Five Basic Measurements Needed
  15. 15. Pieces in a Typical Stairlift Delivery An ACORN Stairlift delivery is made up of three main parts: • Carriage • Seat • Rail: STD Length 15’6” – (Also have: 19’8” and 23’0” these are special ordered)
  16. 16. Batteries STD Heavy Duty
  17. 17. Power Outlets • Please make sure that the customer is aware that a power outlet will be required for the Stairlift installation. • If two straight Stairlifts are installed, each one must have its own separate power outlet. Two Stairlifts cannot be linked into one outlet. However a power strip can be used to supply both lifts. • If the closest outlet is too far for our cord to reach (approx 20ft), the client must provide a temporary extension cords to use. We highly suggest that the client utilize an electrician for a permanent outlet to be installed.
  18. 18. Technical Services Phone: 888-563-0410 Hours of operation: (Eastern Time Zone) Mon – Fri = 8.00am to Midnight. Sat – Sun = 9.00am to 6.00pm
  19. 19. Trip Saver Kit