Siminsane Sanitarium Days Four-Six


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Siminsane Sanitarium Days Four-Six

  1. 1. <br />Welcome to Days four through six of the simselves' confinement into Siminsane Sanitarium. As you may recall, I was just headed out to go to my first day on the job as a mailroom technician in the Business Career. As usual, I am very concerned about what may happen during my absence. There is only one way to find out. We will now join the wayward simselves in progress and we can only hope that everyone survives the day ahead. . . .<br />Crissy, although she had food on her mind, walked in on Holley during a private moment. " Do you mind?" Holley grumbled as she rinsed the shampoo from her hair. " I'm trying to get clean here!" <br />Crissy said nothing, but continued to wait for Holley to finish before taking her own turn at using the bathroom.<br />After leaving the bathroom, Holley shared a tender moment with Sawyer as Jo seemed a bit miffed by the fact that Crissy is in the bathroom as she made her own way toward the bedroom.<br />Donning her favorite sleeping outfit and sporting a green stink cloud, Jo gave up on having a turn at the shower and climbed into bed instead. She was no stranger to going to sleep without showering first.<br />When Crissy was done in the bathroom, she decided to stuff her face at the fridge instead of making a proper meal. Behind her, Sawyer and Holley were hanging out and discussing all the ways they'd like to be kissed, and by whom.<br />Merely stuffing her face was not as satisfying as she had hoped, so Crissy grabbed a can of juice from the fridge and sat down to enjoy it. " Oh, that looks good!" Holley exclaimed as she grabbed a can for herself. <br />" That does look good" Sawyer agreed. " But I know something even better!" <br />" Sawyer, don't you think it's a bit early to be indulging?" Ashley asked as she noticed the can of beer in his hand. <br />Sawyer grinned slyly. " It's never too early for Bud Weiser!" he winked. At the table, Crissy merely rolled her eyes and groaned. The man had a way of irritating her at times.<br />Since no one else seemed up to the task, Ashley took it upon herself to make breakfast. She was quite proud to have made perfect waffles on her very first try and she smiled happily as she served them to everyone.<br />" Ah, those waffles were good!" Crissy sighed, " But I really would have rather had some eggs." She watched as Jill satisfied one of her many obsessions by taking out the trash.<br />After making sure all the trash in the house had been taken out, Jill carefully scrubbed the kitchen counters. She most definitely enjoyed having things all neat and tidy!<br />Karima decided to gaze through the telescope for a bit. Her eyes widened in a horrified manner when she spied the repo man's truck in the neighborhood. She knew we had some overdue, unpaid bills and was afraid he was going to pay a visit to our residence. Already we didn't have much. We sure didn't need to have stuff taken away!<br />" You are always in here!" Jo complained when she entered the bathroom as soon as she got out of bed. " Please hurry, Jill! I really need to go!" <br />" Hold your horses" Jill grinned as she stepped from the shower. " I'll be out in a minute!" <br />Jo groaned miserably, " It's not horses I'm worried about holding! Now, please just get out!" <br />Jo sighed in relief as she sat down just in time to avoid the humiliation of creating a yellow puddle on the floor.<br />Meanwhile, Jill decided to relax on the bed. She spent some time wondering what Aussie Karima was up to these days. " Having fun, I'll bet!" she said to the empty room, wishing she was on the outside with her.<br />" So, do you believe all those ghost stories and the rumors of this place being haunted?" Karima asked Ashley and Crissy, as Amylu, Holley, and Sawyer danced to the music that always filled the room.<br />Crissy shrugged her shoulders, and Ashley replied, " Maybe, but I'm not so sure about death and resurrection." <br />I arrived home from work with enough money to pay the overdue bills. The newly-arrived bills would have to wait another day or two. Smiling, I went inside, happy once again that the place was still standing!<br />The first thing I did was to make a perfect load of grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone to enjoy. " Ah, those smell delicious!" Jill said as she came into the kitchen.<br />" Ah, my armpit is itching!" Ashley complained loudly. " I hope I haven't caught armpit rot from all the filth around here!" <br />Although I still had not found an opening in my preferred career and I had no idea what skills were needed for it, I decided to practice my charisma skills at the mirror. " Hey look at me!" Amylu exclaimed as she proudly flexed her muscles. " I've gained some more fitness from all this dancing. Soon, you can call me Super Sister!" The random teenager I had invited to visit burst into a bout of wild giggles at Amylu's announcement.<br />I moved on from the mirror to practice painting as another power struggle was occurring in the bathroom. " I said out!" Holley said to the two intruders upon her privacy. " I was here first and I really need to be alone!" <br />Amylu lowered her head and glumly left the bathroom, but Sawyer was not to be swayed so easily.<br />" Look, Holley" Sawyer scowled, " I know we are becoming better friends, but that doesn't mean you can push me around just because I'm out-numbered by you ladies! You need to get out and let me go first!!" <br />Though annoyed, Holley decided it wasn't worth the argument, so she left the room and let him win . . . this time.<br />" Jo, you are looking mighty fine today" Paxton smiled as he took a seat next to her. I had decided, in order to keep the more social tenants as happy as possible, to invite some people over to visit. Besides that, I knew that no matter what, I would need to have a few friends to reach the top of my chosen career, that is, if I ever got it.<br />Even so, while everyone was socializing, I took some time to clean the filthy shower since no one else had done so in ages. With a heavy sigh, I wondered if I could possibly wipe away all the grime that had built up over the past few days. It was a wonder we didn't all become ill with some hideous disease!<br />" I just don't believe that Holley's idea to grease ourselves up and slip through the bars would work!" Amylu said to someone on the phone. Valpre happily practiced her dance moves with a very friendly girl in a pink dress as Jill and Crissy engaged in a vigorous game of Red Hands.<br />No sooner had I finished cleaning the shower, than Jilly appeared in the room. " Wow, that looks much better!" she exclaimed with a huge grin. <br />" Thanks!" I returned her smile. Before I had a chance to say anything else, Jill spoke again.<br />" Now it's time for me to give it a test run, so please . . . move along now!" she said in a sugary-sweet tone.<br />As soon I was gone, she used the toilet and showered, but then there was a problem.<br />Although she did clean the toilet, which had suddenly become filthy again, she had managed to break the shower. I was too tired to fix it that night, so I merely sighed and found a bed for the night, knowing I'd have to deal with it another time.<br />The party in the living room continued as Jo tried her best to catch a nap on the couch, even though plenty of beds were available to be had.<br />" How does everything get so filthy around here?" Sawyer grumbled to himself as he put the fly-ridden plates into the dishwasher.<br />While the others partied inside, Jill, the great knowledge seeker, searched the galaxy for interesting discoveries.<br />" Wow, Amylu" the strange teenager, who should have headed home hours ago, remarked, " I think it will be hard to make friends with that cloud of stench hovering around you!" <br />" I agree!" Crissy said and rose to leave the room.<br />" Oh man, she seriously reeks!" Crissy said to the woman in the pink dress, Lyndsay Louie, as she struggled to keep down her dinner.<br />" Maybe we should open a window or something?" suggested the teen.<br />" You are a really sweet person!" The girl in pink said to Ashley, when it was actually she who was the sweet one. For some reason, she had made her rounds that evening, hugging anyone who would allow it.<br />" So are you" Ashley smiled at the girl. Ashley was very surprised when the girl told her she knew about her 'obsession' and that she had a gift for her. Ashley was ecstatic with joy when she accepted the gift.<br />The lucky winners of some bed time that night were Sawyer, Jo, Karima, Holley, Crissy, and I. As we all slept soundly and were as snug as a bug in a rug, other activities continued in the other rooms.<br />Amylu fretted over, and was obsessed with, mopping up the puddle the broken shower was making on the floor.<br />" Oh my God, little girl" Ashley said, trying not to breathe through her nose. " Now YOU need to go home and shower!" <br />Ashley had donned the gift Lyndsay had given her. She simply adored elves, aliens, and little green men of all sorts, and now she knew she would wear her elf hat to bed every night from now on.<br />" Thank you for coming" Ashley said as shook hands good-bye with Paxton. As much as she enjoyed company, she felt it was time that everyone left and went back to their own homes.<br />" Nice hat!" Paxton grinned broadly before heading out the door, feeling more than ever that the woman was exactly where she should be.<br />" The hat seems to suit you very well" Valpre giggled as she joined Ashley to catch the end of a movie.<br />" Thanks" Ashley replied, joining in on the laughter. " Isn't it just awesome?" <br />Amylu entered the room, seeming frantic and distraught. " What's with all the water on the bathroom floor?" <br />" Crissy, don't you know that mopping the floor while the shower is still broken is only a waste of time?" I said a bit too harshly. " Now, if you'll move out of the way, I will fix it to stop the problem!" <br />Once Crissy had left the room, I got to work.<br />Mumbling a few epitaphs under my breath, I began trying to fix the broken faucet. It seemed I was always working on something and that I never had time to just relax and have some fun! I was nearly finished when I was interrupted again. I groaned in frustration and turned to see who it was this time.<br />" Ah man, I'm NEVER going to get this thing fixed!" I sighed as Jo came into the room to usher me out.<br />" I am so sorry, Mate" Jo smiled, " but I have some business to do that really cannot wait!" <br />Soon, there was yet another interruption . . . .<br />" Ok, out with you now!" Jo snapped at Karima. " I've had enough of your barging in on me in here and I, unlike you, really need my privacy!" <br />Karima conceded this time and begrudgingly left the room to let Jo do her business.<br />General Buzz Grant happened to be passing by when I made my daily trek outside to retrieve the newspaper, and he didn't seem to thrilled by my presence. Well, I have some news for you General. YOU are no prize either!<br />Of course, the newspaper did not have the job for which I was searching, but the bills were piling up and I couldn't afford a day off, so I quit my job and decided to pick a new one that would allow me to work today.<br />This caused me to miss the carpool, but the day was nice, so I decided to walk to my new job in the dance career. I had been hired as an Aerobics Instructor. At least I looked pretty sharp in my new work clothes! As always, I hoped and prayed that everything would be still standing upon my return from work.<br />Sawyer boogied to the beat while Ashley tried napping on the love seat instead of picking one of the empty beds.<br />" How does it feel to be barged in upon, Karima?" Jo laughed as she mopped up the puddle from the bathroom floor around Karima's feet. She must have known it would return soon without the faucet being repaired.<br />With the music blaring in the living room, and everyone clogging up the bathroom, Ashley was unable to sleep on the sofa or take a shower, so she headed to bed with her green stink trail close behind her. She didn't mind so much, though, as long as she was wearing her elf hat. She wished she could change the color of her skin to something interesting as well, but she knew that was impossible, so she would just have to pretend.<br />As she slipped between sheets, her stomach rumbled with a monstrous hunger. Though she dosed for a little while, she just couldn't sleep. Finally she gave in and headed toward the kitchen, following the aroma of freshly-cooked eggs. Grinning, she joined Holley and Crissy at the table.<br />Finally Crissy had cured her craving for eggs by making some perfectly-delicious omelets, but something in the room spoiled her enjoyment of them. " Sheesh, Ashley!" she complained sharply. " Your stench is quickly making my appetite disappear!" <br />" Yeah, mine too! I'm outta here!" Holley agreed as she pushed back her plate and left the room.<br />Holley joined Sawyer and Jo in front of the stereo to shake her groove thing, while Crissy tried to nap as Ashley had tried and failed earlier. <br />Karima spent some more time gazing through the telescope and got more than she had that for which she bargained. I don't know what the curious brothers were doing, but it sure seemed to strike up a spark of disgust inside her. <br />" Oh, can you imagine what it would be like to kiss that nasty Vidcund Curious?" Karima blurted out to Sawyer, visibly shaken by whatever it was she had seen through the telescope.<br />Sawyer looked at Karima as if she were an alien for a moment, but replied calmly, " Eh, it probably wouldn't be so bad." Then, it was Karima's turn to look at Sawyer as if he had just become an alien.<br />Valpre was very hungry and she spotted the omelets from that morning still on the counter. She grabbed one and headed toward the table to sit down and eat, not bothering to be concerned about the swarm of flies that buzzed all around her plate, along with the green fog floating around it.<br />" Oh no, Val, you can't be eating that!" Sawyer said with a smile as he removed the plate from in front of her. As soon as he had turned away toward the dishwasher, his smile became a grimace and he shivered in disgust. " How gross" he whispered to himself as he stacked the dishes into the machine.<br />Nearly starving, Valpre decided to stuff her face at the fridge instead of taking the time to prepare a meal. It wasn't as satisfying as a meal would have been, but it helped to quell the rumbling in her empty gut.<br />" Oh Val" Jilly scoffed as she came into the kitchen. " Do you realize how very disgusting that is?" <br />Valpre grumbled something about leaving her be under her breath, and kept right on stuffing her face.<br />I had finally brought home enough money to pay the rest of the bills, and I had some left over, so I decided to splurge a little and bring home a pizza. The aroma of the cheese and pepperoni wafted up my nostrils and began to tickle my taste buds and wet my appetite, even though I wasn't hungry at all.<br />Meanwhile, Valpre had decided to get her face out of the fridge and actually serve up some perfectly delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. It was actually nice to have a choice, because variety is the spice of life, although nothing much seemed to change in our day to day living around here.<br />" Oh, I really wanted to sleep in that bed!" Jo complained softly to the already-sleeping Crissy. She had to fight a sudden urge to push the girl out of the bed. What is wrong with me? She thought, surprised at the nastiness of her own attitude. I am WAY too nice to even be thinking such a thing; let alone actually DOING it! She decided that the situation must be starting to really get to her, and sighing heavily, she turned away.<br />" This bed will do just fine" she smiled to herself as she fluffed her pillow to lie back and relax. She pulled out a book to read and tried to ignore the soft snores coming from Crissy's direction.<br />I needed to blow off some steam in the worst way, so I put on my boogie shoes and joined the others in the living room to dance.<br />" Hey, that's the way to do it!" Val complimented as I started shaking my booty. I had gotten a bit better at dancing lately because body skills were a requirement of my new job and I hoped they'd be useful if I was ever fortunate enough to actually find a job in the Oceanography career.<br />" Oh no, hurry up, Ashley!" Holley groaned as she stood in the bedroom, just outside the bathroom door, hoping to make it to the toilet in time. " Ahhh, it's getting worse! Get out!" <br />When there was answer, and she was unable to wait any longer, Holley rushed into the bathroom, even though she knew Ashley was still inside. Her jaw dropped when she saw what Ashley was doing.<br />" I am about to make a puddle on the floor, and all you are doing in here is standing there looking out the window?" Holley fumed. " Please . . . leave now!" <br />Ashley merely looked blankly at Holley for a moment or two and then said, " I sure would enjoy a plate of fried eggs about now!" At the expression of pure fury on Holley's face, Ashley hurriedly left the room.<br />" Oh yeah, this is much better!" Holley sighed as she relieved herself in the toilet, instead of on the floor. It had been a close one. Another minute or two, and it would have been too late!<br />" Arrrggghhhh" Jilly suddenly burst out loudly. " This place is really beginning to drive me crazy! We need to get out of here soon!" She knew it would be a while yet, since I had not been able to find a job in my field.<br />The sudden outburst had startled Ashley, but she managed to smile and reply calmly, " We will make it out someday." <br />" Oh my God" Crissy exclaimed breathlessly. " I simply adore your hat, Val! I thought you told me you don't like pirates at all!" She wished she had a hat like that for herself because it would look awesome with her outfit.<br />" I lied" Valpre said simply, in no mood to converse. Crissy got up and went into the living room.<br />Crissy and Jilly had been getting along tremendously, and when I learned they had become the best of friends, I realized that I had not even taken the time to turn any of my housemates into friends, let alone best friends. I decided, then and there, to make a better effort in the future.<br />" Oh my God" Amylu snapped at Ashley, feeling very grumpy for some reason. " Just get off the ghost kick, will ya? I'm sick to death of hearing about deaths by fire, resurrections, and haunted asylums!" The pained expression on Ashley's face made Amylu realize how harsh she had sounded. She softened her voice as she continued. " I'm sorry, Ashley. I think that maybe I'm just very tired. I really need to get more sleep!" <br />" Take a picture, why don't you? It will last longer!" Jilly snapped as Ashley walked in on her in the shower. <br />Ashley had hoped to get a chance in the bathroom, but she saw that was not going to happen right now. " I'm sorry" she replied softly as she turned to leave. " I didn't know anyone was in here!" <br />" Yes" Crissy exclaimed in a breathless whisper. It had just begun to rain and, for some reason, this excited her greatly. She had come into the room in search of a bed but, unfortunately for her, they were already occupied by Jo, Valpre, Sawyer, Holley, Karima, and me. With a heavy sigh, Crissy left and returned to the living room to join Ashley and Amylu.<br />Fall was now upon us and the weather had turned a bit nippy, so Jilly donned her outerwear and went out to do some star gazing. She adored knights in shining armor, and she loved Christmas, so she went for a combination of both to keep her warm outside. Finally, she realized she needed to tinkle, so she went inside to use the bathroom.<br />Unfortunately, I had risen from my bed and had gotten there first.<br />The place must have been getting to me as well, because I snapped at Jilly rudely. " Hey, you can just turn right around and get out! I have to work today, so I don't have all day the way you do!" This time, instead of waging a war, Jill smiled and left the room. I was elated to finally win 'The Battle of the Bathroom' against the spicy redhead. I was smiling as I made use of the toilet, but another interloper appeared when I was getting ready to shower.<br />" Go away, will you?" I said to Sawyer as he entered and headed straight toward the toilet. " I need to get ready for work!" My agitation grew as he only stood there and smiled at me for a moment.<br />Finally he spoke, " The way I see it is . . . showers can wait, but I really have to pee!" <br />I had not been horribly dirty in the first place, so I washed my hands in the kitchen sink while Jo served up a delicious plate of delightful-smelling pastries. Having lost my appetite, for the moment, from winning the bathroom war with Jill, only to be defeated by Sawyer, I donned my outerwear to step outside and retrieve the morning newspaper.<br />" Ha ha, way to go" the paper boy cheered before making his way down the street. I suppose he really liked my pink gorilla suit. It may look funny, and you may think I'm crazy, but it certainly kept me warm!<br />" Get much kissing wearing that outfit?" a teenage boy commented as he passed by on his way to school.<br />" You will never know!" I shot back, giving him a dirty look as I went inside. Unfortunately, the job I sought was still not listed in the paper. Putting the paper down with a sigh, I got dressed for work on my second day as an Aerobics instructor. I furrowed my brow as I passed by Sawyer on the way out and said goodbye.<br />I was appalled to learn that I had feelings of attraction toward him. That was when I knew that being confined in this place WAS really getting to me! Shivering and shrugging it off, I climbed inside my carpool. It was now day six. We had move in nearly a week ago, and I was beginning to feel this would become our permanent home, because some of the jobs in the paper had begun repeating, but the one I needed had not yet appeared.<br />The bathroom had grown as filthy as it could be. Grime and mold saturated the shower and the toilet was more than disgusting, as well as being clogged again. I found myself often wishing that someone else in the house would give making repairs a try. It was getting quite old having to do almost everything myself!<br />" Oh my, Holley" Jo exclaimed. " Your new hairstyle is gorgeous, but why the wedding veil?" <br />Holley laughed merrily, " This way, if I meet the man of my dreams in my sleep, I will be ready!" <br />Sawyer's face screwed up into a puzzled expression and he laughed. " Well, that's just crazy!" <br />Although it was not quite winter, the first snow of the season began to fall outside our humble residence. This time, however, it was only a few flurries and nothing stuck to the ground.<br />Crissy, ignoring the reeking toilet, satisfied her own obsession for mopping up the puddle on the bathroom floor.<br />Although Karima seemed quite disgusted over the Curious brothers and their activities, she couldn't seem to look away. It was sort of like watching a train wreck; you didn't want to see it, but you found it impossible to look away.<br />That evening, I came home from work with a promotion to backup dancer. At least something was changing around the place, even if it wasn't the sort of change for which I hoped. My mood was decent, so I had stopped to pick up a few groceries on the way home from work.<br />After putting them away, I ran outside to greet a passerby on the street. It was always fun to have a visitor or two hanging around. It certainly seemed to keep a couple of my housemates happier.<br />" Ah, little colorful ball" Jill said, in a mysterious tone as if she were a fortune teller at a séance. " If I focus on you and concentrate very hard, the filth in here will disappear and everything will be sparkling clean!" <br />That, of course, didn't work. Jill felt maybe that was because of being interrupted rudely before she could go fully into her magical trance. She left the room, but then suddenly burst back in.<br />" Eww, how can you stand sitting on that fuming toilet, Amylu?" Jill's nose crinkled in disgust as she looked at the other woman. " If you had waited a few moments, it would have been all clean for you!" <br />" Since you are in the way of making the toilet clean, I'll just mop up this puddle instead!" Jill smiled and got to work.<br />" Amylu, I am so frightened" Valpre whined pitifully. " What if everything the Sanitys have told us is true and we start being haunted by angry spirits?" <br /> Although sick of hearing about such things, Amylu held herself back from snapping at the woman the way had at Ashley. Forcing her voice to sound calm and reassuring, she replied, " Oh, I'm sure that won't happen!" <br />While I conversed with Aussie Karima on the phone, Holley and our guest conversed on the sofas. " Soon, I am going to find a handsome man and kiss him all over!" Holley said excitedly.<br />The other woman forced a smile onto her face and replied, " That's nice." <br />Jill finally decided that she could not wish the filthy toilet away, so she picked up the toilet brush instead.<br />" You are so lucky!" I said to Aussie Karima on the phone. " I wish I was able to go downtown and meet some of those hot vampires you've spoken about!" <br />" Kissing is alright" our guest said to Holley, " but I'd much rather have a stack of gold bars!" <br />After hanging up the phone, I entered the bathroom and was finally able to unclog the toilet, thanking the stars above that Jill had done the cleaning earlier. At least that was one task with which I had avoided dealing!<br />In the other room, Amylu saw something interesting outside, so she donned her outerwear to go check it out.<br />Oh, he is cute! Amylu thought as she introduced herself to the handsome stranger. It turned out that the man's name was Chad Sanity, another former resident of Siminsane Sanitarium.<br />Amylu was delighted that he didn't look at her too strangely because of her choice of outerwear. She felt that maybe it was because the man himself was a knight in shining armor.<br />" Hey, this place has changed quite a bit since I lived here!" Chad said as he looked around the room.<br />" Hot guy at one o'clock" Ashley said to Val in a loud whisper.<br />" Shhh, he can hear you!" Valpre scolded softly.<br />Although I was beyond tired, I felt it would be rude of me to not take a moment to greet our new guest. My heart skipped a beat as our eyes met briefly. My, he was very good-looking!<br />After conversing for several moments, I excused myself, telling him I really needed to get some sleep because I had worked all day and needed to work tomorrow as well. He understood perfectly, which was a great relief.<br />Sawyer snored softly and Jill quietly read a book as I found an empty bed, the last one actually, in which to sleep. I was always grateful to find a bed empty and waiting for me. So far, I had not been forced to spend one night on the sofa, although the sofa's comfort level was probably greater than that of the bed anyway.<br />As I prepared to slip between the sheets, I noticed the other lucky recipients of a bed that night. Besides me, there was Sawyer, Crissy, Holley, Jo, and Jill. Of course Jill was taking up bed space to merely relax and read, instead of sleeping. In a way, that seemed a bit rude, but that was the way of life at times.<br />Left to his own devices for a bit, Chad had a further look around the place and entered the bedroom. Besides there being an extra bed because there were more residents this time, it looked pretty much the same as before. Of course, at one point, there had been a double in this room.<br />" You're a bad one, Paxton!" he growled softly as memories of his time spent here fighting over Chanel flooded his mind. " I'll still make you pay one day!" If one could have seen him in that moment, it would have stirred up doubt that releasing him from the asylum had been such a good idea.<br />Chad joined the other ladies in the kitchen where they had just sat down to delicious plates of spaghetti. Amylu seemed quite smitten with Chad, while Ashley did her 'elf dance' in the living room, seemingly oblivious to the happenings around her.<br />Karima had managed to spend all day gazing through the telescope. Even though night had fallen, she continued to obsess over Vidcund Curious and what he was doing instead of searching the galaxy for heavenly bodies. <br />Meanwhile, Crissy awoke from a nice long sleep, unaware of the new visitor or anything else happening in the house as she rose and made her way into the bathroom.<br />" Oh yes, it is definitely true, every word of it!" Chad said in reply to Amylu's question about the asylum being haunted while he stayed here. " First, poor Perry burned to death in a fire on the first day Chanel left the house to go to work. There were several more fires, and many calls for pizza due to the fact the stove was gone, but no one else got hurt until a fire caught poor Maria off-guard one day. Then, we had two graves in the backyard." <br />" Things had been bad enough around here with only one ghost roaming around at night, but it was twice as bad once Maria and Perry began their haunts together! Sometimes, they would appear only one at a time, but a lot of the time, we had to deal with the both of them at once! They would pop up and jump out you anytime they chose, while you were doing anything. You could never tell when it was going to happen! They often appeared and frightened our guests as well. It was a huge strain on us all!" <br />" No one could get much sleep with those ghosts roaming around, and we began to pass out just anywhere at any moment. It was especially humiliating when you were so frightened that you lost control of your bladder, which happened quite often to most of us. The whole thing really put us all on edge from the lack of sleep and not knowing whether the ghosts would choose to roam on a certain night." <br />Poor Valpre was beside herself with worry and fear, so Chad quickly changed the subject.<br />" Don't worry" he smiled reassuringly. " You have been very lucky so far to have not had anyone die in a fire. Plus, when you get out of here, as I'm sure you will, you can go downtown and drink all the sodas you want!" <br />While ghost stories were being told inside, a wolf was looking through the door outside, which no one noticed.<br />Chad rose from his place at the table and made his way back into the bedroom.<br />" Grrr" he whispered to himself. " She's really hot!" Apparently, there was something about Jack 'O Lanterns that totally tripped his trigger. Jill never even looked up from the book she was reading to acknowledge the presence of the strange man in the room.<br />" That one isn't bad either" Chad said softly. " I wonder what her story is" he said to himself, noticing the veil she wore.<br />" How do you feel about elves and aliens?" Ashley asked the man as she down at the table while he munched on a plate of spaghetti. " I simply adore them!" <br />Crissy heard something outside and donned her outerwear to go check it out, but by the time she got outside, the wolf had moved on, so she went back inside and went out through the back door to star gaze with telescope.<br />She barely missed catching sight of a different wolf that was hovering around the door outside. There was something very different and strange about this one.<br />" Hello little comet" Crissy sighed softly. " I'll bet I could catch a ride on you and get the hell out of this dreadful place!" The air had grown colder, so she didn't stay outside very long and she soon made her way back inside.<br />" What are you looking at?" Amylu asked Crissy as she gazed out the window to see if the comet was still floating across the sky. Karima entered the room and nonchalantly took care of her business, not caring about the fact that the bathroom was a bit crowded.<br />On the morning of day seven, I went outside to get the newspaper, as usual, and saw that it had begun to snow again. This time, it had already started to stick to the ground.<br />Of course, once again, there were no openings listed in the Oceanography career. That day, I was due to work the evening shift, from 3:00pm to 9:00pm, so I figured I may be able to get a few things done around the house before heading out to work. I knew I needed to work on building some friendships as well as skills. Plus, there were always repairs to be made. I put down the paper and prepared myself to begin my seventh day at the asylum.<br />