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Simplify Big Data Security & Management with Vormetric


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Download the whitepaper on big data security from Vormetric, which outlines what IT & security professionals need to know about the significant big data security, risks & management.

With organizations across nearly every vertical market investing in big data technologies, the challenge is to reap the benefits of big data without compromising data security or violating privacy and regulatory compliance requirements. Understand why perimeter security is not enough and that all data sources in big data architecture are at risk.

Engage with our CDH4 certified Data security solutions to secure big data.
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Simplify Big Data Security & Management with Vormetric

  1. 1. Securing Big Data is a business imperative. PROTECT BIG DATAPROTECT BIG DATA
  2. 2. Perimeter Security is Failing Source: 100% 63% 100% of victims have up-to-date antivirus software of breaches are reported by third parties median number of days advanced attackers are on the network before being detected of breaches involved stolen credentials 243
  3. 3. Big Data is NOW a Reality 65% Of Companies deployed/expect to deploy BIG DATA PROJECTS Source: CIO Magazine “2012 Big Data Survey”
  4. 4. Do Organizations Understand the Risks? Organizations have pushed vast amounts of data into these big data clusters, but most have implemented virtually zero security measures. “ “Securing Big Data: Security Recommendations for Hadoop and NoSQL Environments.” Securosis - October, 2012 “
  5. 5. All Data Sources are at Risk in Big Data Architectures
  6. 6. View big data as an extension of the enterprise Four Steps to Consider when Implementing A Big Data Project Minimize points of integration Choose and implement a primary platform Evaluate service providers carefully Incorporate security plan in the Beginning of Big Data planning stage
  7. 7. Vormetric Data-Centric Security Elements Data Firewall Access Policies Encryption and Key Management Security Intelligence Automation Performance Impact can be minimal for Big Data Security Project
  8. 8. Vormetric Data Security Certified on CDH4 Cloudera’s Distribution Including Apache Hadoop Version 4 ““The completion of Vormetric Data Security’s certification on CDH4 further solidifies Vormetric as a leading company in today’s growing big data and open-source space. Tim Stevens VP, Corporate and Business Development,
  9. 9. Data-Centric Security Is An Issue Big Data, Global Compliance, Cloud Adoption, Data Breaches CLOUD ADOPTION Enterprise Security #1 Inhibitor1 APTs DATA BREACHES 98% Stolen Records From Large Orgs2 1. Global State of Information Security® Survey by PwC, CIO magazine, and CSO magazine – October 2012 2. Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report – March 2012 BIG DATA Big Data is a Big Target GLOBAL COMPLIANCE Aggressive New Regulations
  10. 10. PROTECT BIG DATAPROTECT BIG DATA Securing Big Data is a business imperative.