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Continuous performance: Load testing for developers with gatling


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Slide deck of my presentation on Load testing for developers with Gatling at the J-Fall 2015 conference (November 5th 2015 in Ede, The Netherlands).

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Continuous performance: Load testing for developers with gatling

  1. 1. #jfall15 Continuous performance testing Tim van Eijndhoven - JPoint @timveijndhoven #jfall15
  2. 2. #jfall15 Tim van Eijndhoven Software craftsman @ JPoint
  3. 3. #jfall15 Performance testing should be part of the process
  4. 4. #jfall15 performance testing traditionally… …happens several times per year …and/or at major releases …is performed by specialists - changes were made long ago - many different code changes - at a certain moment in time - when is test required? This has some cons:
  5. 5. #jfall15 performance testing traditionally design write code test code performance test release unit tests integration tests
  6. 6. #jfall15 with continuous delivery design Write code Test code Release unit tests integration tests performance tests
  7. 7. #jfall15 Continuous Delivery Always production ready Has to be under control Short feedback cycles Effects should be clear ASAP Maintained by self-supporting teams No external specialists Demands code to be With regards to performance
  8. 8. #jfall15 Part of the process With the same level of support as - Unit-tests and integration tests - Continuous Integration - Zero-downtime deploys Performed by the development team
  9. 9. #jfall15 Performance testing process Design Record Operationalise Execute Report
  10. 10. #jfall15 Designing scenarios Generic tests used to test core functionality Specialised tests used to test specific features
  11. 11. #jfall15 Tool support is key for performance test adoption
  12. 12. #jfall15 Gatlingpackage computerdatabase // 1 import io.gatling.core.Predef._ // 2 import io.gatling.http.Predef._ import scala.concurrent.duration._ class BasicSimulation extends Simulation { // 3 val httpConf = http // 4 .baseURL("") // 5 .acceptHeader("text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,*/*;q=0.8") // 6 .doNotTrackHeader("1") .acceptLanguageHeader("en-US,en;q=0.5") .acceptEncodingHeader("gzip, deflate") .userAgentHeader("Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/31.0") val scn = scenario("BasicSimulation") // 7 .exec(http("request_1") // 8 .get("/")) // 9 .pause(5) // 10 setUp( // 11 scn.inject(atOnceUsers(1)) // 12 ).protocols(httpConf) // 13 }
  13. 13. #jfall15 Alternative tools And many more…
  14. 14. #jfall15 Gatling core concepts Scenario Feeder A sequence of http request used to simulate application usage A tool used to fill request parameters Recorder The tool used to record http requests or take a HAR-file 
 and convert it to Gatling DSL
  15. 15. #jfall15 Scenario to outcome Browser HAR-file Gatling recorder DSL Custom changes DSL Gatling Report
  16. 16. #jfall15 Reports
  17. 17. #jfall15 Demo
  18. 18. #jfall15 Interpretations See how changes affect performance Have feedback on performance in short amount of time See which load the application can endure We can We cannot
  19. 19. #jfall15 Results so far - At least one time prevented issues in production - Discovered configuration error in test infrastructure - Helped testing performance fixes - Helped track down and validate a workaround for a memory leak
  20. 20. #jfall15 Further development Automate recording process Reuse functional test scenarios as performance tests for example by leveraging tools like 
 cucumber/protrector/fitnesse/browserstack to 
 specify and record a scenario Eliminate custom code changes
  21. 21. #jfall15 Some take-aways Performance testing should be part of the development cycle at the same level as unit and integration tests Take changes in your frontend into account with regards to application performance Gatling is an awesome programmer friendly tool for load testing Using the approach from this presentation we can only monitor trends in performance, not determine which load the application can endure.
  22. 22. #jfall15 Questions ?